Top 10 Greatest Mario Games Of All Time


Mario is the most popular and well known video game icon of all time, but which games are his best? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Super Mario 64
This comment is going to be very long, so please sit tight.

Super Mario 64 (original N64 version) is the top 1 best Mario game ever and gets a 100+/100 score.
Super Mario 64 (DS version) gets a 62/100 score.

Super Mario Galaxy gets a 42/100 score.

Super Mario World gets a 90/100 score.

Super Mario Bros. 3 (original NES version) gets an 89/100 score.
Super Mario Bros. 3 (Super Mario All-Stars version) gets a 72/100 score.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 gets a 75/100 score.

Super Mario Sunshine gets a 41/100 score.

Mario Kart Wii gets a 29/100 score.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door gets a 36/100 score.

Mario Kart: Double Dash gets a 24/100 score.

Super Mario 3D World gets a 57/100 score.

Super Mario Bros. (original NES version) gets an 86/100 score.
Super Mario Bros. (Super Mario All-Stars version) gets a 77/100 score.

Paper Mario (the original) gets a 78/100 score.

Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the 7 Stars gets a 99/100 score.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl gets a 96/100 score.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii gets a 46/100 score.

Super Mario 3D Land gets a 49/100 score.

The original New Super Mario Bros. gets a 35/100 score.

New Super Mario Bros. you gets a 51/100 score.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island gets a 98/100 score.

Super Paper Mario gets a 92/100 score.

Mario Kart 8 gets a 57/100 score.

Luigi's Mansion gets a 33/100 score.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga gets a 68/100 score.

Mario Kart 64 gets a 97/100 score.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story gets a 28/100 score.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team gets a 21/100 score.

Mario Kart DS gets a 30/100 score.

Mario Party 9 gets a 17/100 score.

Mario Kart 7 gets a 30/100 score.

Super Mario Kart gets a 95/100 score.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 gets a 40/100 score.

Super Smash Bros. Melee gets a 71/100 score.

The original Super Smash Bros. gets a 98/100 score.

Super Mario All-Stars gets a 67/100 score.
Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition gets a 54/100.

Super Smash Bros. 4 (3DS version) gets an 82/100 score.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon gets a 56/100 score.

New Super Luigi you gets a 50/100 score.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins gets a 99/100 score.

Mario Party 8 gets a 17/100 score.

Mario Party 6 gets an 18/100 stars.

Mario Party 4 gets a 31/100 score.

Mario Party DS gets a 19/100 score.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time gets an 85/100 score.

Mario Super Sluggers gets a 43/100 score.

Mario Party 7 gets a 13/100 score.

Yoshi's New Island gets a 49/100 score.

Super Mario Land gets an 82/100 score.
The 3DS Virtual Console version of Super Mario Land gets a 91/100 score.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat gets a 68/100 score.
New Play Control: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat gets 62/100 stars.

The original Donkey Kong on the arcade gets 64/100 stars.
The NES version of the original Donkey Kong gets 69/100 stars.
The other ports of the original Donkey Kong get 60-65/100 stars.

The original Dr. Mario (NES version) gets 77/100 stars.
The original Donkey Kong (Game Boy version) gets 63/100 stars.

Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island gets 73/100 stars.

The original Mario Party gets 76/100 stars.

Mario Tennis (the N64 version) gets an 81/100 score.
Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color version) gets a 59/100 score.

Super Mario All-Stars/Super Mario Worlds gets 70/100 stars.

Donkey Kong '94 gets a 74/100 score.

The original Mario Bros. (arcade version) gets a 79/100.
The original Mario Bros. (NES version) gets an 84/100.

Mario Party 3 gets a 72/100 score.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star gets a 38/100 score.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Wii version) gets a 22/100 score.
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (3DS version) gets a 24/100 score.

Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix gets a 60/100 score.

Donkey Kong Country Returns gets a 46/100 score.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze gets a 63/100 score.

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 gets a 71/100 score.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U gets an 85/100 score.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong gets an 88/100 score.

Yoshi's Woolly World is not out yet but I do not like Yoshi and may give this game at least a 45/100 score and at most a 55/100 score.

Mario's Game Gallery gets a 72/100 score.

Mario Golf (N64 version) gets an 84/100 score.
Mario Golf (Game Boy Color version) gets a 56/100 score.

Mario Hoops 3-on-3 gets a 27/100 score.

Super Mario Advance gets a 58/100 score.

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour gets 15/100 stars.

Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games (DS version) gets a 64/100 score.

Mario Clash gets an 81/100 score.

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe gets 76/100 stars.

Mario Party: Island Tour gets 17/100 stars.

Itadaki Street DS gets 47/100 stars.

Donkey Kong Jr. (arcade version) gets a 65/100.
Donkey Kong Jr. (NES version) gets a 74/100.

Wrecking Crew gets 77/100 stars.

Mario Party 10 is not out yet either, but I can tell it will be awful.

The Second Reality Project Reloaded is a Super Mario World chocolate hack and gets 100+/100 stars.

The Big Boo Legion is another Super Mario World chocolate hack and gets 78/100 stars.

Super Mario Galaxy 3 is not out yet, so I can't give it a score. I bet it would be as good as Super Mario Galaxy 2, or even better.

Mario Sports Mix gets 37/100 stars.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii version) gets 20/100 stars.
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (DS version) gets 31/100 stars.

Super Mario Strikers gets a 65/100 score.

Mario Party 2 gets a 73/100 score.

Mario Party 5 gets 36/100 stars.

Super Mario Land 3 gets an 87/100 score.

All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. gets an 87/100 score.

Vs. Super Mario Bros. gets a 73/100 score.

Mario Strikers Charged gets 75/100 stars.

Super Mario Bros. 2 gets a 51/100 score.

Super Mario Bros. 4 (which is the Japanese version of Super Mario World) gets a 79/100 score.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii version) gets 45/100 stars.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit gets 95/100 stars.

