Best Hockey Players of All Time

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The Top Ten

Wayne Gretzky
Simplest choice ever THE GREAT ONE is easily number 1.
Anyone who does respect it should walk off the face of the world
grezkey is the best hockey player cause he scored 521 goals in a row
I visited Gretzky's restaurant in Toronto last year. There is a very special room with jusy a few tables and each of the four walls has a single portrait which seems to suggest that Wayne holds these players in high reverence. Gordie Howe; Bobby Hull; Maurice "Rocket" Richard; Bobby Orr. Thanks Wayne - great room!
[Newest]Where the hell is datsyuk
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2Bobby Orr
Orr was the only player in the history of the NHL to win the Art Ross Trophy ( Scoring title ) and the Norris Trophy ( most valuable Defenseman ), in the same year! He did it TWICE!
Also the only player to make the nhl as a 18 year old rookie during the original six teams ( 1966/67 ). Plus he would fight his own battles, block shots, made the other superstars look like ordinary players. The only way that he was stopped was they chopped his knees out from under him. Played nine seasons on 1/2 a leg and rest guts.
Orr was harder to shadow than a forward like Hull but he still ranks with Hull & Howe as the most complete player in the era of original six team play. Gretzky was the best specialist in history in the style of a Magic Johnson in NBA as a play-maker & in his ability to be in the flow of play. I would like to have seen an Orr or Hull surrounded by a team like the 80's Oilers to see what they could have done to the record books! We did get a glimpse of that in 1976 with the Canada Cup.
Orr was the greatest hockey player he changed the game he was 14 trying out for the boston bruins just 14 he was the greatest player in the game.
[Newest]Bobby Orr is awesome
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3Mario Lemieux
his shortened career was the only thing that kept him from beating all of Gretzky's records. He's at least just as good.


For many reasons, Mario is better than Gretzky, but I think Orr is first, Mario second. I am not even sure I would put Gretzky third and the simple reason is that I think the greatest hockey player should be not just who has the best stats but should be based more on talent along with stats of course. So here are my reasons: Gretzky had far better talent around him for more years than Mario did. Of course the injuries to Mario, prevented him from breaking the records, Gretzky admits to this. Mario was more skilled and more physical, Gretzky admits this too. Many point out how many assists Gretzky had which is certainly amazing, but obviously he would not have had all of those assists if the people he passed too can't score. That is the case with lots of great passers... Not enough skilled scorers on their teams, so the passes don't amount to anything. Gretzky was lucky to have many great players around him. Also, Gretzky played in a much less physical environment, as history shows... His era did not allow as much physical play. And I can remember SO MANY times watching games where refs constantly favored Gretzky... Wouldn't let anybody near him and quick to blow the whistle etc... Mario was a great skater and much much stronger than Gretzky... Had to tolerate so much more physical play and did not get anywhere near the calls that Gretzky did either.
Simply the most skilled all around player who ever lived.
[Newest]Mario should be #1 all time
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4Gordie Howe
Greatest athlete in hockey. Played into his fifties! He was given room to set records because he manhandled players - not because he was protected. When Howe had the puck it was special like when Mantle came to the plate.
Scotty Bowman. You know him? At a luncheon he was asked who the best was and without hesitation said Howe. In an era of 5 decades, he defined the all around player. He could score, he could defend, he could pass, he could skate. The Russians when just starting to take ice hockey seriously, used Howe as their model. As far as Gretsky goals, look at the number of goals scored when Howe played and the overall number per game was far lower than in Gretsky's time. So, based on the lower totals, Howe scored more goals based on overall production.
Howe had the unique ability to define how a game was to be played on any given night. Any style /speed his skill set allowed him to play any way the opponents wanted to play. Probably the one thing about Howe was that while he was the most dominant player he was not dynamic in the sense of the other great players. You had to watch him play over a period of time to witness how much bettor he was than his contemporaries. Their would be even a higher appreciation of his extraordinary skill set if there was video and or tape of him during his prime.
[Newest]The man is Mister Hockey, skate, score, and showed you was boss when in a corner. The only body guard he had on the ice, Was himself!

