Top Ten Rugby League Teams of All Time


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1Wigan 1987-1996

Greatest trophy winning run ever. Best english side ever. Could beat any other team.

You poms are so silly, Super League teams are rubbish, don't deserve to be in the top 20 - eyah

Great side, went to the other side of the world and beat the second team in this list (Brisbane Broncos - 1994) in their own back yard.

They cheated. Everyone in all the other teams had day jobs why they trained day after day. Nothing but pie eating scumbags - lucieisaunicorn

Ha ha, jealousy, love it. Wigan till I die.

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2St George Dragons 1956-1966

Has to be number one. Think a lot of people on here voting would not of seen them play hence why they are not 1.

11 premierships in a row says it all

11 seasons in a row including the only undefeated season ever? Who's beaten that?

You can't win 11 premierships in a row and not not be known as the best.

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3Brisbane Broncos 1990s

Had the best player, Darren Lockyer on the team. They also won premierships including the 97 Superbowl. They are better than st George Dragons because the dragons had soft rules, the modern rules make it more harder to play as a result of its strictness.

Simply the best although they have lost the title of the league's flagship team in recent years to the Melbourne storm

The all time best Broncos team would not have scored a point against the St George Teams of the early 60's.

Saints beat them in 2 challenge matches

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4Leeds Rhinos 2007-12

Won when it mattered... Although having seen 8 Challenge Cup Final defeats in my time as a fan, probably leaves them behind Wigan's 80's/90's team.

Has there been a spell of dominance in England greater in the British game? Was arguably the best team in the world for 5 years running.

I am now 76 years old & have seen most of the Australians mentioned in the list of the 10 greatest players. I would add one to the list and that would be the greatest second row forward I have ever seen, & that would be Gordon Tallis. Of the great britain players I would put Ellery Hanley up there. All wonderful players but I only ever saw one genius. That was Lewis Jones.

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5Melbourne Storm - 2000s - 2010s

This team is the best team in the PRO era, because they reach 4 grand finals in a row to 2006-2009, I think that record won't get Broken in the PRO era and they got the best fullback ever Billy "The Kid" Slater and yeah

They have won the premiership 2 times and the world club challenge 2 times

4 Premierships before even 20 years old

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6Queensland Maroons 2006 - 2013

7 consecutive State of Origins winners.. Talk no more..

Greatest team in the history of rugby league

Why the hell is an Enlish team number 1? Put them up against QLD and the Maroons would win 50-0 easy

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7Manly Warringah Sea-Eagles 1980's

Even now Manly Warringah Sea-Eagles are the most consistent and best.

1995 team was nearly unbeatable and it is nearly a crime they slipped up against Canterbury in the Grand Final.

My favorite team and I think should be in top 5

Because they have the best team in history

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8Australia Kangaroos 2013V1 Comment
9Canberra Raiders 1987-1995

Why are they only 18th? Should at last be top ten - jackyboy

Show me any team greater than the individuals with cameos below...

Champion team in that era.
Can't believe the storm are in this. They had there premierships stripped

10St Helen's 2004 - 2011

They were not called the entertainers for nothing. The first team in the professional era to do the treble. Two world club championships, and a special team. They should be much higher

Best team in the world in 2006 shame they don't have the quality of players they once had, but neither does any other british team these days

Should be much higher up.. Mist successful team since super league began

Should be 4th, really good

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The Contenders

11South Sydney Rabbitohs 1920s

Best Freakin Team Ever They Were Magical - keegan11

Best team they won their first year in the comp

One of the teams ever! SSTID They have won 20 premierships says it all

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12Bulldogs 1980s
13Hunslet 1907-08
14Bulldogs 2002

It is because it is just the bulldogs

They beat the record for the most consecutive wins by winning 17 matches in a row.

15Queensland Maroons 1980s
16Huddersfield 1914-15
17Bradford Bulls 2000-05

The best Super League team of all time.

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18Parramatta 81-86

The last team to win 3 in row and also one of the few teams to ever do it. They also played in 4 girlfriend's in a row.

Go eels! They may not have the most wins, but they are still a great team, my team

The names in that all star backline were some of the best ever to grace a footy field bar NONE!

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19North Queensland Cowboys 2015V3 Comments
20Newcastle Knights 1990's

The worst team

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1. Wigan 1987-1996
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2. Queensland Maroons 2006 - 2013
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