Super Princess Peach is the worst Mario game so far and gets only 9/100 stars.

Mario is Missing (DOS version) gets a 27/100 score.
Mario Is Missing (SNES version) gets a 35/100 score.
Mario Is Missing (NES version) gets a 32/100 score.

Mario's Time Machine (DOS version) gets a 23/100 score.
Mario's Time Machine (SNES version) gets a 27/100 score.
Mario's Time Machine (NES version) gets a 68/100 score.

Super Mario Bros. : The Lost Levels gets a 74/100 score.

Mario Teaches Typing gets a 34/100 score.

Mario Teaches Typing 2 gets a 48/100 score.

Mario's Early Years: Fun with Numbers (and every other game of the Mario's Early Years series) gets a 35/100 score.

Hotel Mario gets a 66/100 score.

Super Mario 64 (original N64 version) is the best Mario game to date and possibly the best video game ever!

I am glad to have posted this comment.
Oh yeah, Super Mario 64 (N64) is also the most revolutionary Mario game that was ever created.


How come somebody said that he liked to "rescue the princess" in his comment? Peach was nice in this game but most games where she has a more girlish voice she is bossy, crabby, infantile & a home wrecker. Also, she is overrated & Super Mario 64 DS sucks! But the original N64 classic called "Super Mario 64" rocks.

3844 stars out of 10000 for Super Mario 64 DS.

9604 stars out of 10000 for the original version & a little more stars than 9604 out of 10000 for the hack games, especially Super Mario 65: Star Road. Super Mario 64 DS still needs to be in the middle of the list & I'd also like there to be a Super Sonic 64.
Play the ds one on 3ds or preferably, 2ds. The circle pad makes it feel more like the original. The multiple character thing sucks though
When I put this game on the list, I mean the original N64 version, not the DS version.

I believe that Super Mario 64 is now very underrated and deserves much more love. The overall aggregate critical score is now around a 9.5 score. There is nothing wrong with this game. The graphics are perfect, the level design is awesome (as well as all the levels themselves, especially Shifting Sand Land and Snowman's Land), the music is very nice (especially the Wing Cap music), Princess Peach is not annoying, the game is HD, and all other reasons. Other than that, the gameplay is very amazing and the voice acting - flawless. IGN should've given this game a 10 (aka Masterpiece) score. So could have every other critic. This video game deserves to be the top 1 highest-rated video game for these reasons, and the bosses are also very fun. I can never stop playing this game. I am guessing that this game is not the best video game of all time. Well, this is the best Nintendo game of all time. The only video game that could be better than this is Pac-Man World 1 for the PS1. Either that or SM64 for the win!
[Newest]This game is really fun!

2Super Mario Galaxy
This was really tough since I own a ton of Mario games, but I must say this one is the best. The story line is great. Even after you defeat the game, your still not finished. When I defeated the game, I went back to my favorite planets just for the heck of it! I really enjoyed exploring them, this is the only mario game where you can walk around without being timed and explore to your hearts content. I found secret passageways, special coins, etc. I also went back to collect stars. I hadnt collected all of them and it was such a journey! I also liked the nice little touch with the comics, and how the red star can make you fly. Truly amazing game. There were silver stars that turned into gold stars, green stars, hidden stars. The missions were amazing. When your done the game, there is this one mission where you have to beat the 3 planets, I forget what its called, its the one with the Rolling Gizmo Galaxy. Plus the soundtrack was amazing. My personal favorite is the dusty dune music. I love the launch stars! And I love how if you feed the stars a certain amount of starbits you unlock a new galaxy. There is just so much to open and explore, they really put a lot of work into this game. Extremely fun, and great to explore. I also go to the beach just to chill out. Also, they haunted galaxies were the best! Great job, honestly! Boo waltz is also amazing.


How is Bowser kidnapping Peach good?! Is that why the storyline is good?!
It's my favorite game of all time. It's the first game ever to incorporate gravity like they did. This was great work by Nintendo. Some missions could be played over and over again. Storyline was great. Music was great. This game felt better than any other 3D experience I've ever played. Sonic Adventure 2 came close but the gravity is a ground breaker for me. Also there are many hidden missions similar to other Mario games. These ones were difficult to find. Nintendo will never be able to match this game. Let alone anyone will. The only thing that could've made the game better would've been incorporating multiplayer.
How is the storyline great if Princess Peach is letting herself get kidnapped by Bowser and Mario has to rescue her?!
One can argue that this game is just the same old Mario on planets, but there's a lot more to it then just new gravity. All stereotypical level themes are there, but somehow, they seem different, like a huge amp up in atmosphere was edited into the game. But this game is so charming that it is the only game I've played to take level archetypes I HATE, and made them into some levels I really enjoyed playing through. The story was perfectly excavated too. While recommend taking a trip to the library to hear more about Rosalina, you by no means have to invest in the story, and can just play you some good old fashioned platforming. I would concede to the other entree's on this list, but I seriously can't think of any real mistakes this game made. I love the 2d Mario games to death, but, I think I'm just going to linger around on Rosalina's star ship for a while.
[Newest]I love this game, but it has a bad story. Nevertheless, it is an awesome game!
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3Super Mario World
This is the first game I ever played and I loved it from the start. Thanks Nintendo!
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island on the SNES is much better! But this game is still great except for having to rescue Princess Peach & that Princess Daisy did not replace her. The GBA version of this game sucks. Where's Princess Daisy?!
Its a classic, the best when it first came out, the best now


I play it with my grand dad
Great for you! This game is the epitome of the SNES besides Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.
[Newest]This game should be #1

