Top Ten Worst Cartoons Ever


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Dora the Explorer
DUMB ASS SHOW. deserves to die.
Know one likes dora even the cocoa tree thinks she stupid. And boots hates her!
You know you're intelligent when you misspell while trolling.
At least the english version she says something stupid but check out the dubbed 1 in hindi, tamil you will die horribly I have a cousin brother who only watches cartoon he watches this too and he watches everything that looks good not what it means and naruto, family are awesome but dora I will murder you 1 day
[Newest]I'm pretty sure Dora has down syndrome
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2Fanboy and Chum Chum
I HATE this show. Its so STUPID?! All the top cartoons on this list are good! Except for Pokemon and Dora. :U WHO THINKS TOM AND JERRY IS BAD?! THAT IS STUPID! They must be communist.
Not all of them but some of them really don't deserve to be on this list! Also Dora Isn't that bad...
I never thought I'd see the day when this level of stupid, disgusting nonsense would be popular. Somebody's gonna get stabbed...
[Newest]Its annoying! And this list its ridiculous, why are Pokemon and adventure time in this list!
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3Phineas and Ferb
Phineas & Ferb is awesome. It really goes to show you that lots of hard work pays off. It isn't very realistic, but it is really entertaining for kids.
Phineas and Ferb is awful. I especially hate the video games and the merchandise.

All the characters suck too.
I will admit I liked this show a lot at the beginning. But lately they've run out of ideas. I mean It was creative at the beginning. Building a roller coaster, searching for Atlantis, making a haunted house, and lots of other stuff. But now they've gone on spaceships five times, and lots of other crap like making a house of cheese. Also there aren't even 104 days of summer. Also there's been like 200 episodes so that's over 104 days. The only good part of the show is perry and doofenshmirtz. But even they are running out of ideas. They should just stop the series. And the catch phrases get tiring after so many episodes.
After the Christmas Special shouldn't Phineas and Ferb show have ended also they should have gone to school by now I mean summer is not like 5 years long but we all wish it was.
[Newest]Running out of ideas.
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4Johnny Test
Reasons why I hate Johnny test
-Ridiculous Plots
-Johnny is the only character not attempting Murder on other characters
-Johnny's parents are complete asses
-Copycats off of other shows
-Most what moments in one show
-Johnny is like SpongeBob but full scale retard
-Porkbelly for a town name Seriously
-Most of its episodes don't even make sense
-Johnny's mother and Father need a divorce
-Johnny's a jackass to citizens
-Don't blame it on Johnny blame on it sisters that part never happens
-Random an awful Sound effect during a events, Suspense, and just put in
-One of the reasons why children and teenagers are semi-retarded
What will make the show better.
-Johnny dies during a feud and the series ends.
-Johnny runs away from the test family and doesn't comeback.
-show gets banned in north armerica.
-Test family gets executed for their actions.
-Just ends and never show reruns.
I never want to see this on earth ever again oh my god its just awful
More worse that Dora the Explorer by a landslide.
Thanks for reading good bye my people
Even though I agree, I think your grammar and spelling needs correction.
Bad graphics
very unoriginal
it's like Spongebob without the funny
This show is number 2 in my list of worst things I've seen in life, it's even worse than OOTS book 4 for god sake.
-The show lacks realism
-This show has the most worst sounding system ever
-The height johnny's at compared to the normal height for his age is ridiculous
-And the students laugh at him about it
-This show is the worst a copycatting the Scooby doo reference is too obvious that a eight year can figure it out in a second
-Most shows (Mostly season 3 and sometimes 2) doesn't make sense and stupid for an example the mustache episode why don't they make it rated R
-Johnny lacks human logic and his sisters lacks common since
-season 1 is better than seasons 2 and 3 combined
-Dave makes meatloaf all the time and celebrates it most of the time and ends being horrible cook something your good at next time
-I searched top ten annoying cartoon characters and Johnny is not on the list
-Johnny should be number one
-how come everyone's a family but everyone yells in anger at each other
-Every test family member have complete simple names
-The animation and design looks like it came from newgrounds
-every ending of an episode has the circle closing in on Johnny
I will properly know more but this is good start. I will properly come back for more
See you later


[Newest]Came out of the mole hole, ended up in the toilet with all the fart and dirty jokes of the world.
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It's truly sad when a humble and great cartoon starts out with amazing success, only to be exploited until no one really likes it too much anymore. Pokemon isn't bad! But some T.V. producers need to understand that T.V. shows need to end at some point.
Well maybe they still want to give it a shot before they quit? I don't want them to quit though! Pokemon is my childhood!
Still ongoing since 1996 still gives me a lot of questions. How come Ash hasn't aged yet? Isn't his pikachu level 100 by now? Why is he not the champion? Where is he getting all these new traveling companions that only last like... One episode?
This show used to be so humble, heartfelt, and like people and the voice actors really cared for its quality. The voice overs these days are a big turnoff, and I can't say I enjoy this anime anymore but I forced myself to watch on in spite of that. Eventually, I realized it has just been milked to appeal to only the target demographic and to get more money alone. I think it needs to end, and has left a bitter and acrid taste in my mouth over time. It's lost its charm, it's gone on for 15 Seasons now, and I think it needs to be put to rest.
[Newest]It's so funny how ash hasn't aged yet
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6South Park
Are you guys kidding every episode is hilarious
I love South Park. I'm fourteen and my parents allow me to watch it not because of the racism, sexism, and other close-minded ideologies, but because of the things that Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and the other South Park writers are trying to prove to us about our quickly deteriorating world full of rednecks and American idiots (our beloved Cartman, for example).
I hate people that keep mocking other people. THEY'RE JUST SOME BIG LOSER JERK DON'T YOU THINK? Don't you know that people making fun of your comment? THAT IS SO RUDE! People shouldn't make fun of other people and accept everyone's choices. But I disagree with your opinion tough. Because South Park is inappropriate for children.
What I'm 12 and my mom lets me watch this show. However, I'm not one of those NOOBISH 12 year olds. I'm mature enough to watch it. I know not to say bad words and repeat inappropriate stuff. And my mom used to watch it before she married my dad. Anyways this show is hilarious, my favorite character is Kenny.
Kenny? Mine too. Probably because he dies in every episode and doesn't say a single discernible thing.
[Newest]I've heard this is a very inappropriate show...
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7Family Guy
My hatred for Family Guy knows no bonds. Family Guy is filled with stupid cutaway gags, gross humor, and preachiness from Seth MacFarlane. All of the characters on the show are unlikable (especially Brian! ) and stereotypes of sitcom characters. Pretty much everyone on this show is either a complete moron or a jerk (oftentimes both). Some moments on this show like the 3 minute Conway Twitty cutaway gag and the scene with the raccoon chewing on Stewie's brain are unbearable to watch. This show is nothing but a vehicle for Seth MacFarlane to make pop culture references, offend as many people as possible, and shove his liberal beliefs down your throat. We get it Seth! You think that everyone who has a religion or votes republican is stupid and evil! All these things wouldn't be a problem if the show was actually funny. It's not. If you like pure randomness with a paper-thin plot, bland characters, liberal lecturing, and jokes that run for way too long, this is the show for you.
Yeah... The entire point of the show is to be exactly how you just described it. Do you really think Seth MacFarlane is that stupid... To not know exactly what he's doing? First of all religion is free in this country. Brian's character is an atheist and that's his character. that's is all. Seth MacFarlane makes fun of people who do not understand the difference between insulting religion, or evil in your terms, and joking about religious crazies. I mean Seth MacFarlane makes episodes about God with God in them. Where is the evil? He is simply making a point that you cannot grasp. I mean that's why he is creating things worth millions of dollars net worth and you are shooting off bad analysis of his work, correct?
Don't get me wrong, I love Family Guy- but the jokes are all old hat, all shock and no substance. Family Guy stopped being funny back in 2007... If you disagree, you haven't seen any of the older episodes.


Yeah I disagree because Road to the Multiverse is very funny and great! So is Back to the Pilot!


