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41 Choice Scarf

Allows Pokemon to outsped their adversaries and act as sweepers and revenge killers.

42 Wailmer Pail

Because it helps to keep berries alive

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43 White Herb

Just use Shell Smash and U will see it

44 Azure Flute
45 Premier Ball
46 Metal Powder

If it is a ditto, yay. But soul dew is better. And mega evolution can triple or even quatraple attack. Ha.

This item is EXTREMELY underrated, as it makes sense because lots of people don't know about this items which you can only get it from a wild ditto from emerald only less than 20% roughy of finding a ditto with it. The effect of this item is arguelably the best held item: it DOUBLES A PokemonS DEFENSE WHEN HELD!

The metal powder only works on Ditto. That's why some wild Dittos hold it. - Fennekin

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47 Pokedex

Without it we would have no Pokemon

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48 Heal Ball
49 Super Repel

Is cheaper than Max Repel, most people forget this.

50 Everstone

It stops a Pokemon from evolving.

What kind of pearson would use it!

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51 Weakness Policy

Holy crud, this thing is amazing. I sweeped an entire team with a Golem that had this item after all of my other Pokemon were taken down. I didn't even KNOW it had the Weakness Policy.

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