5Sidney Crosby
He is a awesome player he can score goals he is awesome at hockey
In todays game, the best and for anyone calling him a baby if you knew anything about hockey, you would know how strong this man really is. Crosby is the hardest working hockey player on the ice and that is what seperates him from the rest. He's a superstar and a champion!
He's is amazing and way better than ovechkin! He's got the better stats and all! He is a boss!
[Newest]Very talented, but doesn't touch Steve Yzerman in any way

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6Alexander Ovechkin
I wouldn't say he's the best of all time, but definitely the best player right now. There's no one you can compare with him... He's just amazing
I think he's the LeBron James of the ice hockey


Will people ever top comparing Crosby and Ovechkin? They are both very talented players but hey aren't the same in how they are talented. Ove Is not the Lebron James of ice hockey. Sid isn't the greatest to ever live. They're very, very, skilled. Amazing players. Out of the two I would just have to go with Sid. Only because of how much hate he gets for bing such a talented player, he shocks me of what he can do with te puck, every time.. Don't hate Ove at all though, he amazes me every time he hits the ice. But they aren't the same in how they amaze me, they shouldn't be compared in how they play, they both play very differently.
Simply amazing, I can't list all of the achievements he's done but he is so much better then sidney crysbaby
[Newest]Hi I am Brady Nicholson I am your biggest fan great 8

7Steve Yzerman
Steve Yzerman had something that Crosby will never have... Class! I will never say that Crosby isn't talented or doesn't deserve to be ranked high on this list but he can never be compared to Stevie, Wayne, Bobby or Gordie. I think a lot of people have voted based primarily on who currently on top and whos name they hear the most.
He belongs at 3 or 4... Not 8... He's the 2nd best player ever on the best team ever The Detroit Red Wings
Yzerman is much better than Crosby and Ovechkin. Neither of them belong on this list.
[Newest]Steve Yzerman is the red wings best player of my opinion

8Bobby Hull
Hockey's "Golden Age" according to the "Legends of Hockey" series was the 1960's. The "Original Six" era when Gordie Howe was still in his late prime and Bobby Orr was a spectacular rookie. Bobby Hull was named the "Player of the Decade" by the sporting press! I wish he had not jumped to the WHA in 1972 (his absolute prime) because he was on track to shatter all of Howe's records. His career even overlapped Gretzky's early career in the WHA and in the first game involving their respective teams, I read that Wayne's Mom said to Hull "don't you hurt my son! " During the 1972 Canada /Soviet series when Hull was not allowed to play for Canada I remember the billboards "To Russia with Hull" and how the NHL had almost lost the series due to their vendetta against Hull. The most dissapointment was expressed by the Russians themselves as Hull was the most idolized western player ever. During the 1976 Canada Cup the long awaited dream team was assembled and both Hull and Orr dominated the games and the Soviets were not a factor as they left their premier squad at home to allow for an excuse for what they knew would be a dominating performance by Canada. On the upside considering Hull's self demotion to the minors, every pro athlete in the modern era who signed a contract exceeding one million dollars per season should mail Mr. Hull a large cheque for paving the way to free agency and the obsene salaries that we see today in sports! Thanks for the memories Bobby!
Still the best analogy I ever heard was this: goal tending being equal, put same player at all five positions ^^ match this team against any other player at all five positions ^^ you soon expose weakness in almost all examples with the exception of ORR ^^ HULL. Simply put - the two most complete players ^^ would dominate in any era.
"The perfect mesomorph"--Time magazine, March 1, 1968. Had the fastest shot ever, his slap shot was clocked at 118.3 mph. His wrist shot was timed at 105.7 mph. And his backhand shot sailed along at only 96 mph. Fastest timed NHL skater ever at 29.7 mph with full hockey equipment on. The skates in those days were as heavy as lead weights. None of the modern players can touch those marks. Just think what Bobby Hull would do in todays game with the graphite sticks and lightweight skates that are now used. Not to mention the state of the art workout gyms that every NHL team has. Even though Hull had muscles growing out of muscles he never took steroids to get that way. And he was one of the most complete players ever. He didn't need a body guard to protect him.
[Newest]:-) :-) He's definitely definite definitely definitely the best he is super great.
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9Maurice Richard
Most people voting now never seen him play, so please go see some archives and just watch how he played and then you will see that he was the greatest
The most under rated player ever to have hit a Puck
Maurice Richard not only was an excellent player, but he had to endure the racism against the French-Canadians. He continually played brilliantly (like many others may have) BUT he also had another task; not letting the others get to him. It was a difficult time. Trust me, Richard should win, hands down, #1.
[Newest]Deserves to be rated #1