This show is horrendous! Seriously nothing about it is good! The characters are a bunch of a-holes and are completely unlikable, the jokes are poor, and nothing about it makes any sense! The worst part about is when they make, a poor innocent dog's head explode due him being in a microwave funny with blood splattered everywhere! That is just disgusting and cruel. On my book this is a 0 out of 10.
[Newest]If you are an aspiring writer or animator, then you should watch Family Guy to learn exactly what you should not do. Family Guy is really so bad its worth studying as some kind of animation disaster that animators can learn from.
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8Go, Diego, Go!
I hate this! So unoriginal!
Diego is pretty much like Dora. Its the same thing every episode. I've noticed the Bobo Bros. Are ripoffs of Swiper, only they are less stealing-oriented.
I know right it is like dora the explorar but worst
[Newest]Just Dora but a boy

9Uncle Grandpa
This show sucks! And heck even the humor sucks. In my opinion, Cartoon Network ran out of ideas.
Who ever made this show was on a hella large amount of acid or coke This is full of dry humor with an audience attracting 5 to 8 year olds and a lot of meth heads.
Mean spirited at times, should've stayed in the comics, not even embryos find the show funny. This show runs on pulling convenience after convenience out of their ass worse than Fairly Oddparents, and should be the worst in general as the show is too nonsensical for cartoon standards and too mean-spirited/borderline retarded to teach any sort of lesson correctly. It is too surreal and chaotic to make any sense out of it, unless that was the intention. If that's the case, then there's more problems. It's like the show doesn't know the meaning of "limits", and more people should see past their chaos and for what it is, a sugar-rushing kindergarten group project rather than a real cartoon. Go back to airing old Tom and Jerry episodes, CN. Hell, get Warner Bros' permission to reair Animaniacs again in place of this metric assload of stupid.
[Newest]The worst compilation of ideas ever seen on Carton Network.
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10The Problem Solverz
Seriously, it's like the creators wanted to give you a seizure!
This cartoon makes me feel like I'm watching a dubstep music video, sped up.
One thing I learned from modern cartoons is... If the concept is random, the show will suck. Case in point? This. Now only is the animation straining and ugly to the human eye, it is also that the plot is out of place.
Other bad Shows that follow many of these flaws: Fanboy and Chum Chum, Chop Socky Chooks, Super Mount Fort Awesome.
I hope there is hope for Cartoon Network.
[Newest]Were the creators high or something?

The Contenders

11Sanjay and Craig
This show is pretty much commits about every sin that cartoons have made: Gross humor, dumb plots, bad writing, flat and annoying characters, and cliches. This show made me lose respect for Nickelodeon and made me no longer excited for a new show if it ever came on.
This is one of the worst examples of animation I ever saw. Okay, I have no problem with gross-out humor, but this is all it relies on. Probably because the writers don't have any taste WHATSOEVER. Also, the characters are really unlikeable, too.

Sanjay- The main protagonist. Oh God, his voice is so annoying, that you want to throw your T.V. out the window five minutes into the episode. One of the most unlikeable cartoon characters EVER.

Craig- He's a main character, too. He is less annoying, but still irritating.

Noodman- Do I really have to explain?!

This show also rips off Regular Show for many reasons. DO NOT WATCH!
They make butt, fart, and vomit jokes which can be funny at times but that is all their humor ever consists of. it's the same formula over and over and over again!
[Newest]A really dumb show with characters that do dumb stuff that makes people feel dumb and stupid

Oh my god. I used to like Naruto but now its just like wow! How did I ever like this? It takes about half the show for a single attack to be made and in that time they go over practically the characters whole life. And everyone's always gasping cause this guy can do this or that guy can do that and then there like shuddering and ITS SO STUPID!
Dude its still good. you must have seen a wrong episode. Read the manga anyways. But still dude its awesome
I do not (and do not want to) know on what drugs is the creator of this product. It contains nearly every mistake that a manga or anime creator can make. The plot is a masterpiece of idiocy. The world, the characters live in, makes no sense at all. Let's for example have a look at the city: there are welded metal silos, homes and equipment built with nowadays' quality, huge glass windows. Such things are being made in factories, using machines and electricity. But has anyone seen there a car, an electric socket, a factory building or an excavator? Even look at the clothes, the characters are wearing - mass produced, using modern materials, with zips. Another very idiotic thing is that the lamps or light bulbs are never shown, and the light switches are nowhere to find - even though only electric light can behave this way, like they use it in their homes. Of course, there are more examples of such absurds. Forgive me please the lack of details about the idiocy of the plot, but this is a material for a whole article. Just try to logically analyze it and you will see, what I mean.
This is a truly idiotic show from start to finish. The plot is pretty stupid to the point of making we want to throw up as well.
[Newest]Anime's aren't funny or exciting just weird like this

13Almost Naked Animals
This show sucks no doubt about it, I mean the animals are ugly and the females have really pointy boobs it is honestly something I'm not planning on watching ever
You know for a show to be called"Almost Naked Animals" you won't expect people to watch it:(I mean the title makes you literally think that the show is about animals almost naked! I find that title disturbing and disgusting, I didn't even want to look at the title, that's how bad it was to me. And you expect kids to watch it (well I am a teen, but still I wouldn't )!?!
Kids parents wouldn't let their kid watch a kind of show called that. You people should know better-_-

Sorry, for being mean just had to tell you that.
The creators of this show must have been on something when they made this show the concept is stupid and it tries to be funny way too hard.


[Newest]Damn it Canada what did you tell you about making cartoons first jonny test now this your grounded

A show about ducks who crack lame jokes, uses words like "homie" or "this is whack," fly around in a giant van with a rocket strapped to the top, and deliver bread? Whose idea was that? And how the heck is SpongeBob considered worse than this? Watch the Season 1-4 shows and you will rethink the rating.
Why is this show not in the Top 10, much less the Top 10? The show is horribly animated and the jokes are all terrible. No offense to anybody who does like the show, but I think it is the worst cartoon of all time.
Breadwinners might be one of the worst shows I've ever seen because

They have stupid names
Every episode has to do with butts and farts
They act stupid
Bad animation
They should die
And so much more
I know it's a very crap show but for the butts and farts, you're thinking of Sanjay And Craig - just saying. In this show they act real stupid like not listening to T-Midi


[Newest]This show is creative but stupid!

15Adventure Time
This is actually a good cartoon. Creative characters, good animation, and some silly jokes are just part of it. That's the show; Just silly. Far from the worst cartoon ever; Just look at Disney and Nickelodeon nowadays. And aren't all cartoons silly? The characters have personality, and the voice acting is also good sometimes. It's not made for people who can't get a grip on reality; No cartoons are! They are all made like this. If you want a cartoon on drugs, watch South Park or Adult Swim or something. I prefer clean humor anyways.
I hate this show. It is a nonsensical, retarded, mind numbing, moronic, idiotic, audience mocking, bizarre, logic defying, cheaply animated mockery of western civilization. The setting is a complete ripoff of the mushroom kingdom. Fin and jake have absolutely no personality accept that they are numbskulls and often use outdated slang. Princess bubblegum is a cruel, heartless, sadistic bully. The ice king is just plain creepy (kidnapping and forcibly marrying princesses, seriously). The humor relies entirely on random crap that is never funny. Many characters are introduced for one episode that never show up again. The animation and art style are some of the worst I have seen in my life. The villeins are all just flat morons who's goal in life seems to be spurt to annoy the audience whereas princess bubblegum is obviously the real enemy and gets away with everything she does. It is obviously and clearly that the land of Uu (what kind of a name is that anyway) is the result of a nuclear war where presumably the entire human race was almost annihilated in a KIDS SHOW. Everyone in the entire world seems to be suffering from some org of mental illness. It is extremely violent, disgusting, dark, eerie and unbearable to watch at times. I can not comprehend why so many people, including grown men, like this show, it's actually scary.
Oh. You think the show is bad? Why don't you tell us about your fantastic show!? Oh wait... You don't have one!
This show is a total waste of time it is so idiotic it's like people now a days have gotten super lazy when it comes to cartoons, showing stupid things for kids to watch it's like they purposely want kids to be stupid, every time I see someone watch this or say how "it's the s***" I want to smack then and ask what is wrong with them. This show needs to be canceled ASAP it's disgusting I remember when Cartoon Network use to have good cartoon now most cartoons are (please excuse my choice of words) simply retreated...
I'm sorry, but I can't take someone seriously when they don't defend their positions.


[Newest]You are a idiot why do you put a show here this is very good show
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16Ben 10: Omniverse
Totally ruined the ben 10 franchise, main reason I don't watch cartoon network that much anymore
A laid back version of the first Ben ten season, it lacks not only on story but also plot. Even Ben ten alien force is better than that, everyone is mature & serious and now all of then look like the artist went on a painful phase & decided to redo everything again.
Bad animation! Bad designs! Bad characters! Frieza, I hope you come back from hell and blow up their planet! Laugh out loud
[Newest]This show is complete crap. Ben does not even look like he is 16 years old and his face looks completely retarded. How can even a little watch turn a person into aliens? That is completely retarded and stupid.