4Super Mario Bros. 3
One of the only games known to man that never ever gets old no matter how many times or how long you play it. It also provides a challenge for all ages and skills. If someone thinks they are a pro at gaming then I would like to see how they fare with some of the 7th and 8th world levels. Besides, there are some moments that cannot be replicated in any other games: the time you first find out that you can slide down the big snowy hill on 1-5 and kill all the beetles; the first time you face the jumping blocks on 2-1, giant world (enough said), the level with the boot (5-3 my favorite), when you first discover what the tanooki suit or hammer suits are capable of; and swearing and slamming your paddle against the screen when you keep dying on those harder than hard swimming levels in the later worlds (I hate that big fish and those strategically placed jellyfish, thank goodness for the frog suit). 100% the best game ever created, hands down!
This... Should be Number 1. Seriously, more powerups, more secrets, and more enemies than ever. This is the game, that I, recommend to everybody. But this isn't my favourite, it's
The prequel to the prequel, the original, Super Mario Brothers! But that's a story for later. Super Mario Bros. 3 introduced the koopa kids, the Mario world map, and much more, and BOY, did they succeed in that.
My first game my NES and I never finished it :( The game never had a save so I had to keep the console on for weeks. And then when I was on world 8 (one of the first stages) my dog walked past and stood on the reset button. Needless to say I never played that game again until a couple years back on an emulator and I found a cheat to warp you straight to world 8. I played a couple stages but it was honestly just way to hard and I didn't have the time, will or motivation to battle through it. But the first time I played up until world 8, was one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had. I used to wake up early on school days so I could get an hour or so game time.
[Newest]Only gets better and better. It expands on the original and more
And my cousin's favorite although villager was better and Animal Crossing.
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5Super Mario Galaxy 2
Back in 2009, I would have answered Super Mario World. I loved the first Mario Galaxy, but just not as much as SMW. But the sequel is just too good: it solves every problem the original had, and it's plainly the best Mario game ever.

As a side note, how on Earth can Super Mario 64 be number 1? This (SMG2) is how 3D Mario should be done. SM64 is not. SMW is way better!


It was like super Mario 64 extreme it was just amazing game-play graphic music everything this game is perfect 10/10 by the way it had the most stars (242) in any Mario game
Three words: JUST PLAIN AWESOME! No other mario game tops this one. It corrects every mistake of all the others, making it a near perfect game.


[Newest]I'm a big fan of this game and I don't think the original is as good. I loved the beautiful environments and the Galaxy aspect of the Mario franchise and I hope they make a super Mario Galaxy 3!

6Super Mario Sunshine
This game was the BEST! I loved every element about it! It really creative with all the little features like the fruits, the scenery is actually gorgeous, the people are fun to interact with, the story is decent, and it is overall quite an enjoyable game. There's something about it that I liked more than any other game in my life, maybe the fact that the vacation theme made me feel like I was on vacation, or the cool, welcoming and brilliant setting, but whatever it is, I latched on and never let go of this game. I hope they make a sequel, something about this game gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, I hope maybe next time there is more interacting with primary non-playable characters, and that there is a more detailed story line. 100/100, no doubt, the Mona Lisa of gaming in my eyes.
I loved everything about this game, all the missions the stories, it was Mario at his finest never got how Bowser got so big though, still play it today.
I love this game it is so fun and has a great plot


Well, the whole "Peach getting kidnapped by Bowser" business is so overrated that I strongly prefer Super Mario 64 over this video game.

7Mario Kart Wii
This is my best game ever. I'll say why. It has the most secret characters out of any Mario kart ever, it has my best track out of any Mario kart, it even has the best soundtrack out of any racing game even though role-playing is my best genre this is my best game ever
All the Mario Kart games that are older than Double Dash are much better! This game is average in my opinion.
I love this game so much. There's no "finish" to it so you can play forever without doing the same thing over and over again. There are different modes of playing which makes it fun. Also, unlocking the characters is so much fun! I have had the game for almost 4 years and I haven't unlocked everything yet. It's fun to try and get gold in every cup.
this game doesn't get the recognition it deserves and it is miles better than double dash
Oh? Well, true. It is much better than Double Dash. But it's an average game.
[Newest]In this game, Princess Peach & Princess Daisy look ridiculous!

8Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
I can't spell a word due to the sheer awesomeness of this game. It's not a game. It's not even an experience. This is part of your LIFE. Play it.

Really, do it. This game was the only reason I bought a GC Memory Card and a GC Controller for my Wii, and I still think it was worth it, even for the big total price I paid for all of that. The story's beautiful and funny at some times, the plot twists at every corner and HOLY COW the last two chapters just made me shed tears as how deep this game gets. This isn't a Mario game. Heck, this isn't a game in general. This just set a staple in gaming history as we all delved to the more realistic world, while THIS GAME maintained a storyline just as deep with paper-like graphics. This isn't a game. This was and IS a symbol of RPG perfection. This even showed Nintendo that, even by though the Gamecube flopped, they can still make a quality game that everyone agrees, is fantastic.

I can't say anything else. I just think some people don't consider the game, while I would put this one easily as my favorite game of all time period. Thanks for everything, Mario. You won't be forgotten.

... Snif.
Not for me. All the other Paper Mario games (except for Sticker Star) are way better.
Aw man, this game is my favorite on Gamecube! The storyline is very original and unique compared to other games. There are plenty of funny moments, sad moments that are really touching, and the gameplay style for an RPG is just captivating. Not to mention all the unique partners and rocking' music! This game should be higher for sure!
This Game is my Favorite of all time. I still remember waking up each morning only to play this game I never was able to beat back then but replaying it recently I finally was I felt that this was a great accomplishment in my life. This game brought me much joy as a child so if you haven't yet played it Go Give Them Your Money and prepare for an adventure you shall not soon forget
[Newest]It was damn fun to play being a piece of paper.
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9Super Mario 3D World
I didn't vote for this game, but I would like to point out that every thing this game did, it did better than 3d land. 3d world has better gameplay, better visuals, MANY more power ups, Rosalina as a playable character, better music, better level design, a better story, and two of the special worlds are actually made up of unique levels, while all of the special worlds in 3d land were just lazy remakes of other levels in the game, ALL EIGHT OF THE WORLDS. Yes 3d world does that with 2 of its four, but at least the other two don't. I only wish that the characters could move in any direction, that there was actual dialogue, and that the game was longer
It's like a great 2D Mario game combined with Super Mario Galaxy and has a great multiplayer experience. What's not to love?
Better than Galaxy 2. Yeah, I SAID IT! Awesome graphics, music, and fun gameplay.
I thought Princess Peach was useful for extremely hard levels like Champion's road.


