Top Ten Things to Hate About Sonic the Hedgehog


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81Sonic Has Awful Archie Comics

Sonic should not be on Archie Comics, but Pac-Man should!

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82Sonic Prefers to Run

And, I shall ask, what is wrong with that?

83His badass personality

I think you meant his ass personality.

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84Sonic's Cutscenes
85He usually confronts Dr. Eggman

What the hell of course he does in order to save the planet!

86He's not CanadianV1 Comment
87His rivalry with Blaze the Cat & Jet the Hawk
88The Sonic Advance series
89When Sonic talksV1 Comment
90His 15 year old age

This should come in top 1! Seriously, Sonic is supposed to be in his 30s, not still a teenager.

Sonic should then not be the main star, 'because he sucks! Also, Sonic ain't 15, he's in his 30s now! Right, Chaotixhero?

Sonic should be grounded bi time then, but now he needs to be in his 30s, not in his mid-teens.

Cartoon characters don't age sadly he is always gonna be that age.

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91When Sonic shows off pointed teeth

Sonic is not the only one who shows off pointed teeth. When Tails & Amy are upset, sometimes they do show off pointed teeth. Sometimes when Shadow the Hedgehog has a ):D face, he shows off pointed teeth. But yeah, curse the Sonic Adventure 1 boxart whereas Sonic is showing off his pointed teeth whereas he looks violent. Mario/Mega Man/Pac-Man characters look much better showing off pointed teeth.


Uh, no! Best couple. (Sorry Tails and Cosmo.)

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93Super Sonic

Super Sonic is childish and stupid.

94Sonic's 2nd design
95Sonic Battle

Here's my top 5 worst Sonic games. This is an open letter.

Top 5: Sonic Free Riders.

Top 4: Sonic '06.

Top 3: Sonic Shuffle.

Top 2: Sonic X.

Top 1: Sonic Battle.

96Sonic is on the app instead of Mario

Mario should be on mobile! Not Sonic!

97"You're too slooooow!"

Sound Like Sonic Is Being A Jerk To Everyone - CuteGirlJigglypuff

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98He has the same voice as Ray William Johnson

I meant to say "If he has the same voice as Ray William Johnson".

99Sonic Rush
100When Sonic pisses off Amy Rose
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