17King of the Hill
King of the hill is hilarious! Sure it is a little boring at times, but is still pretty funny! I watch king of the hill all the time, and it never gets boring. King of the hill is for adults, not young children, it shouldn't even be on this list! : {
You know, I have an 8 year old brother who can handle this show real well, and will watch it whatever chance he gets.
Firstly, this was created by MIKE JUDGE, the one who made Beavis and Butthead. It may be boring at some points, but you have to remember it's kind of old, and may not need to be funny constantly.
King of the hill was before family guy and south park... And I love king of the hill. Sure it's not laugh out loud halarious.. But it's a good show and entertaining to watch.
[Newest]Terrible show. Mike Judge really failed with this one.

Horrendous writing and characters. Should be #1 on this list.

Horrible show I rather gouge my eyes out than watch this abdomination they call an "Educational-Show" =Yeah that's right. I put those words in quotations because it's barely educational, and it would be an insult to the world to cal it a show!
He's such a whiny bitch
This is the worst show ever I mean this should be higher on the list, all this show is about is a retarded bald kid who has a high pitched voice and complains a lot.
[Newest]My Mom said that she got tired of us watching this and now I see why,

19The Amazing World of Gumball
Ignore the haters. This show is very creative. I mean, it's not everyday you see a brand new show that uses a lot of different animation techniques.
Come on this is very creative, I love the show. It's so idiotic that it's funny. Has more humor then SpongeBob now.
This show is good... you have to have the rught kind of mind to enjoy it. I like it becUse its different.
[Newest]Gumball, get a new girlfriend!

20Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon
This show was not funny al all unlike the classic nickelodeon show. They shouldn't even have this on Hulu or DVD.

Ren seeks help was very violent at the end, Onward and Upward was just very gross and stupid, Stimpy's Pregnant was extremely embarrassing, stupid and so wrong on so many levels, Fire Dogs 2 is very inappropriate, Altruists was also so dumb and wrong, and don't even get me started on Naked Beach Frenzy, Iam glad this show was discontinued.

I would either use the R&S:APC DVD as a freebee of put it in the Microwave.
There wasn't a single episode that wasn't a complete atrocity. Fun fact: Stimpy's original voice actor refused to work on this show because he thought it was not funny and crude. Another fun fact: one episode features Stimpy getting beaten by women's butts. Another episode sees Stimpy... Pregnant. In another, the episode starts with Stimpy getting beaten by Ren! And don't get me started on Ren Seeks Help... The old Ren would be scared of this Ren.
I liked the original Ren and Stimpy, not this piece of crap!


[Newest]Naked Beach Frenzy was awesome though. Well, at least the girl scenes...

21Upin & Ipin
2 idiotic Malaysian kids trying hard to be cool. Such a crap.
I hate their suck English dub and their attitudes.. Its like pretend to be naive...
The voice pitch of Upin & Ipin is very annoying. And Malaysian kids are starting to speak with their irritating intonation!
[Newest]Never heard of it, never will

22Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
Really guys (or gals)? I adore Flapjack. But then again, I am quite fond of creepy looking things. Chowder was amazing though.
A terrifying, terrifying, terrifying and absurd LSD-like experience that both offended, disgusted, scared, and bored me.
This is like the worst show ever it should on the 5, no offense its disgusting..
[Newest]Marvelous misadventures of pancakes?

23The Mighty B!
The animation goes way too far over the top in wackiness, and the lead character is an unlikable annoying twit.
This show tries way to hard to be funny Bessie is by far the most irritating and unfunny character in cartoon history I haven't hated a cartoon character this much since Sponge Bob Square Pants.


I know. She's gross! She's always running around farting or picking her nose. And the rest of the other characters are unlikable to. I didn't care for them one single bit. This truly is one of the most forgettable shows I have ever seen.

24The Powerpuff Girls
The power puff girls is in my opinion the best cartoon ever and I'm a guy going' on 42... Gotta love the episode where bubblez is angry, because she never gets to fight the really tough monsters, so she goes in the room where the girls can practice fighting monsters from 1-10, from ez to really tough monsters.. She does really good and proves it by kickin a really tough monsters butt the next day and her sisters are like-- bubbles your hardcore, how did you get so tough... I think she said I've always been tough, but you guys never let me fight the tough monsters... She practiced this one night while blossom and buttercup and there dad are all sleeping... She actually put it on level 11. So WOW go bubbles go! Bubblez is too cute...
Yeah! This show is awesome. No idea why it's on here. And me and my sister love Bubbles. She's so cute and sweet!


Why the hell is this on here!?
It probably got in the list for having many innuendos, but I agree with you
People on this website really shouldn't hate others who are just politely giving their opinions because if they HATE them, then their life is just gonna get progressively worse and worse until they do something about it. I really mean it. People really shouldn't hold a grudge against people who dislike what they like. That's just gonna make your life more miserable.
More people on here do respect other people's opinions. There's more people like this than there are trolls.
[Newest]If we were talking about the anime, you're missing a letter; the last in the alphabet.

25Kid vs Kat
This is an awesome T.V. show.
It is one of my favorites the person how wrote this is stupid
This show was one of my favourites. I don't get why its on the most hated. 😞
[Newest]Whoever wrote this should jump off a huge cliff

26Ben 10
What the Heck?
This show Don't Make No Sense!
Take Ben 10 to Area 51 already!
Yeah this sucks 'cause of 3 reasons: 1)Gwen is so mean 2)the omnitrix is extremely difficult to use like a crappy NES game and 3)grandpa max just sucks! He always force Ben and Gwen to eat disgusting food! So overall this is the mother of worst cartoons next to generator rex!
The people raging about how terrible the show is, they are probably retarded.
[Newest]Don't make no sense? Learn some English, child.

27The Cleveland Show
tries way to hard to be funny and it just becomes pathetic
The fact that Seth made this series proves to all of us that he has completely lost his way with comedy. This show fails at a number of things: comedy, plot, characters, personality, originality, morals, making me not want to gauge my own eyes out with a spoon. This show is the diamond encrusted turd produced by a once great cartoonist with FOX trying to make it look halfway decent by making it look like a gem of a good show. Let me tell you folks, a turd is a turd no matter how many good things you put on it, and that is that.
Why on earth would you what to give the most boring character on family guy his own show, I mean seriously, cleveland himself is stupid and at times annoying and most of the other characters are just bland, ripoffs from other characters, annoying as hell, and devoid of humor. Overall it was just a lame idea in the first place. This show proves that seth is running out of ideas.
[Newest]They didn't explain Christianity to Junior and made it seem bad.

28Allen Gregory
Horrible show that hopefully doesn't get renewed.. Bob'Burgers the great by the way. And Napoleon dynamite is worth watching at least another season
Thank god this boring show is gone. That didn't last long because of low ratings and bad reviews. Next time Jonah Hill, don't ever, EVER make this show again!
How is Dora the Explorer number one, and this show is number 32? Dora the Explorer sucks, but it's a show meant for 3 year olds that teaches Spanish better than my la profesora. But this show is a mess fest by Jonah Hill, who is an idiot. I don't care if he was in Moneyball, I won't forget this 7 episode trash.
[Newest]Is this a show or a drunk rednecks name

29SpongeBob SquarePants
LIKESPONGEBOBLIKESPONGEBOBLIKESPONGEBOBLIKESPONGEBOBLIKESPONGEBOBLIKE SPONGEBOOOB. panting RRAAAUUUHGHGHGUGHG. STOP. HATING. ON. SpongeBob. FOR NO. REASON. Seriously, what the frick, guys? I mean, seriously. I hate all you ' SpongeBob haters! SpongeBob. IS NOT. A BAD FRANCHISE ANYMORE. panting Alright, we have all these ' HYPOCRITES criti criticizing SpongeBob for the l for the LITTLEST OF REASONS. IT MAKES ME SO. MAD ERGH.

I mean, seriously, Nickelodeon has improved over the years! Do you guys not realize that? I mean, seriously, WHAT THE FRICK? I mean, ohhh, because, SpongeBob The First 100 Episodes, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, nor the SpongeBob movie's upcoming sequel NEVER HAPPENED! I mean, seriously, WHAT THE FRICK? I mean, come on guys! Nick has improved! Nickelodeon is not trash anymore! I know it s kind of hard to believe after we got that MONSTROSITY, Fanboy Chum Chum. And I don t care what you guys say! Ooohh, Fanboy Chum Chum was a good show. Fanboy Chum Chum. Best Nickelodeon show ever AEAAHHHRRAUUUGHGHGHGH. Idiots!