[Newest]High definition, creative level design, unique characters, awesome music, decent length...

10Mario Kart: Double Dash
Surprisingly, Peach & Daisy bonk their opponents with their bent bodies. Their bodies are bent for princesses. Also, I'd give this game mixed to negative reviews.
I love the idea of being on a team in multiplayer because most mario games are single player except the mario karts but other mario kart games are all against eachother


Played this with my sister when we were little! We loved the fact it was multiplayer- made it so much more fun!


[Newest]People don't know what chaos is until they played this game

The Contenders

11Super Mario Bros.
This game made Mario what he is today. Without this game, we'd be stuck with Jump-man.
Not only is this the best Mario game of all time, I would also call it the BEST video game of all time! This video game saved the video game industry! Without this, video games would be nowhere as popular. I would definitely vote Super Mario Bros!


This game should be at least top 2. Seriously, without this awesome game, there would be no video games anymore. This is not just a video game. It is also a real superhero.
A good mario game. Shouldve been higher. Also, it was the 1ST SUPER MARIO GAME. My dream is to go to the minus world. Buy the NES!
[Newest]World 1 gets 9/10 stars.

World 2 gets 10/10 stars.

World 3 gets 10/10 stars.

World 4 gets 9/10 stars.

World 5 gets 8/10 stars.

World 6 gets 10/10 stars.

World 7 gets 10/10 stars.

World 8 gets 10/10 stars.

I even completed Hard Mode! This game is a classic!

12Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars
I got this game on my virtual console about a year or two ago, and I gotta say, it was awesome, and kinda easy since I was a little over leveled. In fact, I thought Smithy was harder than Culex, but I was all level 30. And then there's the fact I couldn't stop playing this for about a week or two. And I got to Smithy and beat him on my first try, then the credits rolled and it said THE END, but I left for a little while and I got mad, so I turned off the game and back tracked all the way to Culex, took him on, think the Final Fantasy IV reference, and took him down without the Frying Pan. I think this game needs more attention, and I think it's my top 5 for favorite Mario games, maybe Top 3.
An instant classic with great graphics, awesome music, a big world, memorable characters, good dialogue, a good story, an awesome combat system with timed hits and enormous replay value make this the best Mario title ever, which is why I had it as #1 when I made this list!


It was top 1 when you made this list? That's great! I agree, this should be higher, the top 10, even. Some games like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World deserve their spots. So this game should be up there!


Square Company and Mario was one of the best team-ups of all time.


[Newest]Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars is underrated as heck! Very good graphics, a huge map, nostalgic bosses, a great company/character team-up, very fun levels, this game should be top 1!

13Paper Mario
When I die I want this in my coffin


its the best mario game I have ever played
Besides Ocarina, it's the best 64 game of all time.
[Newest]So much nostalgia. My second favorite Mario game, beaten only by Mario Galaxy. Truly a classic.

14New Super Mario Bros. Wii
The DS version sucks this one is better because of the ships witch bowser jr owns and you need star coins to get to toad houses on DS and not wii
The fact that this game has a multiplayer for story mode makes it it a bit better that the DS version, I mean you can use teamwork and it's really fun.
Great levels, except 8-8 and 9-7 all levels are super balanced. Love it, will love it.
[Newest]This game is bull!

15Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Why is this game only number 15 and not number 1 this epic video game is not only the best mario game it is also the best wii game and one of the best games ever to date this needs to be number one this is my favorite fighting game and is also the best fighting game ever! Only super smash bros universe can beat this!
While I do agree this game is awesome, SSBB shouldn't be here, as it isn't a Mario game, although Mario is present there.
Awesomest fighting game ever! Wi-Fi, 35 characters, even more stages, 300 songs, it's the best game ever! Vote for Brawl! It's also the Wii's best.
[Newest]Really? This is being classified as a Mario game just because Mario is in it? If he was the main character I would understand, but this game doesn't have a main character so it can't really be classified as any game for any series
Yes, its not a Mario game, but it does belong to the Super Smash Bros series

16Super Mario 3D Land
27? REALLY?!? This is a tough desicion, but right now, this tops all others. (Seriously, so many good games. COME ON PEOPLE! LOOK INSIDE YOUR HEART AND VOTE FOR THIS!
I never played much, but I know it's a great game, with the return of the FOX SUIT!
That is NOT the Tanooki Suit! The Tanooki Suit looks like a suit. The Fox Suit is obtained with the Super Leaf.
This was true since Super Mario 3, people! Speaking of...
Well, this game is average. I hate this game due to Princess Peach, how she got kidnapped (she was possibly frozen asleep), her horrible voice, her face, her hair & her overall appearance, pictures that show her being kidnapped and going "HELP ME! " angrily, cowardice and bad nature.

Super Mario 3D Land, though, is great because of the gameplay, the fantastic capabilities, the perfect difficulty level and the improvement of the Super Mario franchise. I also love the enemies & multiple power-ups. They are of good use.
Come on? 16? This game is AWESOME! Without a doubt my favorite Mario game ever! This is a 3d Mario game that feels like a classic game!