10Patrick Roy
He is the best goalie ever to walk on this earth


He should be higher no one played goalie has well has him
Patrick Roy had the skills and the comedy once he deked Wayne Gretzky when he came out of the net and crossed the red line
[Newest]Wow he's the best

The Contenders

11Mark Messier
This list is idiotic, nobody still playing in the NHL should be in the top 30 except for maybe Martin Brodeur certainly not Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin, How could any of these guys be rated above Mark messier2nd all time in scoring and perhaps the best 2 way player of all time...
8 and 87 are not better. He should be 5th. 2nd all time in points. He has a award named after him and is the best captain to put on a Jersey in any sport. Gave the Rangers a cup with some help but come on the Mouse is better then sid and the great 8. And the great 8 still has not won a cup.
The Moose, The Messiah or whatever you want to call him, was the best leader of all time. During the Oilers era, Gretz admits he wore the C but Mark lead the team to victory. Messier has to be in the top 3 or at least 5.
[Newest]He is second all time in points how do you pick 11 at least 6

12Peter Forsberg
Peter Forsberg at his best was the best player the world has ever seen, the most dominate in perhaps the most physical era of hockey.
A complete player with humongous stick control, skating speed that beats the most, great pass and checking capabilities
What could you say, one of the best, probably the best technique of all time. Huge scorer of the game. Great leader and role model
[Newest]He is is the best in history. Yes he is!

13Jaromir Jagr
What?! The best European player all times in 15th place behind Ovechkin (yes, he is amazing, but he is still too young to compete Jagr), Sundin and Forsberg (okay, maybe it's equal with that guy)
SImply the best, putting him behind OVY is just a poor joke. I would put him into same level as Lemiuoux
Its a joke to put Jagr in 14th place. He is definitely on of the best player ever. To be behind Ovechkin and Crosby and Forsberg is purely fun
[Newest]He is the beast

14Jean Belliveau
Jean Beliveau is too good of a player to be this far down. He should higher than Crosby and Ovechkin at the least. I don't think Crosby and Ovechkin deserve to be on this list, but Rocket Richard does.
No list of greats would be complete without Le Gros Bill.
He was a real gentleman and a great player. He is somebody all hockey players should strive to be like.

15Mats Sundin
Awesome player, great leader, playmaker, and a good scorer when needed. He wins the big games and always gives his all.
Mats never won a scoring title or a Stanley Cup. Consider that before you put him in the top 25, never mind top 10. Any of you Leaf fans hear of a guy named Joe Sakic? You should have heard of him because you chose Luke Richardson over Joe in the '87 draft.
He IS the best leaf ever! He was the team! Also, in my opinion was one of the most talented players to play the game.
[Newest]Sucked when he went to Vancouver

16Ray Bourque
Ray Bourque is the leading defencemen of all time, and 11th overall for all skaters points of all time (and that's as a defencemen)! Definitely one of the best.

17Phil Esposito
He was the heart and soul of Team Canada in the 1972 series with USSR. He was an outstanding center for the Bruins for 12 years and carried the team emotionally as well as with his on ice talent.

18Guy Lafleur
He is my choice. A dedicated player with great skills! He was a leader of the game, a comet-loke on skates and a sharp shooter. Every team mate he had became a best player with him
pppppppfff guy lafler was a fifehudered goal scorer and got at leest then a point every game you dont even need to say to ten

Best player on the greatest team in North American team sports history period.6 50 goal seasons and the best combination of skating, shooting and passing ever.

19Teemu Selanne
Last year one of his best seasons! And he will continue to play at least one more year.
It's amazing how he still can keep playing on such a high level - he must soon have some kind of record as a NHL pro in years. His dedication to icehockey is one of a kind. And it does not seem like anyone is going to break his rookie year record of 76 goals - and that was only a beginning.
Even if he is very old player, he can still keep playing at the same level. GREAT! ONE MORE YEAR!
[Newest]Best player in the world

20Martin Brodeur
Good goaltender, but he also had great defencemen in front of him, and played in a clutch and grab system that was accepted back then. Patrick Roy was a much better goalie. Just look at what he did in Montreal. Singlehandedly won cups for montreal.
Broad our just has mad skills but he's getting old so there wearing off
Martin Brodeur below Mario Lemieux? Ridiculous!