And yet you criticize oh, let s bring up an example, SpongeBob for being tisk Too light hearted a a oh! Oh! Too much unnecessary filler Oh oh! And, that s not all guys! Wann know why I didn t like SpongeBob's new movie trailer? It s cause it s too childish! They need to bring SpongeBob back to the darker plots and they need to make him FALL IN A PILE OF GARBAGE AGAIN! RAAAwwUUUHGHGHGH! NOOO! Noo! Nooo! Nooo!

SpongeBob is decent now! I KNOW he s not what he used to be! The old SpongeBob is better, alright? That s why I m called SammyClassicSpongeBobFan, for crying out loud. Cause I like retro stuff better! See, Retro SpongeBob! But, that doesn t mean modern SpongeBob is bad. SpongeBob IS SpongeBob! Why do you guys hate him for that? I mean, seriously! You can t You can t continue hating him for A FEW BAD SEASONS IN HISTORY!? Seriously, WHAT THE FRICK?

And stop all the hatred towards, ya know, Adventure Time! My Little Pony! Regular Show! And The Amazing World Of Gumball! WHAT THE FRICK? I mean, seriously, OH oh! Uhmm, because, uhh.. The jokes are a bit too tame! Oh oh, and the story plot s too cheesy! And the voice actors aren t that good either Oh oh! And they have too many characters SO WHAT!? I mean, I consider those shows okay shows. I mean, seriously, WHAT THE FRICK? I mean, seriously? What is you guys problems? I respect the 90s cause those years, especially Rocko's Modern Life, Ren Stimpy, SHAPED SpongeBob is into what into what he is or used to be today! HOW CAN YOU ARGUE WITH THAT? RUUUR!

And, that s not all! People say SpongeBob is unappealing to the eye REALLY!? SpongeBob has cartoonish appeal, LOOK AT THIS! I mean, this is adorable, you see HOW can you go WRONG with that? Cartoonish appeal, you idiots! Seriously, WHAT THE FRICK?

And, I mean, people are saying SpongeBob is a Rocko's Modern Life ripoff. NOOO! And people are saying Rocko's Modern Life is a Ren Stimpy ripoff. You see, I put papers on my desk for decoration in my videos, and of course I ve got some Rocko's Modern Life screenshots right here, but THAT S NOT THE POINT! Well, it kind of is actually! People are hating on Rocko saying it s copying off The Ren Stimpy Show. Well ROCKO, as some of you may not know, has been doing has been satirizing modern societal issues since Episode 1! EVER WATCHED WHO GIVES A BUCK ? He s been doing it since 1995, ever watched Wacky Delly !? Or Camera Shy ? And that s not all, he s been doing it since his theme song, and LEAVE HIM ALONE! LEAVE ROCKO ALONE! Okay? And...

I don t get all the hatred. Leave SpongeBob alone! I know SpongeBob isn t what he used to be, and he probably never will be. But guess what? He s okay again! ISN T THAT ENOUGH? RrrRAwwGHHGHH. EEHHH. EHH. RAWRRRrrggghhhgg thump thump thud RRAAAUUGHGHGH. panting LEAVE. SpongeBob. ALONE!

Seriously, what the frick is you guys problems!? Saying SpongeBob is a terrible franchise and saying Oh, forget South Park and Futurama, I m watching Naruto FORGET YOUUU! FORGET YOU! Naruto? I have a little message to Naruto do you wanna know what I think of Naruto? Well I ll tell you what I think of Naruto THIS! Is what I THINK! Of Naruto! Eh NEUGH! Ruh THIS. IS WHAT. I THINK. OF Naruto! Tell me. Go ahead! Tell me right now to watch Naruto.I. will not listen to a SINGLE WORD YOU GUYS ARE SAYING! I mean seriously, WHAT THE FRICK? exasperated panting

And that s not all! People are especially criticizing SpongeBob's edginess. YOU GUYS ARE PARTIALLY THE ONES THAT CANCELLED ROCKO'S MODERN LIFE. WHAT THE FRICK!? What was so bad about SpongeBob SquarePants. I KNOW it wasn't as good as the 1990s classics! The 1990s classics were some of my favorite shows, for crying out loud! I watched the classics a few years ago online, alright? When I was 13 years old! And those shows were stellar titles! Rocko's Modern Life is the best NICKTOON EVER! But guess what!? That doesn t. Mean. THE NEWER SHOWS ARE BAD. Newer shows are still good! IDIOTS! I mean, seriously! And, SpongeBob Season 4. Ooh, it didn t have good enough jokes! Oh, and the music was off. Oh! And the visuals were off! They need to be exactly like the classics... GOAWAYGOAWAYGOAWAYGOAWAY! LEAVE. SpongeBob. ALONE! Alright? I know Season 4 was a wasn't exactly like the classics but THEY WERE TRYING to stay on the classic route! Alright? They were trying to appeal to you retro fans! But you retro fans think it s ALL ABOUT YOU. Alright? It s NOT all about you! Season 4 was a fine season. Even though I wish they could ve picked used the Retro SpongeBob... WHY DIDN T THEY!?! Rrrreugh...

Anyways that doesn't matter! You guys can t hate on SpongeBob like this, you can t pick on SpongeBob like this! You bullies! You trolls! GO AWAY! Leave SpongeBob alone! panting And I don t get all the hatred toward Adventure Time, Regular Show, and The Amazing World Of Gumball. I got Adventure Time right here ehh.. You see, HOW CAN YOU ARGUE THAT THIS IS A BAD SHOW!? Ooh, not enough CGI animation. SHUT UP! SHUUUTTT UUUP! panting LEAVE. SpongeBob. ALOONE! SpongeBob is not a bad franchise anymore! ACCEPT IT! The new SpongeBob movie will blow the box office away. Get the frick outta here! Get the frick out of here! GET THE FRICK OUTT.

Alright, guys! As you all know, you see, this is what SpongeBob and Rocko look like. You see, CAR TOONISH APPEAL. HOW CAN YOU ARGUE WITH THAT!? Rrrrugh I mean, seriously, you call this unappealing to the eye? And all you people who criticize the Rocko series for having Bad art style Oh, oh, and also, cliched characters, and too childish and it s for furries! Well GUESS WHAT I have to say to that? You all are FRICKS!

And, I don t care what you guys have to say about me. MAKE. FUN OF ME all you want. You can t shoot me down with your ARROWS OF LIES! And.. Guess what? I am sick of this garbage panting

How can you guys hate on SpongeBob, when your little Frick Animes ARE NO BETTER!? And I mean, seriously, frick classic SpongeBob! Cause Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, oh oh, and just to name some others. Cowboy Bebop for fricks is so much better than classic SpongeBob! Oh oh! SpongeBob does not stand a chance you know why? Cause we have NO TASTE IN ENTERTAINMENT! Well here s what I have to say to that you. are all. SCUM! You. are all. SCUM! You are all SCUM! SCUMM!

And that s not all, SpongeBob Haters!

And guys please just give SpongeBob a chance for me? Please SpongeBob haters, I know it s hard to accept that SpongeBob s changed, believe me, when the new revival and Season 4 were announced, I was a bit skeptical but Nickelodeon has redeemed SpongeBob! Give SpongeBob a chance please LEAVE ME ALONE! Give SpongeBob a chance STOP ALL THIS HATRED! kicks fan over and throws Bugs Bunny

And one last thing I forgot to mention in the video! You guys treat SpongeBob like it s trash, but you treat animes like Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist and et cetera et cetera et cetera, like it s treasure. WHAT THE FRICK? I mean, seriously! I mean, you call nnngh.. Like, Anime as we all know, have the same type of plots, same plotlines, except, OH! That s not all! They have different characters! So that must mean all animes are revolutionaryNO! They re all the same, you guys are being cheated on, you idiots! While you guys say SpongeBob isn t revolutionary! SpongeBob isn t creative! Because, oh! A yellow sponge who can filp patties at the speed of sound and.. Animation that spen that blends with artwork as SpongeBob fights against Plankton and his army of robots oh, yeah, NOT CREATIVE AT ALL! Seriously, WHAT THE FRICK?

