Top Ten Strongest Pokemon Types

According to fully evolved total stats, these are it!

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This type is just a powerful type. It's most victorious moves cost so little to use!

Dragon is so strong so many awesome dragon Pokemon

I like this type because strong Pokemons like dragonite. I have also an dragonite of 100 level and his outrage attack is so massive

Dragon just so funking badass

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It may have flaws, but it can outspeed anything and if you see it's moves, most of them are above eighty! Top that you stupid water types!

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Most of my favorite Pokemon are psychic types! Mew is awesome it can learn moves to counter it's weaknesses, and mewtwo, well... IT'S MEWTWO NEED I SAY MORE?!?! It has a lot of other strong Pokemon too. Psychic is just so awesome!

Mewtwo, Lugia, Deoxys, Mew, Cresselia, Victini, and more are all part psychic types and are some of the most powerful Pokemon ever at this point.

Psychic is SUCH a good type I mean solosis is small but good I think the best psychic Pokemon is Munna's evolution

Psychic types are awesome! - RiverClanRocks

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SOME beastly Pokemon are fighting like heracross, machamp, lucario and many more!

Steel should not be up here, make room for these awesome Pokemon please!

It is super effective to almost everything and I had lucario in Pokemon x and it one shoted everything using aura sphere

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I agree but its very underrated and not many people use them

4x strong against Garchomp, Zygarde, Noivern, Dragonite, etc. The ice typing is the most useful

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Ground is a good all-rounder that is usually overlooked duel types of ground types are a good combo as well as using earthquake against most Pokemon


Why is water down here. They are the best type and can easily beat any other Pokemon with the right set of moves. Water Pokemon rule!


Too overpowered. I don't like it; but it's overpowered.

I run a gym on Pokemon X that consists of fairy types, so far everyone who has challenged me has lost to my sylveon.

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Flying is only not very effective against 123 Pokemon out of over 700! That makes it a great offensive type. it also isn't the greatest defensive type since has 3 weaknesses that are common used but if you pair it with another type you give it neutrality to these types so It's not #1 but it should be higher.

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Darkrai is the strongest of all dark type pokemon

Your precious Mewtwo is no match for Dark types

The designs are awesome. It should be #1.

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I'm only saying this, because the type has only one weakness, and ghost types have no affect, except in some scenarios. Hyper Beam is a Normal Type move, after all! - WingedOracle

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Why? Why has ghost not been added? It's my favorite type, and plus it has great Pokemon, and they can be really hard to beat! - moonwolf

I like Ghost's to but one Night Slash and... They faint.

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