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1 Nintendo Games

They are much more fun to play than most of the Xbox and PS3 games, and also don't overhype the graphics. They also have a much nicer fan base, and an online service that isn't filled with immature children. - alecola90

YES! Thank you! Nintendo has all of the better game series! There's Metroid, Zelda, Mario, things like that! Xbox just has little games, that are violent most of the time. So for the win, Nintendo!

Xbox and PS3 games are mostly shooters and violent. Mario, Zelda and Pokemon are much more fun to play than those shooters!

Nintendo has the best collection of video games. All I could find on Xbox One are games overloaded with useless DLCS, graphic intensive first person shooters, boring sports games, and more drowsy games. Come on, even in Splatoon the characters don't really die! They get "splatted" and respawn. I'm happy about this because I would never kill a person in a video game or real life. I heard the Nintendo Switch will get a Skyrim port, but that's going to be useless. Hopefully it will attract players of dumb Sony/Microsoft. The only good game I could ever find on the Xbox One is Minecraft, and it's thankfully available at the Wii U. And Shovel Knight is available also at non-Nintendo platforms, but I think the best experience is the Wii U version. If you are tired of Nintendo's first party games, try the indie games. I heard they are decent. - CakeToppings

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2 Sony and Microsoft Continue to Copy Nintendo

Move, Kinect, Smart Glass, Cross Play; Need I say more? Nintendo continues to innovate, while Microsoft and Sony obviously do not.

This is SO very true with evidence like PS Move controlling very similarly to the Wii's motion based systems & even Microsoft bashing Nintendo on "motion play gimmicks" AND THEN releasing the Kinnect MOTION PLAY ACCESSORY! There's a saying in the gaming industry; "Nintendo innovates, others imitate" & that continues to be true to this day.

That's true. Back when the Nintendo Entertainment System was popular, there was an accessorie called the Power Glove. It was very innovative, and it brought motion control gaming. Unfortunately, it was a flop. Years later, Nintendo brought back motion control gaming with the Nintendo Wii. It was so innovative, Sony & Microsoft decided to steal Nintendo's ideas & create PlayStation Move for the PlayStation Move, and Xbox Kinect for the Xbox 360 & Xbox One. What a bunch of copycats!

And why are you guys stopping at motion controls? Remember the flop that was PlayStation Battle Stars Royale? Looked a lot like Super Smash Bros. but with Sackboy and Kratos and blood. The only reason Microsoft didn't make one was because they don't have that much icons besides Master Chief. Then Sony tried to take over the handheld market with the Psp and the Vita and we all saw how that turned out. I could go on but I think you get my point. - sdgeek2003

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3 Nintendo 64

Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of time may not be the best games ever like everybody says but they are amazing games that are as good as everybody says (just not the best. ) Yes, PlayStation has the best fifth generation video game, metal gear solid, but that and Final Fantasy VII are the only PlayStation 1 games that actually rival the Nintendo 64! - HeavyDonkeyKong

It would be epic if the Nintendo copyrighted 3d/2.5d games and joysticks - Harri666

This one I don't agree with as much because it didn't win its generation but it was a great and revolutionary console.

It had a lot of expensive addons but what console doesn't plus golden eye 007, kirby crystal shards, Mario 64, ocarina of time, star fox 64, super smash bros 64, Pokemon stadium (don't judge), Mario kart 64, Mario party, resident evil, paper Mario and my all time favorite majora's mask. These are my all time favorites and some of them I'm bias towards because I've owned them for almost 16 years! and grew up with them.

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4 Nintendo Has Shigeru Miyamoto

He created The Legend of Zelda series which is the best video game series of all time! Also, Link is the coolest character ever!

In my opinion he is the god of gaming

He created almost all of the Nintendo characters! We should really thank him!

Shigeru Miyamoto is a legend and my idol!

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5 Virtual Console

There is an entire library of videogames that are available to you when you get your wii (sadly not yet for the wii or 3DS). But even so it annoys me that people don't realize the full potential of having a backlog of so many games on their Wii. From Mario Bros, Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy I, II, I, Megaman, and so on.

Nintendo has a very good line up of old retro classics.