You guys need to get a clue! STOP HATING ON SpongeBob! If if if there s anything that you guys should be hating on, it s ANIME FRICK ANIME STUPID DUMB IDIOT ANIMES! And what is with the SpongeBob Cycle? I mean, seriously, what the frick? The SpongeBob cycle is dead! Alright? The SpongeBob Cycle existed last decade, but starting at this decade, with Season 9, Season 10, and the New Movie, the SpongeBob Cycle has officially been broken! It is dead! WHEN WILL YOU GUYS ACCEPT THAT!? You fricks! Get that out of your head that the SpongeBob cycle still exists! Cause it doesn t! Alright, you idiots? Get it through your skulls. SpongeBob has been redeemed! Nickelodeon has redeemed SpongeBob! The SpongeBob Cycle is DEAD! I don t wanna hear about the SpongeBob Cycle, you fricks! Get the frick out of here! What the FRICK!? This is SammyClassicSpongeBobFan, signing out.

Credits Shut the frick up SpongeBob haters. I have had enough of this disgraceful SpongeBob cycle and the constant hatred towards SpongeBob. Just because an episode has SpongeBob in it doesn t mean it s bad! Go away SpongeBob haters! SpongeBob has been redeemed so enough trolling! And all my true and honest fans continue to support SpongeBob! This is SammyClassicSpongeBobFan signing out.
Only thing is because of the modern crap from parts of Season 4, 5 and especially 6 onwards


The humor has become stale. It is not funny anymore. SpongeBob is terrible, humorless, stale, and overrated. SpongeBob makes 8 billion dollars a year, 2/3 of Viacom's profit. How many seasons will they give this stupid brat, over 9000. People requested FOX to cancel the Simpsons but no one requests or petitions Nickelodeon to cancel SpongeBob. At least the Simpsons come up with good episode ideas. However, SpongeBob's episode ideas are awful.
A horrible anecdote of slap stick comedy denoting a lifestyle of idiocy and random acts of sudden impulse as the means to exist. The story never leads to anything the characters are more mismatched than modern art paintings, and they allow that only the most based acts whether retarded, greedy, or violent seem too be the only way to make it out on top. In all honesty I don't even think the creators of this show wish to keep working on it, and if it weren't for merchandising profits it wouldn't be around anymore.
I agree with this comment, but only if it is regarding the show from season 4 onward. Seasons 1-3 were terrific and clever.


[Newest]Fanboy and chum chum is a very excellent show.
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30My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Let's get this thing straight here: I have absolutely NO problem with people liking My Little Pony, hence why they viewed/enjoyed the show as is. My brother likes it and my brother's friend likes it, and do I fuss about it? NO! It's just a show that is supposed to be for children as we think of them; primarily young girls! I know the fact that it's not only for girls and I already get it! Yes, the animation is good. Yes, it's well-written. Yes, the characters are colorful, inside and out and cute, and yes, the musical numbers are memorable, but that doesn't mean that the whole world should like the show! I've seen a few episodes on YouTube, primarily to see where those memes come from, and I felt plain uncomfortable for a reason. It's just that it didn't appeal to me, hence the fact that I already know what friendship is before the show today existed. I don't need to see more of it, and I never will, personally. It's that I've seen enough of what happens everywhere to know where it goes and that show made me feel like that along with other cartoons, hence the fact that I'm getting older and too sensible for cartoons like that. I know the fact that anyone can watch My Little Pony and age doesn't matter, but get this: Do your parents really want to see you watch a show that is childish and is supposed to be for little girls? Let me know what happens. This cartoon, when used for the Internet, is of course permeating people's lives, and it's fandoms, including crossovers and reenactments that obviously have no connections, absolutely made no sense. So yeah, it's no wonder this cartoon's on the list. I gotta admit I did enjoy the fanfics and my favorite genre has to be the grimdark ones; the ones I like are "Rainbow Factory", "Cupcakes", and maybe "Cheerilee's Garden", except for "Sweet Apple Massacre", "Rarity's New Dress", and "Kentucky Fried Pony". Granted, I do give the franchise some support, but that doesn't mean I like it, nor do I hate it either. Oh, and by the way, Rarity scares the sh** out of me when she gets extremely angry, especially in the episode "The Best Night Ever". (shudders in fear) T_T
I don't hate this show. I watched it. Its okay but its just not my thing. I'm just sick of all the attention its getting! Bronies are everywhere and its annoying! Its not the best show in history so I can't believe why people are getting so obsessed. Definitely the most overrated show in history though. And I can't believe there's a "Bronycon" That just proves this is getting too much attention. And bronies always say "Love and Tolerate", but I haven't seen much of that lately. Bronies can be complete jerks to anyone who isn't a fan of the show. So in a summary, I don't have anything against bronies or the show, I'm just tired of the constant fandom. (Also I HATE Rainbow Dash! Her fans are annyoing and I don't see why they think she's so awesome. She acts like a jerk and her attitude is horrible! )
You only are seeing the really obsessed side. Most aren't like that, you're only seeing the worst of it.


I hate this show and I hate myself for previously liking it and here's why:the characters are annoying and bland, the plots are simple and not creative, the songs are annoying, most of the reviews suck, you cannot avoid in the internet, Twilight reminds me of Bella Swan and nobody wants to be reminded of Bella Swan, it is highly overrated, am I the only who thinks the animation is crap I don't know it is to bright and flashy for me, I hate pony porn which makes sense and has traumatized me and makes me want to vomit, their are better shows out there (ex:regular show, gravity falls, samurai jack. Etc. ), I hate the memes, it is about as funny as the love child of Bio dome and Son of the mask, the ponies are uglier than Xenomorphs, cutie marks are the stupidest thing I ever heard, the setting is your typical fantasy land, I dislike bronies (not all of them), the villains are generic as hell and they get their ass handed to them by bull like magic of friendship and love, the background ponies are stupid and more annoying than the main characters and while the morals are good other shows have done it and did it better. Phew I can't believe I did that.
[Newest]I can't believe 30 year old men are acting like toddlers just because some people don't like a crappy kid's show.
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31Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
Hey kids, do you like looking at unattractive images? Do you like animation that looks like it was taken out of a very ugly search and find book? Do you like characters who are made out of butts, snot, and wear nothing but underwear? Are bright and contrasting colours your thing? Well we have the show for you! The charts showed that gross out humour is absolutely hip and with it! And no plot at all can compete with the likes of Adventure time and Gravity falls. Our humour is all gross out and we try our best to make the most unattractive things look even uglier! We know this is nothing but a pile of garbage but you don't care about that, no effort means money! Lots and lots of money! So buy our stuff!
This show looks like a messed up pile of crud! Seriously who made this stuff?
They just put in some Monsters, a Butt and a Mountain with arms and legs!
This was the worst cartoon ever! It makes me barf! No, I mean literally the first time I watched it I threw up this makes flapp jerk-off or whatever look like a smart show and he is a retard

32Mega Babies
Seriously, how the HECK did people miss this one? I've never had a cartoon literally make me sick. Horrible animation, and good god everything is a spawn of satan in this show.
This show is gross.


33The Nutshack
Only 423! Should be 1

A good show
Tell about friendship of nobi & dore
Learn from this show what is friendship?
This show is pretty good, at least it has good jokes and is actually not afraid to put in good jokes unlike the current Pokemon anime.
Characters are very bad. Although the ideas are sometimes very good for gadgets
[Newest]Doremon is not a cartoon it's a manga

35Mr. Pickles
Disgusting animation and dreadful plots. I can't watch this pure abomination.
It's really disgusting too
Why is the Dog so demonic and vile that loves to murder people it should be banned and I don't laugh none of the episodes. That is strictlely from people's religion

36Teen Titans Go!
This show has good humor. Sure, it won't live up to the original show, but it still is a good show. For the people who hate this show, just consider it a parody and move on.
Teen Titans used to be a great show. I'm surprised how this replaced Young Justice and the original Teen Titans. There are too many attempts at humor and it completely ruined my faith in Teen Titans. In the original you got to see the team beat the crap out of villans. Now, there isn't much action as there was. Who cares about finding a sandwich?

Overall I'm very disappointed in what happened.


This show replaced Young Justice? Really? I love the characters and the original series is one of the best cartoons of all time. But this...
[Newest]You guys are insane this show is awesome and don't get all mad at me but I think teen titans is really boring

37Bakugan Battle Brawlers
I really hate this show. That dragon thing looks like Charizard and it is not creative.
Sega, this entire franchise is a pretty low blow.

