United Ilocandia (Ultra Iota) Fraternity / Sorority


Member since 1997, proud being UI...

Group of STRONG & COURAGEOUS men bounded together for mutual improvement to help each other live, practice CLEAN, PATRIOTIC, UPRIGHT, & EXCELLENT lives so that they will be a credit to their parents, KABAGIS and friends and merit the commendation of all good citizen! Let the Blood of ilocandian flow into your heart. Proud to be one!


Long live united ilocandia... Proud to be U.I.

I love united ilocandia...

Member since 1997.. A true brotherhood...

United Ilocandia is a good brotherhood because they think among the members to excell, also promoting Leadership, community services, and a civic action Group, Thanks United Ilocandia more power and Long live...

I am proud to be an United Ilocandia brothers

Agbiag ti UNITED ILOCANDIA! Not only in the Philippines but all over the world, sharing brotherhood & camaraderie, reaching out & helping not only our Kabagis/Sis but the entire Filipino community as well! On Behalf of UNITED ILOCANDIA INTERNATIONAL, Eastern Province Saudi Arabia Chapter!

Proud to be one! Agbiag ti United Ilocandia!

I joined United Ilocandia Fraternity way back 2006.. My life has change... My life in United Ilocandia was the greatest part of my collrge life I became the president of our Chapter 2009... The blood of ilocandian flows in my viens... Once an ikicandian is always an ilocandian... Long Live United Ilocandia Fraternity and Sorority.

We united we stand

Proud to be ilocano! Long live ilocandia



Be United! Be proud! Be a good Leader! Be a good follower! AGBIAG TI ILOCANDIA SOCIETY!

Since I've becom a member of this organization... My college life and my life was chaged. I've become more responsible, I've learned to give more respect and to treat good othersive to be a good follower, my self confidence boost a lot and a good leader... I'm verry proud and I'm very happy because I'm an ilocandian... Let the blood of ilocandian flows in to your heart... Long live united ilocandia... I love united ilocandia more than my life... ^_^

I was a member since 1999... We supported and help each other as real brothers and sisters. We always apply our motto in our daily lives. Agbiag ti ilocano:)

I was born to be an ilocandian and I will die with the honor of being a part of the UNITED ILOCANDIA Fraternity and Sorority.
" Once an Ilocandian is always be an Ilocandian "
Let the blood of Ilocandian flow in our heart...

I Am Very Proud and BLessed that I've been part of United ILocandia way back October 11,2012 in ALaminos City Pangasinan. I thougt that was the Big decision that I will regret soon, but its No, Because U. I, I Learn so many thing, they show me the meaning of Respect and Discipline. and We Are Proudly Say That We Are Under of the Anti Hazing Law. I Learn how to be patient,. It is the Greatest Part of My College Life. Long Live United Ilocandia! GODBLESS KABAGIS/SIS, GODBLESS UNITED ILOCANDIA! AGBIAG TI UI!

Being a member of INTERNATIONALE UNITED ILOCANDIA FAMILY, requires that acceptance of the principles and ideals that the best form of discipline is self- discipline, and that discipline is not merely a restraint behaviour but a total conditioning of oneself for the highest level of performance within one’s capabilities.

Every member is expected to assist in and contribute to the achievement of the Family’s goal of KABAGIShood/sisterhood and provide basic services to the people and the community. Each one is also expected to observe the highest standards of the ten(10) supreme virtues of UNITED ILOCANDIA FAMILY., and all other traits expected to the member of the UNITED ILOCANDIA FAMILY.

In other words, it is not enough that an Ilocandian merely avoid doing wrong. Any KABAGIS should consciously and as a personal commitment, always strive to do the right things the right way, and will only settle for “excellence”, not only good behaviour.

It is the goal of each KABAGIS to establish and nurture a climate that encourages, recognizes, and rewards achievements instead of merely regimenting behaviour, enforcing obedience, and punishing offenses. Every Ilocandian should expect to do the right things because they wanted to, rather than to avoid the wrong things because they fear to consequences. The drive to achieve and the pursuit of rewards are more productive forms of behaviour than mere obedience to rules or mere avoidance of penalties. But the rules must be respected and followed in nonetheless, better voluntary (self -discipline), but by force of authority if necessary (enforce discipline).

In any event, whenever an offense is committed, the offender must be reprimanded and/or penalized. The family must be and is prepared to deal with violations of each rule and of expected code of discipline. Enforce discipline and ensure that these violations remain marginal and do not grow to become a general pattern of behaviour leading to a breakdown of order and to the destruction of the family itself