17New Super Mario Bros.
This is the best Mario game in the world for me.. I just totally love playing with my friends and my big sister because you get to enjoy a lot and sometimes my sister thinks the game is by looking at the characters on their adventure saving Princess Peach. Vote for this game cause it is the BEST!
Great game. Brings back the nostalgia from the original Mario bros to a new game
Well look at that, now its the DS version with mini-games. I lost this game 2010 so I don't know what to tell you.
[Newest]PEOPLE THAT HATE THIS GAME MUST DIE, not the best game I've played but still one of, my favorite Mario games

18Super Paper Mario
Level 3-3 (to me) was one of the toughest levels in the game. I'm stuck on 4-4. YOU HAVE TO GO ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE WALL TO A DOOR BUT THE AREA WITH THE DOOR ON IT HAS AN IMPOSSIBLE JUMP!
This game deserves better. The story is well thought out and the characters are original. The only problem is that the 3-D landscape is not very visual compared to 2-D.
It may not be the best, but Super Paper Mario deserves more love. I've played through it at least five times because of the story. The dialogue is clever and funny and the puzzles are interesting too. The ending also made me get teary. It's just the kind of game you won't forget, no matter the flaws.
[Newest]! This game is now top 21. Bring it higher on the list!

19Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
This bowser battle is simply the best ever. This game brings every element that we love about Super Nintendo
I agree that this game must be top 1. It's my most favorite game of all time! But there are ways to make the game better! I'll tell you the ways eventually.
Why this game isn't considered one of the greatest 2D platformers and at least on the Top 5 best Mario games is beyond me.
[Newest]Why is this great game below The Thousand Year Door & Mario Kart: Wii/Double Dash?! Why?! This deserves to be top 1.

20New Super Mario Bros. U
I find it a little bit to hard for beginners
Great power ups, great graphics, great levels, great worlds, great everything! I love this game a ton. The level and world names were cool, the return of Baby Yoshi and a connected world map from SMW was great. Even though the graphics were awesome, the Sparkling Waters and Frosted Glacier had the best graphics. Nintendo PUT THE AURORA BOREALIS IN FROSTED GLACIER! It was just amazing! I can't put my love for this game into words right now!


Good music, funny storyline, and great characters, especially mr l
Are you sure you're talking about New Super Mario Bros U? Because that sounds like Super Paper Mario
[Newest]I like how they added that glow yoshi, the bubble yoshi, and the balloon yoshi

21Mario Kart 8
Best One ever! Better Item Balance, better controls, better everything! Except the battle mode. Vote for Mario Kart Wii if you only like overpowered items, really annoying character voices, and crappy controls. Mario Kart 8 is a refreshed version of Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7. Just better.


All the Mario Kart games that are older than Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7 are the best Mario Karts ever!
Amazing game, I like the koopalings as playable characters. Luckily Nintendo left out birdo, Bowser jr, diddy kong and dry Bowser in exchange for the cooler and more obscure Koopalings
Came out today (5/30/14) and it is AWESOME!


[Newest]Among the best of Mario kart, especially the music and gameplay.

22Luigi's Mansion
This game sucks. & Toad's right. Princess Peach would be very angry if Mario weren't with her. Why did Leslie Swan & Azako Kozuki retire voicing Princess Peach? How they voiced Princess Peach was perfect, but now she's giving us the evil eye after being noticed that she has appeared the most out of other female video game characters in video game histry. I loathe Princess Peach's appearance. She makes so much big deals out of nothing.
I still play it and my favorite mission was that little baby


My most favourite game of all time. Top quality gamecube.
[Newest]My favourite game of all time. Top quality gamecube

23Mario And Luigi: Superstar Saga
This isn't a traditional Mario by most people idea of a Mario game, this is the the perfect blend of comedy, RPG elements, and Mario AND Luigi. The first title to give the real meaning of Mario Bros. The only reason this is lower on the list is because it wasn't as renown as its fellow mario games. I assure that you'll that it would be one of your favorites if you got this game.
This is actually one of my first mario games. I thought it was really fun. All of the cool levels and story. The funnest parts were the mini games!
21?... Really? THIS SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 5! Come on people, vote for this!

[Newest]This is the best Mario game I've ever played

24Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story
Amazing game that shows what we love about mario and you can even play as bowser! This game is a MUST for all DS owners even though I wish it was longer. Also uses the DS feature very well using the DS mic and holding the system sideways.
It's so nice, you actually get to play as Bowser. And he's the MAIN CHARACTER. And Fawful is in it. Personally all games with Fawful in it are really good. It's this and Super Mario 64.
Really? Number 24? I HAVE FURY! Great soundtrack, wonderful characters, high replay value, fawful, the enemies! How is this 24? Hands down the best Mario game.

25Mario Kart 64
Now AVGN Talked about Putting 64 At the End Of Everysingle Title That
A Game Has a Prequel On the Nintendo 64. But Who Cares Same & Fun as the One On
Super Nintendo.
A pretty fun game, especialy with two players. The emulator version is like playing on a console!


This is the best because its not garenteed you'll win!
[Newest]This is my childhood. Right here.

26Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
Daisy should've appeared, not Peach.

Imagine if Princess Peach had the same voice as Princess Daisy.
Do you like this game because of the obligation to rescue Princess Peach?!
Mario and luigi dream team is awesome and its a rpg game.

27Super Mario 64 DS
Great game but the controls could have been better.


30 more stars not stage
This game is the best because it has more stages than the original super Mario 64. it has 30 more stages than the original.

28Mario Kart DS
It's the best game I ever played! I still have the game and I'm still playing the game from the beginning. Fun missions and fantastic races! I love rainbow road and think of it as one of the best tracks on the game. If you buy the game, you would enjoy the whole thing!
The most wonderful game ever. A fun game that can be played anytime. Fun missions that you can play and fantastic races that you will LOVE!
How dare you overrate Mario Kart DS! Of course this list is most likely worth like comments, but this game is ruined. The old Mario Kart games (as well as the Mario Kart Arcade GP series) are much better than the current ones like Double Dash, Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Wii & Mario Kart 7.
[Newest]Mario kart ds... best game ever!