"hey, you know that franchise made by our far superior rival about the monsters that live in balls? "

"yeah, what about it? "

"let's create a franchise just like it, except the monsters ARE the balls! "

" wow! Great idea! As a bonus, let's name it something that sounds vaguely sounds like the name of the other series with the ball monsters! "
This show is a complete rip-off of Pokemon. (And a little bit of yu-gi-oh. ) The toys, well, I have to admit their pretty fun for kids, but that doesn't make it good!
[Newest]This show is Pokemon on meth

If you compare to other Cartoon Network Shows, 6teen is nothing more than boring. You really don't care for the characters, the humor is very shallow, and we just threw this show over our heads to forget.
It just makes me shocked that the creators of the Total Drama series made this crap. Believe me, Total Drama is the my fave show and when I knew that the creators made that show I was thinking why? I have watched about 3 episodes and I decided no more. My gosh.
I honestly liked this show. Even as a child a liked it, but it's more of a show for teens then little children. If gives lesson in teenage life a gives off teen humor. TDI is nice but I'd go for 6teen any day.
[Newest]This I would rate 7/10 for decency

39T.U.F.F. Puppy
The absolute most disgusting show EVER. I can't believe people let their children watch this! It's cheesy, weird, and inappropriate when the dig bites his butt. Dogs don't bite their butts, they chase their tails!
Why did they call that stupid dog tuff puppy he not tuff he is a scardy cat he act like he is tuff heck no and he is yucky because he bites his stupid butt and the stupid cat girl so lame and boring what with these stupid people the boss of the T.U.F. F buiding is a little stupid flea the people are really stupid looking worst show ever
It's kind of mediocre, but not the worst by a long shot.
[Newest]This show is so annoying

40The Brothers Grunt

41The Looney Tunes Show (2011-2012)
This show betrays EVERYTHING that Looney Tunes stood for by stripping away its slapstick and cartoon gags! All this show is is just a sitcom trying to compete with ' Family Guy! The characters act nothing like they did in the original shorts, and this show's Lola makes me beg for Space Jam's Lola. This one's as obnoxious as all hell, and her voice actress sounds half-asleep!

This is the WORST Looney Tunes T.V. show I have EVER seen in my whole entire life! Even worse than Loonatics Unleashed! If you EVER let your kids watch this Looney Trash, some "Looney Tunes society of America" will consider you a bad parent and banish you to Siberia!
What? This show, kills everything about the looney tunes! Its just a sitcom like family guy! How did Bugs and Daffy get in a house with each other? They were enemies! (kinda) And how the hell did Taz became Bugs pet? They were also enemies! And poor lola turned from a hot bunny into a psycho!
Yeah in Baby Looney Tunes, Lola was very smart compared to some of the rest but in this she is one of the dumbest along with Daffy (whom hasn't changed)


What happened to Looney Tunes? Bugs has a house! He is no longer cleaver and funny. Daffy is a complete dumb moron. Where's Petunia and Melissa? Sam's not as good. Where's Elmer, did he give up hunting? Lola's still a slag and annoying. This Tina girl needs to get a life, badly.
Lola was only good and great in Space Jam.

I loved Lola Bunny in Space Jam.
[Newest]I will admit though this show has had really funny moments.

42Sonic the Hedgehog
Come on! Will they ever make a sonic show with also the characters that aren't mentioned a lot in sonic games like espio, jet or charmy? Too bad they add other characters that aren't in the real sonic games.


This should be top 1 above Dora the Explorer, especcially because of Sonic X which is mangled even after discontinuation, thanks to using same old scenes whereas Sonic X is NOT cool & looks fairly like a young female children's show.

Also, Luigi is NOT with the same characteristics & personality as Knuckles, Scratchpad. Luigi is more similar to Silver alhough Silver isn't much like a brother toward Sonic but toward Blaze the Cat (who is mostly similar to Princess Daisy).

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is great!

Sonic SatAM is good to great.

Sonic Underground is cool.

Sonic X is overrated & overly horrible.

Sonic Boom will be average.
Sonic had great cartoons, but I'll admit that Sonic X is overrated and overly horrible.
[Newest]The only problem with this franchise is Sonic Boom

43Scaredy Squirrel
Another stupid woodland critter cartoon just like Squirrel Boy and Camp Lazlo.
Come on Spongebob cannot be ranked higher than this cheap cartoon! The characters are illegal aliens and it is just BORING. Thank goodness this show was canceled, because it is worse than Dora in my opinion.
I would rather watch Fanboy and Chum Chum than this weird Canadian show!
[Newest]This cartoon is bad.


OKAY, I like MAD. But the thing I HATE about it is that they always do celebrity jokes that no kid understands! Like from "Sassy" and the "Kung fu panda" thing were the guy says "What happened to my career?! " A kid would probably just sit there or laugh nervously confused. I think they should put MAD on adult swim.
Potty humor can make people laugh, but if used as the main jokes, it falls flat.
This show is another example of Cartoon Network never being for kids in the first place.
[Newest]Nothing like the magazine.

45The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican
Considered as one of the worst animated programs in history

This show is so stupid, annoying and not even funny.I don't understand why is this not in the top ten, this has to be number one
Some reason why I don't like this show (and other Malaysia cartoon show) it's:Less people. If the alien's looking for chocolate why don't they buy it from earth. And the idiot part it's.. chocolate have power?! Food doesn't have power!
I did not know what it was at first but I swear its some Chinese Ed edd and eddy

47Total Drama Island
I like all the seasons of this show. Sure the humor can be crude at times (or all the time) but that is what makes it funny. All the characters and challenges are unique and this show is a great combination of Reality T.V. and Good Cartoons. Also There are 6 SEASONS AND COUNTING (Island, Action, World Tour, Revenge, All Stars and Phaketew) which means this show has to be good.
I love total drama island but not total drama action total drama world tour and total drama revenge of the island
There's nothing bad about this anyway. I'm a Total Drama Island fan, and so burn in hell, haters!
[Newest]This show sucks it should be number 1

48Oggy and the Cockroaches
Really a blue cat and green cat chasing colorful cockroaches. annoying theme song. so totally annoying in hindi
Horrid, repetitive, boring, and dumb pure trash. If you want to watch some decent slapstick, have yourself some Tom and Jerry. This is insipid, uninspired, lackluster, and incredibly stupid.
It's a supid show, why the frick is it on both cartoon network and disney channel?! Don't those networks have any standards anymore? Seriously, this show just makes kids retarded
[Newest]Worst show ever and it airs 5 times a day

49The Proud Family
Yeah thank you for putting that that show on the list is the worst show ever I hate proud family so much there should be a law that says not to watch this horrible show
I HATE that show so much. The drawing is terrible, the plots are unrealistic, and the characters are totally mean, horrible, racist, and extremely annoying. Luckily, that stupid show is not on anymore.
Why are the Peanut People and Blue people Blue not Black!? That's why this show is unrealistic!
Since when did cartoons need to evoke realism? Many cartoons I've seen have implemented surreal concepts and ideals into their animation and script.
[Newest]Whoever put this on here is a troll

They copied everything from pokemon, and hey! Why does everybody's name end with... Mon?!?


Mon, Mon, Mon! Ugh! It's a stupid copy of Pokémon, which actually (was) good!
First of all, Digimon has dinosaurs and Pokemon doesn't (If I can remember) and the studio that made Pokemon made Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. Plus I think Digimon was a manga.
[Newest]This was basically a crappy copy of Pokemon

51Winx Club
Eh, Winx Club is okay for people who like it, but really, they make too big a deal out of it. I mean, they're just 7 fairies that save people from "evil". Honestly, it sucks.
Why is it so low on the list? Spongebob is higher on the list. This and spongebob should switch places!
Winx Club Is The Only Cartoon That Shouldn't Be On this List, All 6 Fairies Are Amazing, Funny and Pretty. Even The Other Characters (Like Daphne and Roxy) Are Amazing Too. Every Episode is Worth Watching. Songs are Amazing. Everything's Amazing In Winx Club. Iginio Straffi has done a Really Great Job Of Creating This Show. I Hope that Winx Club Will Continue Being The Best Show Ever and Even Becoming Better maybe even better Than all the other Famous Shows.


[Newest]Why is this here has the world lost mind

52Loonatics Unleashed
Ace looks nothing like Bugs. Bugs is cute and non super Ace looks like on drugs. What happened to Danger duck's beak its smaller and nothing like Daffy's. Rev and Tech talk. Slam is rubbish and Lexi looks more like Lola.
İ am tried of "daffy is stupid" gags in modern Looney Tunes series

53Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
This is like Japanese cartoons bashed with Clarence bashed with Uncle Grandpa bashed with Johny Test bashed with Regular Show bashed with screaming idiots bashed with Dora the Explorer.
Laugh out loud never saw it but seeing the name never will
It's a purposely dumb show


54Rubik, the Amazing Cube
Yes. There was a cartoon.