21Joe Sakic
In my opinion joe sakic should be higher in the list if you compared him to the players in the list. He is better hockey player than Steve Yzerman.

- When he got to cross over the blue line he just blueberry everything and everybody.
he's speddy and he finishes his playes so efortly


Best avs player ever, easily. Amazing stats, better than lots of other guys.

22Mike Bossy
I can see people rating their fair share of people above Mike Bossy. But not this many. He's AT LEAST top 10 material. Holds the record for most goals per game all time, and even the Great One's goals per game doesn't threaten his record. So ranking Ovechkin 7th and Bossy 33rd makes absolutely no sense.
Mike Bossy had "the touch". No matter where he was near the net, he could turn and spin, and know exactly in his mind where the open corners were. He feel around the net was second to none.
the boss rules only player ever to have 9 straight 50 goal plus seasons in a row!
[Newest]Bossy is easy top 10, check the stats!

23Pavel Datsyuk
Paval datsyuk is probably one of the best hockey players of all time because he is an amazing shooter he makes the best plays and his puck control is amazing even better than others in the top ten.
Datsyuk wrecks like no other player in the league today just watch him in the shootout he makes all-star goalies cry for their mommies
How the hell is this guy last on this list, his puck control is amazing
[Newest]Datsyuk's nickname says it all, The Magic Man. Enough said

24Vladislav Tretiak
Vladimir is good goalie have state Soviet union constitution Russia.
One of the greatest goal tenders ever. Stood on his head against Team Canada and other international hickey events.
The most creative and innovative goal keeper of the Soviet team.

25Nicklas Lidstrom
First European-trained Captain ever to win the cup, seven Norris trophies (second best in NHL history only behind Bobby Orr), flawless defensive positioning at every turn, four Stanley Cups. Perhaps the best player as far as defensive ability in history; it is incredibly hard to qualify the abilities of a defenseman with quantitative values, but his incredible talent, positioning and just plain intelligence render him number ten.


You people are crazy rating this guy 20th! He has 7 Norris Trophies! An Olympic gold medal, 4 Stanley Cups, 12 time All-Star, Conn Smythe Winner, a 450 career +-, A blue line threat, and in my opinion, the best defensive player in the history of hockey. How can anyone put, Peter Forsberg, Mats Sundin, and in my opinion Alex Ovechkin in front of this man. None of those players could even win! Ovechkin plays defense about as well as Carmelo Anthony. People are crazy!
Worlds best defenceman ever. 5 Norris Trophies says it all, and he will take his sixth this season.
[Newest]Amazing player. Even more amazing team Captain. Every time he was on the ice he did a fantastic job. No idea how he could get rated so low on this list. Guy was a great player!


26Dominik Hasek
I wouldn't have the "Dominator" ranked 12th. I would have him 10th. changed the way the position is played. Yes better than Patrick Roy. Roy was on two Good teams.
Another vote for the rubber man. One of the very few goalies so spectacular you'd pay to see. Forget "technique" and "cerebral angle, shooter analysis", the guy was a total gumby, unorthodox. A freak.
dominick the dominater stones you every time he'll always be a legendary golie
[Newest]He messed with your mind, forcing you to do too much

27Ilya Kovalchuk
The best sniper in my opinion

28Valeri Kharlamov
I thought he would have ranked top ten. I mean he was the Russian team force in the 70's. Bobby Clarke had to be missioned to break his ankles to stop him in 1972 summit series. Any NHL franchise would have loved to have him as their top pick.
Best player on the great Red Army team deserves a much higher ranking. Ask Dallas Smith.
In my opinion he is the best hockey player, because I saw many movies about him, watch all games and I... Liked it

29Evgeni Malkin
Malkin has a great amount of talent and will a great player to help his team.
Has all of the stats on his side. Personally I don't like him, but he's one of the best and deserves to be there
71 all the way baby he should be 2nd 2 ovechkin
[Newest]Oh yes malkin should be some where In the top15

30Steven Stamkos
Stamkos might not be top ten but is one of the best snipers of today
He's a great player
He's by far the best, why would he be behind Ovechkin... especially with stamkos' shot

31Lanny McDonald
Belongs in the top 100. I always enjoyed watching him play. He was always a threat, but he should be lower in the list.
Biggest heart greatest leader! Messier doesn't hold a candle to Lanny!

