Top 10 Most Fun Super Smash Brawl Characters

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21BowserBowser or King Koopa is a video game character and the primary antagonist of Nintendo's Mario franchise.
22ZeldaPrincess Zelda is a fictional character in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda video game series, created by Shigeru Miyamoto and introduced in its original entry in 1986.

Zelda doesn't give me a headache like daisy or a roll of eyes like peach. She might seem all serious, but deep inside her is a tomboyish spirit and a really funny side. She is an amazing archer and a great swordsperson, too. She improves her skills while peach applys makeup.

23King DededeKing Dedede is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

Who is better? No one! Such skill at throwing his subjects, and indeafeatable. Who is better? NO ONE!

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24Toon Link
25WolfOften in/from packs, Wolves are carnivorous Canines that come in various colours and breeds, and have evolved to Dogs. Some breeds of Wolves are, like Dogs, domesticated, to become a Working Dog.

What is more fun than beating up your opponents with an extremely damaging character with his bare hands

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