O_0 This is a real cartoon? Let me guess, it was a tragedy that involved a Rubik's Cube and his owner. Their bond broke when the customs at the airport took Rubik because he ( wait for it ) had drugs inside him. Cue crying.
Never watch this crap.


Chowder, Chowder Chowder Chowder. This somewhat old show has always appealed to me, the idea of all the character names being food to the creative design. I personally love this show just for the comedy. There are a few downsides like the somewhat dark humor at times, but in all it is a clever never before made show to be enjoyed.
Great show hilarious bad decision
This show is just dumb

56The Wacky World of Tex Avery
Truly a atrocity of the Genius Work of the late great animator Fred "Tex" Avery. Very appalling cartoon in which none of the characters were based on the legendary Characters created by Tex Avery.
This show is just terrible. Worst show ever made on Fox Kids.
I have actually seen one of tex Avery's project; The Cat Who Hated People O~o and honestly it's one of the worst thing I have seen! Atrocity points: 70! Score: it can burn in hell! LuxrayVision
[Newest]I hate the Wacky World of Tex Avery.

57Little Bill
Whoever put this show on this list is an idiot.
Whoever disliked this show has no childhood.
Little bill brings me way back.
[Newest]My favorite preschool show when I was little

58Jimmy Two Shoes
This show absolutely rocks but I hate some of the episodes like: 'She likes ME! ' this one is the most boring one, and, I hate the weevils. And I like Beezy, Heloise and Jimmy.

59Zig and Sharko
This is just a rip of Tom and Jerry.


Yeah this is the worst cartoon I've been seen this bad graphics and lame jokes yeah pretty lame and dumb! Yeah they're not talking even that garbage mermaid!
I don't care. I love this cartoon it is cool.
[Newest]I used to watch it it rocks why is it even on this? It's supposed to be best show ever!

60Baby Looney Tunes
I have four theories about this show...

1. Granny had a son or a daughter who had twin girls called Petunia and Melissa first, then went on to have Bugs, Sylvester, Daffy, Lola, Tweety then Taz... But all died in a possible crash, leaving Granny devastated... Making them into an animal each and bring them back to life!

2. Granny was a child kidnapper, kidnapping animal children for herself

3. She surrogated, but runaway with the baby still inside her

4. That the babies was normal non talking animals - but made the more human and made them talk
This is most horrifying Looney Tunes show I have ever seen!
Are they adopted by Granny? , whats the point of Melissa and Petunia if they are rarely in it? Do the looney tunes have parents, if they don't why is Lola there, she has parents, are they really busy? Why in the hell is Elmer a baby in series 1 and like a 4 year old by series 2? Where did that lanky guy Floyd come from? And finally is Castaras Babies real?... Please answer
[Newest]I despise this show with all my blood!

The wayans is very talented. But animation is not there there calling. They should stick to making fun of other movies, because that's where most of there money is coming from
A totally idiotic ripoff on the classic Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids with several of the characters looking like rejects from Fat Albert.

62Yo Yogi!
Truly lame set in Jellystone Mall. Show how Yogi, Boo Boo, Cindy and the rest as Tweenage Mall Rats and Ranger Smith as a Mall Cop?! UGHH!
So you're telling me some mental jackass took yogi bear and friends made them into teens and put them into jellystone mall WHO MADE THIS ! Who ever came up with the idea should hang himself

63Bob's Burgers
Bob's burgers is actually good, whoever put this show on here has no sense of comedy not humor but comedy.

64Dragon Ball GT
It is the best show in the whole world and also Beyblade who ever wrote this he is the biggest stupid in the world
Ruined the dragon ball franchise. Goku is turned into a kid while everyone else ages to a point where there useless. Some of the best characters of the first two versions are forgotton.
This show makes me want to vomit!

65Sonic X
Sonic X it's still good.. and know that 4kids channel is the American channel, not Japanese... In English version.. the music good.. but the intro it's bad and the ending too... in Japanese version the intro and the ending it's good.. even the music.. it's so good and the ending music it's so.. beautiful but in season 2 Japanese use some part of season 2 episode for intro (same like English version... in season 1-3 still use some part of Sonic X episode.. ) and.. Rouge.. if Rouge is the Sexy one why 4kids didn't censor the boobs.. ? (most of user comment about this)
4Kids is the worst dubbing company in THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION. If you want to watch this and appreciate it for what it really is, search up the japanese version with subtitles on Youtube. Watch Seasons 1-3 and tell me what you feel about it at the end. It needs another series with a new dubbing and GET RID OF THAT damn KID CHRIS! HE'S ANNOYING AS HELL!
All I can say is that 4kids does the worst anime dubs. Oh, and Chris Thorndyke is stupid.
[Newest]Is The Original Japanese Version Better?

66The Secret Saturdays
Interracial parents? No thanks...

67Quack Pack

68Powerpuff Girls Z
I've never seen this show, but thanks to reviews this is like a total ripoff of Sailor Moon. Man, Japan messed up the Powerpuff Girls! For example, in one their fights, the girls stop in the middle of their fighting to get ice cream! Additionally, the trio shout out ridiculous names for their weapons (Blossom gets a yo-yo, Bubbles a bubble wand and Buttercup and crappy hammer). Seizure inducing graphics, terrible voice acting, (the English dub was dubbed in Canada) and utterly different characters, it was doomed from the start.
Blossom ness ripoff bubbles palkia ripoff buttercup ike ripoff


Why does Japan have to rip off every good American cartoon. And why is every thing they make anime I mean they have to have at least one person that can draw a cartoon character whith out giant eyes and lips that don't match the words they say
Whoever put this as the worst show I totally disagree I love this show so much this should be one of the best I love Buttercup in this series. This is more hilarious than the original. You guys are all mean.

69The Get Along Gang
Totally crappy. They do more infighting with each other than a dysfunctional family! I don't know how this series ever aired on T.V. in the first place!


Stupid, idiotic and the majority of the characters always have spats with each other instead of getting along they act more like a dysfunctional family!

70Squirrel Boy
I first saw the show when I was 16 years old. It didn't do good for me. If you haven't seen this show, here goes: It's about a weird, OCD-oriented 8-year-old boy named Andy Johnson who owns a pet red squirrel named Rodney (I've seen some people who adopted squirrels as pets when they were orphans in the real world, if you don't mind). Rodney here, serving as comic relief to add humour and personality to the show, is constantly full of ideas just to get more money basically. Since he's a squirrel, he is stereotyped as a butthurt manchild, and yes, he is constantly annoying, calling himself a smart genius along with his voice (despite that he's voiced by Richard Horvitz, in case if you know him. ), causing to be disliked by Andy's father, Bob Johnson aka Mr. J, who only wants to get rid of the squirrel. I don't blame him. The main antagonists of this show are an ugly boy named Kyle Finkster and his parrot friend, Salty Mike, who constantly bully Andy and Rodney especially for no reason, primarily via pulling pranks for satisfaction, and are also sarcastic to other characters. All the antagonists of the show; you can't even call them villains at the slightest, although they are designed for slapstick. The animation may have some full-frame points, but overall, it's poor; the characters move somewhat like robots. The humour with slapstick and other jokes are unfunny and weird, the character designs are weird; I mean they have no chins, their heads are large and look like peanuts, and their hands and feet are small, and the characters themselves are likely two-dimensional and plain gullible without even first thinking; I don't know who. Sure, the voice actors are notable, but it's just that voice actors don't make a good cartoon evident by its uninspired scriptwriting and its weird humor. I have absolutely NO problem with people liking cartoons like this, but it's just that the public of the Internet have serious issues that cannot be dealt with and won't respect a person's single opinion. If you agree or disagree, let me know, and I'll respect your opinion.
Rodney J. Squirrel is always trying his worst to get a few laughs by behaving erratically like a child, speaking randomly in foreign accents, calling himself a genius, getting ideas that lead to trouble, and always annoys Mr. Johnson and sometimes other people, mostly to get himself humiliated.
This should be number 1 as it marked the start of Cartoon Network's downfall. At least Cartoon Network has made a comeback in the past few years but the damage shows like this have done may be permanent.
What is wrong with you?!? Are you mental? Cartoon Network began a downfall when adventure time first aired
[Newest]What is up with that bad word jar in one episode? Did it even have a purpose?