29Mario Party 9
Why was Princess Peach in Mario Party 9 instead of Rosalina. Rosalina's intelligence is sexier!
WHAT! Mario Party 9 ruined Mario Party (EVEN 8 WAS BETTER)! I mean WHY! The car is crap, it's too luck based, it just sucks overall.
This game sucks & is mangled!

30Mario Kart 7
Its so awesome even though there aren't as many characters in the wii mario kart and the tracks are pretty cool
I love it I'm the grand supreme master at rainbow road :) but WHERE is waluigi? I know its weird but he's my favorite character :(
Best Mario game ever not just that best game ever, because you can make your own kart, you can go underwater and be in the air with your glider, people that has no wi fi now you can play online which is great

31New Super Mario Bros. 2
Told you! This game is GOLDEN. LITERALLY.
You have the gameplay of Mario 3, the graphics of New Super Mario Bros. , and the outrageous amount of gold coins.
Plus, the Koopa Kids are back in this new adventure on the 3DS.
Yes, the music is recycled and the 3D is terrible, but you have to admit. You can't wait until August 19th.
And I don't care if this goes down the whole list. This will always be my personal #1 Mario game of all time.
This game seriously does not get the credit it deserves. It's different and a bit of an oddball in the Mario series but it's so much fun! Also it was the first Mario game I ever finished! It was the first time you could play as someone other than Mario or Luigi AND the fact that there were key differences in each character! There was a lot to explore and lots of hidden exits... Just... An amazing game. One that truly needs a sequel!
Super Mario 3 was a great game, don't get me wrong. But this simply enhanced it! The story is very similar, it has new power-ups and it partially revolves around coins! And although it doesn't have everything Mario 3 had to offer, the graphics and new game elements made up for it in the long run.

Admit it. You're waiting for the glorious date of August the 19th too.

Vote for NSMB2!
[Newest]Just like Super Mario Bros. 3, just on a handheld.

32Super Mario Kart
This game is so awesome that it should be above all the other terrible Mario Kart games that came after Mario Kart: Super Circuit.
Princess Daisy should have the main role, not the pathetic Princess Peach.

Also, this game is too low on this list!
Why is this game so low on the list?!

33Super Smash Bros. Melee
Best. Game. EVER! I got this game with my GameCube and I loved this more than Brawl because it's a lot easier to knock people off the stage in Melee. Buy this game now!
The first Gamecube game I got this was around the time when this first came out.
I even still play it today!
Brawl better than melee
Melee is not the best oh well

34Super Smash Bros.
Good thinking. But I don't think its just a mario game. Its got other neintendo characters
Why is this game still below Melee.

Although Melee is stronger than the original, this is the BEST Mario game ever. But why was Princess Daisy not in this game?!
This is the best game in the SSB series. Also, why did Princess Daisy not appear?! What's with the hiatus?! What if Princess Daisy's 9-year absence wasn't important?!
[Newest]This is not really a Mario game its more of a crossover game but its still awesome

35Super Mario All-Stars
It is so fun I like it so much
The wii version is terribly hard and worthless to buy
It Just Features Previous Mario Games On the Oringinal
Nintendo. Mario 1,2,3. & a Bonus Game Called super Mario bros the lost levels
Which was the japan verison of Mario 2. Which will Come On The List Soon..

36Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Incredibly awesome experience, a sequel the original deserved.
This game is truly Canadian other than truly Japanese due to the fact that both the Japanese Nintendo & the company from Downtown Vancouver called Next Level Games made this game.
Epic I love horror and ghost games
[Newest]The best game ever!

37Super Smash Brothers - Nintendo 3DS
Why would all 7 gaming companies agree to cut Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land from this version of Super Smash Bros. 4?! She didn't even appear as a trophy! It's not fair! Daisy has been around for 25 years, & it's not even the Year of Daisy despite 25 whole years passing! Daisy isn't even in Mario Party 10 yet! Nobody can praise that! Daisy & Rosalina both deserve to be the top 2 most major female gaming characters. But Princess Peach in this game?! Give Princess Peach a giant hiatus & let Daisy & Rosalina take the spotlight, please!
Gee, why did they cut Princess Daisy in the Japanese version?
A very bad game

38New Super Luigi U
Fantastic game to celebrate the Year of the Man in Green.

Peach was such a coward in this game & actually ruined everyting because although she could do better than let herself get kidnapped anyway, Peach gets angry & in a Japanese gaming spot, Peach is shown as an extremely cowardly, whiny, sissy & preachy princess who is proven to not be too regal & more of a porn star. This game sucks!
Its kinda stupid :P

39Mario Party 8
I can not believe the hate towards this game.

When I was 5, I had no idea who Mario was. Then I saw my parents play this game and I thought, "hey, this looks fun"
Maybe I should play this game. So I played it, and my gosh. I have never been so addictive to a game before. I spent months playing this game. Then on Christmas I got my own DS and I got Mario party DS. It was fun, but not as good as Mario party 8.

Next year I got a GameCube for my 8th birthday. I got Mario party 5, 7 and 6.

And of course years past and I got so many other Mario games like super Mario bros 3, the Mario kart games, Mario galaxy, and others, but no matter how fun those games were. They will never top the first Mario game I ever played. Mario party 8.
Yes, I know, because Mario Party 8 is averagely received by critics and fans in general.
I have this one is fun!
Mario Party 8 is The Best Mario Party Game Up to Date Just Because its Just a Fun Game to Pick Up and Play and Screw Up Your Opponents
[Newest]It's an easy, addicting pickup.

40Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
One of the first video game I ever played and one of the best one the original game boy. Memoriable music and levels and cool bosses
I never expected Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins to be at 39. This game deserves to be in the top 5s. I love everything about it! This game marks the debut of Wario, my favorite character and its graphics and bosses are just perfect. And the levels? COME ON! THEY'RE ALL AWESOME!
We know this isn't the oldest on the list, but Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins deserves to be at least top 3 on the list.

