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Why the f### did they make it. I mean look at it, it is a mofo.

22BellossomV1 Comment

This Pokemon should be up the list near metapod and kakuna for the same reason as a cocoon.

It's so forgetful that they forgot to put it by the family of uselessness

24InkayV1 Comment

He has no phys attacking fire moves other than fire fang an d flare blitz

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26CastformV2 Comments

Like come on! Do you really want a Pokèmon that just draws the opponent? No. And it's even worse than a Magikarp since it can't evolve into anything. Worst Pokemon out there.


Yes, Zubat has a very good evolution, being crobat, but they do nothing for you until they are golbat - NobodyFamous

Looks like I have to transfer all my zubats to professor willow in Pokemon go and get a global instead or something

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31ChimcharV1 Comment

Awful pokemon with awful stats and a bad movepool, and its evolutions arnt much better either


Whoever put it in this list never have really used one - ABBCC

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This Pokemon is extremely hard to evolve since it only learns teleport. Every time you use it, you don't get any experience. It's like running away from a battle

True it is hard to evolve at first but once you get it to its final form alakazam you wish you hanged on to that - Red26473

Sure abra is hard to use but evolve it and then is will be useful

Just be patent and use a great ball

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35PikachuPikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation.

Like Lucario, it has great stats, but with a twist: Its defense sucks. - Goatworlds

35/40/50 defense,... Also only 90 speed... Enough said

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You can use it to breed anything! Why is it on here!

Ditto is kinda like new u know! They are both pink! Aaand they both know every possible move...or they don't?

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It's pretty useless and it's on the creepiest Pokemon list but I have no idea why :|

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It only self-destructed itself to kill there enemy and himself

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