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1Shadamy (Shadow x Amy)

This couple don't make sense! Amy loves Sonic not Shadow! And before you say Silver is Amy and Shadow's son that proofs that Shadamy is a cannon couple! Silver has gray hair Rouge has white hair Shadow has black hair black and white make grey! And before you say Silver's eyes are yellow Rouge has green/blue eyes and Shadow has red eyes so Shadamy makes more sense! Amy has green eyes Shadow has red those colors don't make yellow and Amy has pink hair pink and black don't make grey! Shadow thinks Amy is a nonsense Amy loves Sonic and none else! Shadouge makes whey more sense than shadamy I HATE shadamy because it makes no sense I'm sorry for my language but I'm tiered of this couple! And sorry if I have bad English.

Shadow doesn't like Amy at all just because she hugged him once doesn't mean they are a couple whoever is a supporter is a retard

I hate it too, who ever thinks shadamy is cute is dumb, you can't just like a shipping because there cute!

No idea why people ship it. Where is any canon evidence? Were Rouge and Sonic consulted about this?

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2Sonamy (Sonic x Amy)

It's so overrated, it's EVERYWHERE! And the fanbrats are just as bad as this shipping, they will NEVER get together, if they did, it would make sonic a pedophile, Amy is 12, sonic is 15, and if he was "so shy" how come he NEVER confessed his love for her when there alone? Bull. And the fantbrats hate on sally just because they ship sonamy, call me immature if you want, but this couple overrated, and it's sadly not enough for the sonamy fans for people to not like it, seriously, they bash sally and every picture I see of these two sally would be crying on the ground, or making her look immature, it's annoying, so yeah it's overrated, sorry sonamy fans but it's true, stop making pictures of sally look like a baby, it's just immature, sorry if this is a long comment, it's just my opinion.

I hate how people just like this shipping because it's cute, you can't just like a shipping because it's cute! And there not even cute together, and he doesn't want Amy as a girlfriend, he likes as a friend. And stop using sonic and Amy scenes as "hints" for sonamy in sonic X and sonic boom, those series suck Amway, and there not even Conan.

Definitely Sonic doesn't even like her so whoever put this on the list rocks

Sonamy fans please go to hell

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3Tailsmo (Tails x Cosmo)

She died. It was cute before though.

This should not be on this list Tails loved her people come on

4Silvamy (Silver x Amy)

Kill me now. Why is this a ship? Amy felt betrayed after he tried to kill Sonic so there is a lack of trust. Also, they didn't have any chemistry.

I agree Silver doesn't like Amy either

Amy accidentally hugged Silver. Now apparently they are a couple.

Silver and amy no just no

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5Knuckouge (Knuckles x Rouge)

Yes! They're rivals and nothing more.

Actually, I highly disagree with this. He blushes and has a hard time saying that he cares for her. This couple is canon. In Rouge's biography, it says she has a crush on knuckles and has a deep regard for him. This couplr is the most logical and backed up.

Rouge flirts with everone. It's only different for shadow because she has GUNINE INTEREST FOR SHADOW HIMSELF, not a rare Jewel or infomation on how to get them. She never uses her 'feminine charm' on shadow, but just uses that on knucklehead and everybody else she can to get what she wants

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6Minash (Mina x Ash)
7Manmina (Manic x Mina)V1 Comment
8Sonaze (Sonic x Blaze)

Get this out the list this is one of the best couples if it wasn't for the destruction of their dementions problem

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9Creamy (Cream x Charmy)
10Shadouge (Shadow x Rouge)

Shadouge is one of the best couples in the sonic franchise!

Wrong it's one of the best in the series get this off the list

Shadouge is awesome! This is the best couple ever!

So true. They are just partners, and Rouge just has a deep respect for him. Its nothing romantic.

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11Shadikal (Shadow x Tikal)V2 Comments
12Sonicream (Sonic x Cream)V4 Comments
13Sonicorn (Sonic x Sally Acorn)

Why is this on this list? It's doesn't even have many fans

14Shadula (Shadow x Nebula)

I hate Shadula I like her art the but she makes Shadow seam like a cupcake, the first time Shadow meets Nebula he know her for 2 seconds and she remind hem of Mara Shadla is crap

Oh you mean gothnebula, I love her story's but she makes Shadow seam like Sonic their for I HATE shadula!

15Sonosy (Sonic x Rosy)
16Sonouge (Sonic x Rouge)V1 Comment
17SonDash (Sonic x Rainbow Dash)

They never even met and even if they did, they would compete with each other. Not love each other romantically...

18Sonuli (Sonic x Fuli)

Someone on DeviantArt drew a fanart of this (Fuli VS Sonic the Hedgehog), even if it's a rivalry, it still sucks.

I hate TLG and I am seriously praying in front of a cross hoping that the crazy shippers of The Lion Guard fandom would never pair Sonic up with Fuli. SonicxRainbow Dash is bad enough, SonicxFuli would be much worse.

19Foxeam (Cream x Fox McCloud)

As a huge fan of Fox McCloud (Star Fox) who ships both FoxxKrystal and FoxxFara, I would be so mad if one crazy shipper paired him up with Cream instead of a Star Fox character like Krystal, Fara, or even Falco. Foxes eat rabbits. The age gap is also creepy since Fox is an adult, whereas Cream is a child.

20Sonails (Sonic x Tails)
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