41Mario Party 6
If you make one little tiny mistake you out of the game! You lose!
Why was Princess Peach in this game? She was bad at Mario Party.
Wha- This is one of the worst Mario Party games of all time! Take this off the list or lower this to the 2nd page!

42Mario Party DS
I never played the other Mario Parties. Sorry.
Why is this not higher I love this game

43Mario Party 4
This game is alright, but Jen Taylor didn't have to give up voicing Princess Daisy! Why did she come back just to voice Princess Peach?! WHY?! Daisy is prettier, greater & more unique than the skill-lacking Princess Peach. Seriously, she is no good at ANY event at the Olympic Games.
Pretty big. Also, this game is average yet underrated compared to the (terrible & overrated in comparison) modern Mario Party games since Mario Party 6 whereas Peach is shown as cowardly, bossy, cheating, spoiled, broke, technique-lacking, prissy, pervy & extremely short-tempered. Peach is ripping off Princess Daisy & thus they are not that good of friends.
How big was Princess Daisy's bust & how wide were her hips in that game?

44Mario & Luigi Partners in Time
The boss music is awesome. Why isn't this number 1? The final boss music is epic and you can play as baby Mario Mario baby luigi and luigi and it makes the first ever appearance of the shroobs.
One of my favourite DS games ever
Number 38? 38? This is a masterpiece and should be number 1!
[Newest]I heard of this it sounds so WEIRD

45Mario Party 7
I had no choice t get that game & play it.

I was even forced by my mom to play as Princess Peach.

Yoshi & Princess Daisy sucked too.
I loved the minigames because they were unique and fun
Best Mario game. Compare this to a new one such as Mario Power Tennis. See the difference? I love Mario PARTY 7 THIS MUCH!

46Mario Super Slugers
Mario Super Sluggers: a game where you have to see Princess Peach suck at basketball. Also, Princess Peach could've been replaced by Rosalina.
I like this game because it introduces a lot of new characters. I didn't even know who Dixie kong, tiny kong, knitter, and a lot more before I got this game.
They should've eliminated Princess Peach & Dixie Kong. Even Tiny Kong's not very good, despite her skills. Luigi shouldn't be together forever with Daisy. Mario shuld.

47Dr. Mario
This isn't just the greatest Mario game ever, it's the greatest game ever period! It's so challenging once you get on a high level, the topic of Mario being a doctor and Peach being a nurse is awesome, and the Nintendo 64 one has a great story! How Dr. Mario was rejected for Super Smash Bros Brawl and how they haven't given him games of other genres are both things I'll never ever understand!
I hate this game

48Yoshi's New Island
Already beat it in 4hrs
Yoshi could help out Sonic the Hedgehog.

49Donkey Kong
This game is old.
This is one of the most classic games ever! This game is so unforgettable & where Mario all started.

50Super Mario Land
The 1980's First Game On the Gameboy. Princess Daisy Makes Her Very First Appearance In the
Entire Mario Games & World. And Everyone Loves It. The Best Of All On the Game
Boy! Handheld.
Best game for the game boy
A classic game with phenomenal music!
[Newest]Why was Princess Daisy so minor in the 80s & the 90s?

51Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

52Mario Party
This has a bunch of cool mini games in it. A real cool expression boarder and more!
The Best In the Mario Series Like Mario Kart. & The Other
Mario Games. Cool & Fun.
Princess Daisy could've replaced Princess Peach.

53Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
FIRST GAME TO BE 100/100 PASSED BY ME... Such a challenge isn't easy...


This game is underrated & also hilarious due to why many characters in this game have big, bulbous noses we could pick & put our dicks into.

54Mario Tennis
I strongly prefer Mario's Tennis on the Virtual Boy & a franchise called Sonic Tennis.

55Super Mario All-Stars / Super Mario World
This was a good game, but rescuing Princess Peach rather than Princess Daisy? There is much better stuff about this video game.

56Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat should have crossovers.

Death Battle: Donkey Kong vs. Daisy Duck.

Also, Diddy Kong should go to British Columbia & will later have 3 best friends: Donkey Kong, Daisy Duck (Donkey Kong's new arch-rival) & Prince Theodore (Princess Daisy's younger brother in his mid-teens).
Best donkey kong game 10/10

57Donkey Kong '94

58Mario Bros Classic
The REAL first Mario game. Should be top 5.
Its weird at first but is achely really fun now common why was this game not on the list
This is the arcade one.
[Newest]This game is on the list twice delete it now.

59Mario Super Sluggers
We want to test out Snic Super Sluggers & Mario/Sonic Super Sluggers crossovers with the talentless Princess Peach being replaced by Rosalina.

60Mario Kart Wii
I know. Well, Mario Kart Wii should not be top 7. Mario Kart Wii is so bad for many reasons that it should be very low on this list.
It is already at #7


61Mario Party 3
This game has also started the whole 3rd Millennium! Gee, I don't mind Princess Daisy's current hair length, but her original hair length needs to be in the 3D the Gamecube, Wii, & Wii you generally have. Also, Princess Daisy & Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog being together forever works for me! They both have an affinity of orange.
Peach is stronger than Bowser & Donkey Kong.

62Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
Great decision. Also, this game sucks & the girls are technique-lacking. This game sucks! Also, Rosalina should've replaced Princess Peach. Also, the "Heroes/Girls/Wild Ones/Tricksters/Challengers" story deal sucked & could've been replaced by the "Well-Rounders/Speedsters/Wild Ones/Tricksters/Athletes Since Vancouver" story which must start for the later game.

Characters in the Well-Rounders Story - Mario, Amy Rose, Luigi's & Blaze the Cat.

Speedsters Story - Princess Daisy, Shadow the Hedgehog, Yoshi & Sonic the Hedgehog.

Wild Ones - Bowser, Knuckles, Bowser Jr. & Vector.

Tricksters - Waluigi, Dr. Eggman, Donkey Kong & Tails.