32John Bower
He had a short but colourful career. Not sure he is one of the best goal tenders/players ever. I love the guy, but honestly, feel he belongs below 50, an maybe below 75.

33Joe Thornton
joe thornton is the best to ever play for the sharks


He is a superstar in the NHL and San Jose.

34Stan Mikita
Should be a top 10 player. He is a hockey legend, winning the Hart trophy twice, the Art Ross trophy twice and the Lady Bing twice (at one point he was one of the most heavily penalized Hawks due to getting into scraps - he was a great fighter for his size and could take on an opponent 30 pounds heavier than him and make him feel sorry he took the challenge. One of the NHL's greatest snipers.

I saw Mikita play one time in toronto, what a player and that was at the very end of his career, this guy is a top 10. I thought he won the scoring title 4 times at one point Hull and Mikita / Orr and Esposito dominated the NHL scoring. Mikita was also a class act did the NHL proud.

35Tim Horton
Probably the most intimidating Defenseman of all. Showed true grit, toughness, heart, and he could score goals. A true legend
Simply the strongest defenceman that ever played.
When John Ferguson got in a fight with Horton he said that Horton got him in a bear hug and he heard crackling noises, which turned out to be his ribs cracking.
Tim was huge in helping Toronto win many Stanley cups in the 60's. His hip check made players get rid of the puck before they confronted him.

36Ron Hextall
He was not a phenom like the others but he not only stoppd the puck he scored it. He is the only goalie to actually shoot it into the net twice.
Kickass goalie, took it to a whole new level, while keeping his offense with plenty of penalty minutes for fighting. No other goalie has had as many fights while still keeping an amazing save record
Na ron was an okay goalie that got luckey

37Brett Hull
This is a disgrace! Whomever made this doesn't know anything about stats. Hull is in the top ten. Second all time in goals.
brett hull wasn't a lemieux but hall of famer 110%
Bobby Hull is in the top10. He should be yo

38Jarome Iginla
Just amazing, best power forward of this generation, hall of fame lock
Iginla is the best offensive Bruins Player
My favorite player he is just awesome sidney Crosby shouldn't be on here he's a cry baby
[Newest]Come on he's bad

39Marian Gaborik
Most offensively skilled player of all time. Best shot in the game.
He is best, totally fast, unstoppable, killer attacker. Could skate so fast you would hardly catch him, perfect skate technique. Very similar to Palfy.

40Jim McKenny
Over-rated at #37. He belongs near the lower part of the top hundred or lower.

41Howie Morenz

42Marian Hossa
In my opinion it is one really great player and he should be in at least 50s top hockey player!

43Patrick Kane
Great in shootouts, reliable in the playoffs
He the best with aiming 😎
He should be number 7

44Marcel Dionne
More dangerous than most centers on this list. Barry sanders on ice.

45Patrick Marleau

46Dany Heatley
new start with the sharks


47Mark Johnson
Not a top 50 player

48Scott Stevens
Scott Stevens sets great examples of leadership and scoring abilities... the best of the best.

49Anze Kopitar
He is the best hockey in the world
I think he is awesome he is the best hockey player of all time I love hockey
simply looking like the next messier


50Ronnie Francis
Only one player in the history of the NHL Has more assists than Ron Francis... And he is called "The Great One"
HOW IS RON FRANCIS NOT TOP 10? He is 2nd all time in assists and 4th all time in points and 27th all time for goals scored. You must also remember he spent a good portion of his career in Hartford. I don't think the Whalers made the playoffs once since leauge reassignments in the 80s... Now that is talent!
HOW IS RON FRANCIS NOT TOP 10? He is 2nd all time in assists and 4th all time in points and 27th all time for goals scored. You must also remember he spent a good portion of his career in Hartford. I don't think the Whalers made the playoffs once since leauge reassignments in the 80s... Now that is talent!
[Newest]The Whale can play!

