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Redbone opened many doors for other Native musicians but got little acknowledgement because Native musicians were not really accepted in the mainstream at the time. Most people don't even know how much their music influenced other musicians. In their own right, each one was a great musician and together they were unbeatable. Lolly's song, "Come And Get You Love" is still played on radio and covered by other musicians of today. They still have many fans and are still garnering new ones after all these years. They simply are the best.
Redbone was the first Native Band to break into the mainstream. Even though mainstream radio at the time refused to play some of their music for political reasons. Their song "Come And Get Your Love" has become almost an anthem in Indian Country. They had a great original sound that has never been duplicated although their music is covered still today. Fantastic musicians!
I think they are great. Wished there were more like them. They can sing live to, real well. Not to many singers can do that.
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Playing it on NATIVE VOLTAGE radio program in Cortez colorado

Although, they were pegged southern rock, these guys could deafen ears with their hard stuff also... Check out "Good Morning" off their Marauder album, Ricky Medlocke Lead singer now plays with Skynyrd, Jakson "Thunderfoot" Spires sadly passed on a few years back, but the name keeps going, and so does their music... Top album... Strikes spawned their two biggest hits, "Train, Train" and "Highway Song"... Take a listen you won't be disappointed.
I listen to a steady diet of blackfoot. the best. Always
Blackfoot should be #1... for Highway Song alone.

I love this band. Punk Rock / Native American tones/ Metal. Great message in the lyrics. Especially with songs Downfall, How can we confess, Its Not Over, and Silence as a weapon. They were found by Joey Ramone before his death and were on the Vans Warped tour in 2004. Buy their CD's now. Laugh out loud. I did.
love this band I hear them on
Their full of life and the sound is from parts unknown
Wish I can see them play
They are very good, I like it
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Blackie Lawless, the pride of Cherokee-nation has been cranking out rock-anthems for many moons now... "He who dares wins" - Last Command
Total inspiration for my metal madness.. !
Legend, lyricist and hell of a band!

6Smooth Reign
In my professional opinion, this group needs a strong manager and a budget to get them to where they should be. A very refreshing dose of what music used to be. Kudos Smooth Reign!
Seen this band play live at a casino, very energetic!

Rhonda S.
Temecula, CA
This band is an all Native American versatile Hip/Hop/R&B/Rock group.
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7Breach Of Trust

8Stevie Salas

9The Johnnys

10Aaron Peters

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11Betty X

INDIGENOUS was an awesome NA blues/rock band from Dakota heritage. Saw them jam many times around South Dakota, Neb. And in Alb. NM.
I saw and heard Indigenous in Boston 12 years ago and they were TOTALLY AWESOME. They did a bunch of Jimi's music and blew the house away.
Simply amazing, this is Indigenous.
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14Ill NiƱo

15Keith Secola and Wild Band of Indian
Just saw them again at the grassroots festival in trumansburg, ny. They are SO AWESOME! I feel every note, every wail, every hit and stomp... Right down to my soul! They should be higher on the list... Like #2, ok?!

Native rock from Denver, Colorado
Count or Be Counted!

17The Black Owl Society

This band is seriously awesome. Such an amazing talent and sound! The bass player is an original member of Indigenous and has created this new trio that has explosive lyrics and a heavy blues/rock sound. The songs so far are a mix of some ground shaking originals and some blues you may already know, but a lot heavier. I definitely give this hot Nakota bass player two major thumbs up!

18Corporate Avenger
Awesome Industrial-Hip Hop-Metal Rock group.
Wikipedia says "Corporate Avenger is a Native American band from Southern California. The style of their music has varied over time, ranging from electronica and industrial to rap to rock. With each change, the subject matter has always remained the same: political matter, knowledge, and spirituality. "
The group is a great group with some controversial and radical songs.

19Shawn Michael Perry & Only The Brave

20Hunters Moon
Navajo Metal band from Northern Arizona. They have been around since 2008. A few demos and an EP but something worth checking out. Musicianship is there, I've seen their new stuff on YouTube, they're amazing!

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