Top Ten Strongest DC Characters

i have made this list because i like all the dc hero's and i want to judge them in my way and i want to see that it is right or wrong
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The writers had to make Superman vulnerable to something like Kryptonite and his powers to diminish from time to time in order to prevent Superman from becoming the most powerful being in the universe. Besides that, Superman is untouchable. Good thing he is on the good side. One lacking thing is that Superman did not have the beauty like Wonder Woman in the new 52.
Basically superman but sundipped for a Couple hundred thousand years, and practically god. He's immune to kryptonite, manic and red suns and can make universes effertlessly. He can instantly make life out of nothing, freeze multi verse, heat vision is 1 million times hotter than the centre of our sun, and basically everything else like speed and strength is god like and completely limitless. Oh, and he's ageless and invincible, good thing he's a good guy!
The strongest man alive

He is so skilled and he is a human still he is a very very very very very very good fighter.
That doesn't mean he's the most powerful... Batman would get destroyed by anyone of the DC heroes. People always throw all of these situations at batman like "he can use kryptonite" and its just stupid. What does he have on Doctor Manhattan?
Batman is strong because he study the weakness of his opponent
Batman is better than superman because in the comics he fought him he used kryptonian on him.


Darkseids omega beams are strong enough to destroy a planet

Greenlantern should be 2nd not batman because
Greenlantern can use his ring to bet batman and he can fly but batman catn't
He is so bright and so fast

6Wonder Woman

7The Presence
Omnipotent. Not even if every character on this list ganged up on him would they even get his attention.
He is the one controlling everything the only people that can beat him are probably galactus endless the onaboveall living tribunal spectre and apocalypse

8Captain Marvel
The powers of Gods, not just some alien, unbeatable.
He is the stronger than superman. he is the best.

9Captain Atom

10 Doctor Manhattan

The Contenders

11Black Adam

Can easily wipe out every other person on this list... at least the COIE version

= millions of green lanterns.


14Martian Manhunter





I think his the strogest becuase he defeated the justice league without even trying... (justice leage unlimated the return)... Watch that

20The Flash
The flash has super speed how can you even punch him you'll miss because he will dodge it easly



23Guardians of the Universe



26Green Arrow
He is the strongest in all comics!


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