51P. K. Subban
Dirty player. Likes to use his skates as weapons. Hopefully, he won't keep getting away with his antics.
Favourite player. He is so dedicated and can create offensive out of nothing
He's the best at rocking

52Ken Dryden
Think about this position and this placement. Then think about the Stanley Cups won. You can't be serious'!?

53Bobby Clarke
Great grind it out tough guy player that could also score as good as the best of snipers
How could a player this great be at 65? And I'm a Redoing fan!
He wasnt the flashiest or the biggest be he brought great leadership a lot of people probably don't know about hockey Brooks Orpik really, Pelle Linburgh should be up in the list. Sadly though he never got the time to truly develope

54Eric Staal
A good player but not one of the top 50 to ever play the game. I haven't seen a Zdeno Chara or a Doug Gilmore
Eric staal is way lower he doesn't backcheck he always gets off the ice instead of helping his team when the other team is about to score and most of his goals are lucky except his shootout

55Denis Potvin

56Jeremy Roenick

57Ed Belfour
Man was he the best in the early 90's


Ed belfour is the only goalie what can save any thinking other then brodeur asn plus he's one of the oldish goalie and he's awesome and back in the day goalies suck and at also means at grezky is only the best player because goalies back then sucks and they can't anything but belfour is one of the only goalies what can do some thing.

58Trevor Linden
Not Only A Great Player But A Great Person And A Shoe-In For The Hall Of Fame!
Should be 16, not 61.

59Jacques Lemaire

60Davey Keon
Keon was my favourite player growing up and this is probably the highest ranking you can justify for him. However some of these other players! Sundin in the top ten all time? Madness. And who the hell is this guy above Keon? Andy Kopafeel? I've never heard of him.
Agree on Keon--he's ranked accurately here. but like the guy said, the other rankings are bizarre
Keon was favourite player growing up as well. Canadiens' Claude Ruel said of him that he was the best player in the world without the puck. His ranking here is quite fair.

61Mikko Koivu
All finnish ice hockey players are awesome! Honestly they are way better than Americans and canadians combined!

62Eric Lindros
This man changed the sport of hockey single handed. Known as one of the best power forwards in the game he brought the physical aspect as well as the finesse aspect to the ice. His never back down mentality got him a ton of penalty minutes, suspensions and injuries which led to his demise but it also allowed him to score a ton of goals each season and really transform a team. This is the kind of player every team wants and needs.
Definitely an over-rated player from the moment he refused to play with the Quebec Nordics who drafted him. He was a solid player, but his off ice antics (pouring beer on a woman's head in an Oshawa bar), the Nordics stunt, and his inability to mix it up with the big boys, reduces my respect for him as a player and a man.
Should be top 20 on this list easy!

63Martin St. Louis
He was the reason Tampa was so great when he was with the team. St. Louis and Lecavalier were a powerhouse. St. Louis especially being one of the shortest players in the league, he had the ability to dance around players, and he also had tremendous speed. He is definitely one of the best players of all time.


Y'all are idiots! Marty is oldest to ever be leading scorer in nhl history, won another scoring title, 2 sportsman accolades, and a Stanley Cup.. Oh.. And after being undrafted because he was "too small" and let go by the Flames. Thanks Calgary! We treasure him in Tampa Bay and he should be an inspiration for any young hockey player. I like Steven Stamkos but he's rated higher? What has he done? Grow up people. ! Don't vote for someone if you just read their name in today's paper.. Jesh..

64Dick Duff

65Bryan Trottier
Before Gretzky and Lemieux many called this center one of the best ever! Now people don't even mention him! Different time and a different game, still one of the best I remember and he did win six times, and his defense was outstanding! As for myself, in his best years he would be my center over the great one and only behind Mario.
Marc Jansen
6 time Stanley cup winner, retired in 6th place in ponts, 1979 mvp 4 time runner up in mvp voting led islanders to 4 cup wins and 19 consecutive playoff seies wins, best 2 way center to ever play the game. At his peak was as good a player as anyone who played.
Unbelieveable 2 way forward. Have no idea why he isn't top 25 in every single "best all-time" list. He was remarkable.
[Newest]Voted as the #1 best overall hockey player of all time by hockey news. How is it he is not even in the top 10?