Challengers Story - Wario, Metal Sonic, Rosalina & Silver the Hedgehog.

Also, Princess Peach is NO GOOD at Figure Skating. Princess Peach lacks grace & technique. She lacks skateboarding skills for her tall height & good build. :(
Peach doesn't perform well at anything. she only goes for bronze. Darn it! Team Sonic usually wins.
I decided that Mario should've stood on top of the Big Ben next to a female version of Sonic the Hedgehog.

63Paper Mario: Sticker Star
It looks so cool
It's so AWESOME I'm on the final boss but it's too hard (that's what makes the STUPID)

64Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix

65Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3

66Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Just plain perfect. Vote this in the top 10. Great level design, graphics are clear, and it's just addicting.

67Mario Party Island Tour
What a bull game. As a playable character, Rosalina could've replaced Princess Peach.
Still better than 9

68Super Mario Galaxy 3
Does not even exist
This website is stupid there is no SMG3
This game isn't even real for gods sake!

69Yoshi's Woolly World
It did not came out yet but it looks cute and rip off of kirby epic yarn but in yoshi and

70Mario's Game Gallery

71Mario Golf 64
I never thought I would like a golfing video game, but that was before I played Mario Golf 64. This game will keep you happy for ages and multiplayer is great fun. Play as all the familiar characters from the Mario games, I love playing as Donkey Kong. Hunt it down people.
I do not see why Plum was replaced, & besides, I prefer a whole franchise called Sonic Golf.

72Mario Hoops 3 On 3
Pauline was supposed to replace Princess Peach (who was so useless, ignorant & cowardly in this game as shown in the box art).
What's with White Mage? She is a cranky character who needs to hang with male Mario characters.

73Super Mario Advance
I know. It's weird for her tall height. She needs to be a bodybuilder, & she is reluctant to adventure rather than having adventurous spirit. Peach is a self-proclaimed girlfriend & Mario & Princess Daisy certainly look like older brother & younger sister, despite their eye shapes & their hair colors.
Why were Peach's jumps lower than the Mario Bros's?! She is a crabby & aggressive character in the game. She wouldn't bother to be in 1st place. Why is she even the slowest & weakest playable character who won't want to rescue character.
The graphics are bad, the gameplay is stupid, Princess Daisy didn't replace Princess Peach (which sucks) & this game gets 2/5 stars.

74Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
Also, there could be a "Mario/Sonic/Pac-Man/Kirby/Zelda: Tiger's Wood".
I prefer Sonic Golf: Toadstool Tour.
Go Tiger's Wood! Also, Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour has no reason to be liked.
[Newest]This game sucks major ass.

75Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games DS
If only ALL crossover characters were at Greater Vancouver, British Columbia often.
I'm surprised that Princess Peach invaded my province.
There really needs to be a new sports franchise called "Mario Fitness".
There should also be crossover fitness franchises such as "Sonic/Pac-Man Fitness".

76Mario Clash
This game rocks! I don't see why Princess Peach was in this game instead of Princess Daisy.
Overrated? Don't you mean "underrated"?! This game is great, but why did Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land still be replaced by Princess Peach?! I guess it's due to hiatus. Mario Clash overall is great!
This game is extremely overrated.

77Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
Why wasn't Princess Daisy in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe? Princess Peach was so bossy & crabby in this game that she needs a pacifier in her mouth for a very long time.
I agree, yet this game is a good old game.

78Itadaki Street DS

79Donkey Kong Jr.

80Wrecking Crew

81Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
This isn't a Mario game...


This isn't a Mario game and DKTF is so much fun

82Mario Party 10
Are they suddenly cutting Princess Daisy or what? Because we know that Princess Peach will not do well at Mario Party 10 for sure.
Is this even a Mario party game I knew there was Mario party 9.

83The Second Reality Project Reloaded
Best Mario hack ever!

84The Big Boo's Legion

85Wario Land 4

86Mario vs. Donkey Kong 3: Mini-Land Mayhem

87DK: Jungle Climber

88Donkey Kong: King of Swing

89Super Mario Bros. Crossover

90Mario Sports Mix
Where do I even start? How is Mario Sports Mix all the way down here, anyway? It's the most awesome game in Mario history since Mario kart! You can finally play as Bowser as an actual character, not a villain. You can play as Toad, who is my third favorite character before Luigi and Daisy.
Over all, you can unlock Ninja who is 110% awesome.
Because there was ice hockey in this game this game should've taken place back in Vancouver, Canada.
Is so hard and boring!

91Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
There should be a Mario & Sonic at the Amazing Race.
There should also be Mario & Sonic at the FIFA World Cup Canada games.
This game sucks & is ruined & even too confusing & too long & false!

92Super Mario Strikers
Best Mario Gamecube game & the best Gamecube game of all time. Other than that, I also would like a series called "Sonic Strikers", "Pac-Man Strikers" & etc. Also, all those games could be a crossover which has Sonic the Hedgehog playing an extremely destructive match with Bowser.

93Mario Party 5
Jen Taylor didn't have to keep voicing Princess Peach instead of Princess Daisy. Gee, Jen Taylor needs to be Canadian.
Top 10 Playable Characters in the Game

01 - Koopa Kid.

02 - Boo.

03 - Mario.

04 - Daisy. Her voice was so cute there that she lost her hips.

05 - Wario

06 - Toad

07 - Waluigi

08 - Yoshi

09 - Luigi

10 - Princess Peach, who was hrrible & wouldn't bother doing anything to be a superstar!
How big were Daisy's boobs in this game? Because her figure is hourglass.

94Donkey Kong Country Returns
This game took over the world which sucks.

95Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story
They already have this on the list it is number 25.

96Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

97All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.

98Vs. Super Mario Bros.

99Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars

100Mario Strikers Charged
Yes! I love this game


This game needs a sequel with Rosalina replacing Princess Peach. At least I live in the same province of Canada as Next Level Games.

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