6 Nintendo Rebuilt the Gaming Industry

After the crash Nintendo came out with the NES and rebuilt the gaming industry with great games

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7 Nintendo's Fans Are More Mature

I have seen like 500 different PS or Xbox fans troll on Nintendo (one guy even said "Who needs to play games in 3D? The Vita is way better", that was all he said, he gave no reason as to what made it better), and I have not seen 1 Nintendo fan troll on PS or Xbox.

When you're a Kid you play Nintendo. When you're a dumb teen you play Xbox and PlayStation, and then college onwards you realise you were an idiot to ever shun the greatest gaming company of all time.

While it is true that Nintendo is aimed at a family audience... that actually is part of the reason that the maturity of the audience far surpasses its competitors, even regarding the fact that there are far younger players on Nintendo platforms. A younger gamer doesn't get a Nintendo console for the same reason their friends may get the PlayStation or Xbox. You don't get any playground cred for being a Splatoon pro, young society impresses the idea that games like Call of Duty are "real games", whereas Mario and whatnot are for "babies". A young game will get a Nintendo console solely for the games, and not to bolster a pointless cycle of misconception and unseasoned disregard. In a way, that is far more mature than stealing your mums credit card for PS+ and screaming childish profanities over the microphone.

This boy who's parents actually LET him play on his Xbox for 12 hours died of a blood clot. I feel sorry for him. Evil parents, how could they do that?!

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8 Way More Variety

Xbox and PS are pretty much nothing but first-person shooters. Sure, Nintendo is mostly just platformers, but the experience when platforming varies from game to game way more often than in FPSes.

Ugh, THANK YOU. All you see on the Xbox and PlayStation nowadays are Racing, Sports and FPS. On Nintendo systems, you get Platformers, RPGs, Racing, Sports, Puzzle and practically every genre of games. (except for maybe FPS, but who cares? )

Wait but Metroid Prime was a first person shooter and it's made by Nintendo. - recaller

Yeah actually very good points

They have so many genres of games, I love them all! As for Sony and Microsoft, they do have different genres of games but pretty much all of them are overshadowed by FPS, Racing and Sports games.

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9 Backwards Compatibility

Xbox and PS have better graphics, but Nintendo's graphics are fine and whose graphics are best only matters when you want to buy a multiplatform game. Xbox and PS have online, but I still don't get the big deal of it, plus, the Wii you has good online so now it doesn't really matter. Nintendo doesn't play DVDs or Blurays, but I still don't get why that ever even started. I'd much rather see DVD playing on a handheld console. Unlike these things Sony and Microsoft seem to think people want, Nintendo gives gamers something actually helpful, backwards compatibility. And yeah, Nintendo didn't start with backwards compatibility until the DS and Wii, and the Wii you doesn't play GameCube games, but at least they have backwards compatibility. Microsoft and Sony haven't done it at all, and I'd expect them to more. They have way more customers who had a console the generation before, and they're names change way less. Xbox, Xbox 360. PS2, PS3. GameCube, Wii. Which two consoles would you expect ...more

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10 Their New Consoles Actually Seem New

I know it's not a big deal, I'm always baffled as to why people don't find a new console special enough even though there's a ton of new games. But still, Microsoft taking the Xbox, making it bigger and less stupid looking, and adding a random number to it, as well as Sony never so much as making a new controller, it just really seems like every few years their presidents say "Oh, let's barely do anything, our fans will do anything.

Nintendo is also so much better with making lovable characters and stories in there games unlike Sony and Microsoft with every game being a first person shooter And with Call of Duty and Killzone what's the difference beetween them both?

The 3ds is more convenient than PS Vita due to 3D graphics and it has 3D camera to show better photos. It also has motion sensors that is great. Also, it uses a stylus than your fingers. I think it's better with stylus because using your fingers will get sore. So, 3ds and Nintendo I would vote for.

Sony Next-Gen Console: PS5
Microsoft Next-Gen Console: Xbox 473728387447747473832398238248742847
Nintendo Next-Gen Console: A new concept

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11 Their Gimmicks are Actually Pretty Cool

Nintendo wii actually has cool channels and n64 has all those paks like rumble pak when all sony & Microsoft does copy Nintendo and copy each other like Kinect & playstation move and lets be honest, Nintendo makes way cooler gaming experiences when sony & microsoft just makes those lame controllers.

