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1Double Clawshots

The double clawshots lets be serious are just bad ass I think that the clawshots are more important than the master sword Ok I'm going to ocarina of time link makes a sword stronger than the master sword so I would give up the master sword to get the clawshots and just make a sword more stronger than the master sword ever thought of being. The double clawshots also help get to higher places.

Come on! It's two clawshots! No other item in the entire Zelda series is as useful as this item. I mean, think about how often you get to use it OUTSIDE of it's dungeon. - Daxflame

People can be like spiderman with these badass things you can go to one place then go to the other place but you can't do that with a regular hookshot!

It sucks that they are only in Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess. Hopefully, they will return in the next 3d Zelda game.

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2The Master Sword

Link wouldn't be Link without the master sword! He's had it since the beginning of all the games and will have it until the very end.

Link would not, could not have completed any of his quests without this item. Some may say "But he has other swords! " but we true heroes know better. Do "other swords" release blasts of magic energy? Do "other swords" have the same ability to take link through time? Finally, are any other swords so powerful and pure that they are literally
Called "The Sword of Evil's Bane"

You gotta love that badass purple sword. :'D
So many wonderful adventures have started and ended with this sword, you know?

Either this or the bow and arrow. This is better.

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3The Ocarina of Time

Classic. It's a great Item and now it's popular because of Ocarina of Time. I want one now xD!

I love it because you can play the most classic of zelda tunes from only 5 notes

The Ocarina of Time, most definitely. I think this item is the only reason that most people even know of ocarinas, because heck, even I went out and bought an ocarina just b/c it inspired me so much.

Plays a song with six notes links mind has just been blown

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4Bow and Arrow

Ah, memories of sitting somewhere unseen and just picking off enemies... Or riding through Hyrule Field on Epona and shooting the enemies you can't run over. Seriously, the bow is the most useful item out there, along with bombs.

Link become snipes mcgumphery when he has this item. I mean, sniping enemies from any position. Also elemental arrows Are incredible. The bow is best in twilight princess, because bomb arrows and the cool camera angle.

The bow of light from spirit tracks it the best.

5The Boomerang

The Beetle was more fun to use because it can pick stuff up and you can control it.

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I like it because I can pick up stuff and control it while also being able to see what was ahead of me. I hope they bring it back. - Skullkid755

You get to fly around an awesome looking mechanical bug, cutting ropes and dropping bombs on enemies. So awesome!

Was more fun to use than the boomerang


Look at this. I found a secret doorway.

8Ball and Chain

Doesn't it feel food to swing one weapon and knock down an entire row of enemies? Ball and chain for the win.

9Magic Cape

You are invisible and invincible - moose4life19

10Hylian Shield

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?Megaton Hammer

The megaton hammer is AWESOME! just the sheer power it contains is anazing! It makes the ground shake when you use it!

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11Roc's Cape
12Deku Leaf

You can glide with it and it can blow away enemies.

13Bomb Arrow

BEST INVENTION EVER why snipe someone when you could snipe some one and blow them up AT THE SAME TIME this is truly awesomeness that kills. I mean c mon what's more badass then killing monsters with flying bombs

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I just got this item today... I'm very happy... Now excuse me while I go kill a giant bone goat head with a spinner that flies across the room... Because that... Is fun...

This item is fun and cool even though it isn't that useful outside of the Arbiter's Grounds

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15The Mirror Shield

this item is very unique. it can reflect things and it'as a mirror used a shield. very unusal too. - lucario411

16Bunny Hood

Made getting the Mask of Scents ( don't know what it does though) easier. - Skullkid755

This item is awesome it makes you like sonic

I love that hood if I ain't transformed I'm wearing the bunny hood I also like how you get it

17BottleV1 Comment
18Dominion Rod

Decent item with great use i. Temple of time


Why is The Boomerang above this?
It is so much harder to aim with that thing.

20The Hammer

On WindWaker when you are on Beetles Boat shop on the deck, smack it with your hammer and it will stop :D

Every problem can be solved with a badass hammer

Ok none of you can say smaking people in the face with the hammer on windwaker wasn't highlarious

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