66Jordan Staal

67Zdeno Chara
Definitely has made his mark on hockey in the NHL. Deserves a much higher ranking
Chara deserves to be higher. Bruins are one of the best teams in the league the past few years; and he's the capton so he deserves to be higher. And I'm not even a Bruins fan.
He is giant with a great shot I'm glad we have him

68Helmuts Balderis
Should not be in the top 200!

69Rick Nash
You are the king with the puck!
You are a king with the puck

70Joe Malone
Joe Malone is so amazing he domintates come one over 2 goals a game in the first nhl season ever he is remarkable

71Bernie Parent
Best Goalie Ever! Only God saves more than Bernie!

72Žigmund Pálffy

73George Armstrong

74Juuso Riksman
3rd best Finnish goalie ever! (After Kiprusoff and Nurminen

75Syl Apps

76King Clancy

77Vladimir Konstantinov
One of the greatest D-men ever. Career cut short by an limo accident. Highest /- since Gretzky
He would've won all those Norris trophy's instead of Lindstrom if healthy.

78James Neal
He is the est player

79Marc-Andre Fleury

80Kris Letang

81Gilbert Perreault
Wind him up and watch him go! 500 goal scorer member of the French connection, enough said.
No one made the up ice rush look easier than him!
One of the best, hair flying from behind his own net!

82Thomas Vanek
Thomas vanek is the best hockey player because he works so hard and he never gives up trying so hard to be best hockey player at all and I'm very very proud of him best the best score gold in the world
He is my hero! '!

83Phil Kessel
Kessel doesn't work hard.. Definitely not a top 100 player
Phil kessel has a great shot

84Ted Teeder Kennedy

85Jay Bouwmeester

86Red Kelly

87Elmer Vasko
Elmer Vasko wasn't known as one of hockey's bad boys, but when he fought, he always got the best of his opponent. One of them was Orest Kindrachuk, the meanest and nastiest fighter of his era. In one fight, the two trade punches, before Vasko lands a solid blow in the head, knocking him off balance. From there Vasko grabbed him by the front of his shoulder pads, and a few punches later it was over. At one point Kindrachuk was lifted off the ice while Vasko bounced a shot off the side of his head. Those who forget, or who never knew the "old days" really missed out on a lot of colourful hockey.
For a number of years Vasko and Pilote were the best defense pair in the NHL. Vasko was also one of the all-time best shot blockers. The quality of their equipment was no where near the euipment of today, but he would hurl himself fearlessly in front of any shot, regardless of how close or if it was a slap shot. He sacrificed his body every game, every shift.
No one can compete with Elmer Vasko how did he get 71st he is much better than crosby and Ovechkin he should be at the top!

88Carl Brewer

89Jussi Jokinen
The best shootout player ever he had 30 goals that 1 season and the latest playoff goal in the nhl franchise
Aswome player great to have in shootouts and very reliable on both regualer season playoffs

90Val Fonteyne

91Sergei Fedorov
I don't know how any person who says they know hockey can put Toews, Neal, and Burrows ahead of Fedorov. He had over 1,000 points. Most of this list is a joke.

92Darren Helm

93Jacques Plante
Shame I'm putting Plante in at 113... Sawchuk should be added too

94Roberto Luongo
He is one of the best goal tenders in the NHL
Another gold medal 2014 Sochi Russia, Oh ya! Canada!

95TJ Oshie
Good player but not top 100. What about Carey Price or Shea Weber?
The heros are the ones in camo not him remember that
Definitely the best all around!

96Andy Bathgate

97Ian Turnbull

98Eddie Shack
Clear the track here comes Shack.

Very entertaining Hockey star of the mid 1960s.

99Eddie Shore
My Dad told me he was the best before #4!

100Tom Barrasso
He only has two Stanley Cups. And a shorter career than other goalies. He was overshadowed by Mario and Jaromir. But, they could play their games because he was there stopping an unbelievable number of shots. Probably 1.5 to 2 times as many shots per game as Roy, Broduer, Hasek or Hextall in similar number of games. He was probably the best natural talent in goal of that era. "Barrasso says NO", screamed Mike Lange Penguins announcer.

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