71Chhota Bheem
The person who thinks Chotaa bheem is the best is such an Idiot!
Chotta bheem is actually a bad influence on kids. My younger cousins beat me up, and I ask them why they do it, and they say, you said you hate sweets! Now, how does somebody gain energy from sweets? I can't believe this show is popular but ridiculous. I would rather watch a sheep eating grass then this ugly cartoon. EVERY SINGLE THING NEEDS A FIGHT. BHEEM HAS A BLUE MONKEY FRIEND, WOW.
Chhota Bheem is actually and officially the worst cartoon to grace the Indian subcontinent! They've Destroyed Indian cartoon and made a whole channel unbearable!
[Newest]Hay man do not think I am idiot in fact you are idiot understand it

72Drak Pack

73The Tom and Jerry Show (1975)
Why is this even here? Has the world gone mad?
I was born 25 years after this show was made and I still watch it today.
Man who ever posted this had no childhood
[Newest]Tom and Jerry? Terrible animating, dark, repetitive, and so many racism!

74The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange

75Toddler Titans

The Samurai Pizza Cats was annoying T.V. show and a real rip off.

Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon were better anime shows and they became legends and we talk about it and made pictures. And Fan Fictions.

However, KNT (SPC) got nothing because it was a bad anime show (both the Japanese and the American show). The show will always be bad and no one will have fans.
What was Saban thinking by turning the villain who was originally a fox and changing him into a rat?!?

77The X's
It looks like someone put The Incredibles and The Secret Show in a blender.
RETARDED SHOW thanks god it cancelled complete
This show was going nowhere from its beginning.

78Drawn Together
Y is this here this show is to funny. Yes I know it can be very stupid, gross, or racist but if you look past that its very funny

79Peppa Pig
-Bad behavior
-Very poor graphics
-Most annoying theme songs of all
-The nose of the pig is not at the right position.
-Especially for George, his "honk-honk" looks like he is snnezing. His cry seems to be exaggerated.
-There are many episodes that contains muddy puddles.
-At the episode named "Washing", Aside from mud splash, there is also Peppa's nude scene. It also teach us the wrong ways of washing the clothes.


-In some episodes
-Agreed, agreed.
-She was wearing a vest.
[Newest]I love this show because of learning new things

80Dinosaur Train
Another specimen of a horrible Italian cartoon.

81Handy Manny
Okay I find the concepts just weird. I mean Mr. Lopart (the candy store guy) is way too sexual with his cat and lives with his mom. Where are Manny's parents? All he talked about was aunts, uncles, siblings, and grandparents. They never showed them physically just in pictures. The tools state they "grow" in only two episodes. Like how Beamer (level laser) said he grew a few inches and Dusty (saw) talks about how she matured and got older. Creepy! I have to note that Dusty's a female and has no eyelashes but occasionally wears mascara. I have to say the tools have babies somehow (there has been new tools and there's a family of crescent wrenches that consist of a mother, a father, and a child). So they give "birth". Dusty is a fan girl and faints sometimes (I think they shouldn't of shown that). Then they show old people getting married? Show younger people next time! The only good thing about this show is Flicker the Flashlight (he's the only cute tool on this show).
This Cartoon is nothing but clear exaggeration of using stupid tools and felling happy; this cartoon is for 2 year old kids.
This is just a mexican bob the builder with talking tools that crossed the border with him
[Newest]Does Manny ever get paid? Does the mayor have other carpenters and engineers other than Manny? Does Kelly run the only hardware shop in the town? Does Felipe ever shut up? Does Turner take stress pills? Why doesn't Rusty go to therapy?

82My Pet Monster

83Ninja Hattori
Remember when Ninjas And Vampires & Werewolves (I'm Talking ta you Twilight- although this list is bout cartoons)? I Sure as hell don't...
This is an anime not a cartoon. A pretty decent show.
What! Best cartoon in world who idiot will put it here please remove it from here

84All Grown Up!
This is the awful show ever I miss them as baby them as grown ups I hate them so much to much teen crap I wanted the old rugrats back rugrats + 6teen= all grown up how sad
Rugrats is over this. They should trade places!
Well sure it's a very very poor ripoff of the original we all know and love. But I will give it a plus. Lil is becoming more pretty than ever.
[Newest]Who's idea was this

85The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo
Uses occult magic-made to look funny. Evil and DON'T watch it. Do like Flim-Flam, and is kinda funny in how the villains mess up.

86Out of Jimmy's Head
Worst reality show on Cartoon Network. I mean, this is worse than CN Real.
I'd rather watch all shows I hate than this show.
Truly one of the all time worst cartoon show that ever came out on Cartoon Network
[Newest]Made me wanna puke

87Mew Mew Power
Imagine 4Kidz Studios replacing Sonic X with Mario X & Pac-Man X. That would be awesome.
Al Khan and his 4Kids idiots ruined Tokyo Mew Mew by putting V.O. Actors who are fifth rated and Americanizing the series to death!

88Popeye and Son
Really bad cartoon about Popeye the Sailor who is now finally married with his sweetheart Olive Oyl and has a son. Got to be the worst cartoon based on the Popeye Comic strips.

89The Ren & Stimpy Show
I know what I said about Nickelodeon back then caring more about children, but I hope you people know that I'm only here to share my opinion, not force it. You also shouldn't hate someone just because they don't like what you like because if you hate someone, then he/she will pull you right in (and that's not a good thing). Please don't hate me just because I don't like this show. I'll let you people enjoy what you enjoy and I'm always interested to hear your guy's opinions.
And know that I'm not trying to offend anyone here.
Annoying animation. Unfunny jokes. Always seems to be trying too hard.

I think for a short time people thought it was cool and had a "cult" following - and so they overlooked that it wasn't funny.

Then everybody realised that it was actually neither funny nor cool.
HEY! Ren and Stimpy was an awesome show
[Newest]TheTopTens is crap. At least this show was good.

90Total Drama Action
What the heck is Total Drama doing on this list? It's sooo popular with nearly everyone exept the stupid haters, whoever put this on the list needs to get a life. Yes, I understand that people have different opinions, but come on. This amazing cartoon definitely DOES NOT deserve to be on this list. And about the character desgins, what the heck is wrong with them? I understand your thing about the girls's body shape, but how is that a reason to hate the show? I know I sound really mean here, but I'm just trying to make my point: WHY IS THIS CARTOON ON THE LIST?
I like this show almost all the characters have funny lines and are diffrent!
I love total drama action were us the show I never see it :(


91Timon & Pumbaa
It's bad enough they ruin the movie now they're ruining T.V..
Their music theme sucks

The only people who like there theme are skinheads and devil worshipers
I'm Ron Burgundy, go screw yourselves Texas.

Texas is the worst state in the world.
[Newest]You had no childhood bro.

92The Amoeba Sisters
This cartoons are such a worst cartoon ever

93Bolts & Blip
This god damn show ruins my day when there's world cup on T.V. and this ruins the show by time.


94What-a-Mess (1996)
DiC Totally messed up this beloved British Children's animated classic by adding new characters never seen before in the original version, totally changingseveral of the original stories including "Super What-A-Mess", putting a new opening theme replacing the original "Big Band" style version and "Americanizing" the entire series to death!

95Fish Hooks
By the way, the creator of this show also created Almost Naked Animals.
Basically a ripoff of SpongeBob, but this has got to be trash.
IT's bad, but not a ripoff of SpongeBob. I mean, other than taking place underwater the two have no similarities.


96The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
The doesn't deserve to be on this list, I love TGAOBAM.
How did this get here, exactly?
I hate this show. I just find it so unpleasant and mean-spirited. I also hate how they got voltaire to write two songs for the show and the movie. I feel bad for voltaire. he really is a talented musician and him working on the show doesn't help (i do like the two songs he wrote for the show and the movie).

97Rated a for Awesome
Rated A for Awful
Rated C for When I Care.
Rated a for ass sandwich

A show about kids battling with. Tops. Really? I will never understand the appeal of this show. The story is downright stupid and so is the animation. It blows my mind that this exists.
Dude get real beyblade rocks it is awesome
That first guy doesn't know what he is talking about beyblade is the best show in the whole world it is way smarter than him
[Newest]A poor man's version of Pokemon.

99Pokemon Go-Getters

100My Gym Partner's a Monkey
This show is an absolute disgrace. it's a disgrace to animation, to comedy, to zoology, and to television. my advice is leave this piece of chewed up zebra carcass alone forever, and don't ever look back on it again, even if your a ghost (because god knows you're trying your hardest).
OK! This really is one of the worst cartoons ever made. I am so glad to see it on this list. All it ever consists of are burp jokes, fart jokes, butt jokes, and extremely forgettable characters.
Jesus Christ, the person who created this garbage happens to be the same person who left my jaw hanging on the floor with his absolutely spectacular Rocko's Modern Life series? Really?


[Newest]This show's just a waste of time for people. Don't even watch it. I'm warning you right now.

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