Strongest Non-Legendary Unova Pokemon


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My hydreigon knows Fire Blast, Focus Blast, Dragon Pulse and Dark Pulse. It's indestructible! - phantomtheimmortal

YES! The number 1 on a top tens list actually agrees with my opinion! I LOVE HYDREIGON!

No other choice possible! Hydreigon is boss! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

My favourite Pokemon is hydreigon

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Um, this is a legendary Pokemon. Should not be on this list

Actually is not a legendary Pokemon your probally thinking of a different Pokemon


My Samurott is the strongest on my team. Megahorn is overpowered with him as well as Hydro Cannon. Helped me beta the champions tournament in White2!

It could beat grass type even though its water becuase it could use mega horn and furry cutter


Mine is pretty strong in battle

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I'm all Chandelure on this one. I mean, throw a choice specs or choice scarf on this thing, u either have a fast or strong Pokemon.

1. REALLY good speed and special attack.
2. It has 2 of the best attacking types in the game.
3. Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, and I don't know if it gets Nasty Plpt but u know, SHUT YOUR FACES BATON PASS SPECIAL SIX PLUS TO IT


Underrated powerhouse, for sure. Sand Rush on a Tyranitar-led Sandstorm team and it shreds people apart.


Pretty good considering it is immune to both Psychic and Electric type moves

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Bouffalant is the champions Pokemon it's gold rage does 60 damages to a non legendary Pokemon but then it does a 120 damages if your opponent Pokemon is a ex


My Unova starter in Pokemon Black 2 was this. Sure the bug type gym was pretty hard but once it learned Leaf Blade it was unstoppable! Also has an awesome design.

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I had a Stoutland in Black, and it sept every gym, and overran the Elite Four with little problem. Mine knows Strength, Giga Impact, Thunderbolt, and Crunch. It is the BEST normal type ever! Vote for it!

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