Yeah! Nintendo invented selfies thanks to their Game Boy Camera & Game Boy Printer. Nice job, Nintendo. What else? Game Boy Calculator?

Nintendo invented selfies with their Game Boy Camera. I only take selfies with Nintendo consoles that have cameras you can use to take pictures.

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12 WiiU

The Wii U is awesome! I don't get why people hate it.

This console is pretty underrated. I have it and it's amazing. Having the gamepad means more singleplayer/multiplayer features! (a good example of this could be Nintendoland's minigames) - MrAlXtop10s

Ps4 and xbone have no games for it, when the wii you came out, it had super Mario bros u, and probobly Nintendo land - Harri666

On the Wii U, Nintendo actually came up with this idea since Nintendo is an awesome game system. While in Sony and Microsoft, they do not have the gamepad which is really good. If your parents are watching T.V. , no problem play on the gamepad, while on PS4 and Xbox One, you just have to wait a few more hours! - Adamshane1999

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13 The Music

Nintendo has the best music in the biz. In games like The Legend of Zelda, being stuck is a lot more tolerable with a beautiful symphony that matches the mood of situation.

Great point! Have you heard the music from Star Fox 64? Sounds awesome!

I should've voted this one instead. Zelda music is the best ever. - SuperLonk

Honestly, name a video game soundtrack better than Ocarina of Time's. Go ahead, I'll wait.

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14 They Actually Make 1st-Party Games

Microsoft, we all know you've got a huge computer company keepin' you busy, but if you could make just one game on your own, not have a company you own do it, that would be nice.

At least Sony makes first party games.

People troll Nintendo for not having consoles built around third party, and while that does show with the Wii U, the Wii was a first party cosnoel and, sales-wise, it STILL kicked the 360's and ps3's asses! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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15 They're An Actual Video Game Company

This doesn't really make a difference either, but if there was no longer any consoles being made by real game companies, I'd feel like I'm in 1983.

This one is true. I here people complain how they hardly see 3rd party games on this. That's because they are a game company. Sega is a game company. That's why even Sonic Boom is popular because Nintendo and Sega know what there doing. PlayStations cool but it's not as fun as Nintendo. Which games aren't really fun unless Nintendo has it too. The only game I like from PS4 is Arkham Knights. Not much of anything else. Sega may have crashed but they still know what they are doing just like Nintendo. The other ones just aren't fun at all half the time

Sony is a T.V. and movie company. Microsoft is a computer and mobile device company. Nintendo is a game company. Which one do you think is better in making games?

16 Sony and Microsoft Are Lazy

So true! All that they do are copy ninendo consoles and just focus more on graphics than games!

Their fans are too LOL. Looking at them, they need the Wii!

Sony only made 1 first-party game

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17 The 1st-Party Games are Cared About More than The 3rd-Party Games

Yeah, Nintendo doesn' just sit around doing nothing'. The give us the games! - HeavyDonkeyKong

18 The Image is Way More Fun

As opposed to gross shades of green or that indescribable bad vibe Playstation gives off.

Have fun is to have games Nintendo

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19 The Legend of Zelda

I called the guy who said it was a bad series offensive. NO. NO ITS AWESOME

Skyward Sword was the best invention since the NES. I can sword fight on my couch.

! Am I like the only person who thinks Majora's Mask is such a brilliant masterpiece!

1 ocarina of time 2twilight princess 3 a link to the past. Period. Exclamation point!

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20 Pokémon X and Y Are Better Than Anything Sony and Microsoft Have Ever Made

Better plot, better gameplay. And they call me weird for liking it when they just want to play their shooter clones all day.

Nintendo don't make games where you basically watch a movie

A great boost to console and software sales. Excellent game too. Also, I get kind of annoyed when the rivalry of nintendo sony and Microsoft comed up. The real enemies are smartphones and tablets. Though they can't produce games like x and Y...

MEGA RAYQUAZA. That's all to be needed.

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