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SpongeBob SquarePants


Once upon a time SpongeBob was one of the greatest cartoons in existence. It had fantastic jokes, likable characters and clever gags. Nowadays SpongeBob has grown to be awful. SpongeBob is now no longer the lovable, innocent little child he once was but an annoying bastard who won't shut up. Patrick used to be dumb but funny. Now he's either a smug smart ass or an intolerable dumb ass. The show has worthless plots, huge amounts of wrong slapstick and stale jokes. Also why do the writers think its funny to torture Squidward? Nowadays Squidward's life is made an utter misery because of SpongeBob, Patrick or some other Bikini Bottom idiot. The show used to give us masterful episodes like Chocolate with Nuts, Band Geeks and Sleepy Time and they now give us episodes that make me want to punch a hole through my T.V. like A Pal for Gary, One Course Meal and Smooth Jazz in Bikini Bottom. END THIS SHOW!
A really retarded show, with lots of naive, boring or tasteless humor. I first used to love it as a child, however not long after starting watching it, still being a child, I realized that it is in fact dumb and unfunny. Now, as I have grown up and read some books about cinematography, I hold my view. I strongly advise you against wasting time for this product. I like films and cartoons made in absurds & slapstick convention, however only, when it is done properly.
Whenever a SpongeBob episode comes on, I always check the date first. If the date is 1999-2003, I'm watching it. They are absolutely hilarious and a buttload of fun. But the newer ones... Blech. It fails to make me laugh, smile, or even ' open my eyes. The newer animations are mainly used for incredibly disgusting stuff, for example, there is one episode where SpongeBob pushes a table onto Squidward's foot and it graphically rips of his toenail. It may not be the worst show, but it is the most disappointing.
Spongebob used to be pretty good. I can still watch some of the old episodes and actually laugh! But the newer episodes are just dumb. They should've stopped making spongebob when it started going downhill. Then people would actually remember it as a good show, and not the show that started out good and went in the garbage but still came out with new episodes anyway even though it should've been ended a long time ago.
This is the worst show ever. The characters are so dumb. SpongeBob is annoying, Patrick is stupid, krabs is greedy, squid ward is always miserable, sandy is gloatful, and plankton has stupid motives. Also the plot is almost always the same. Either he fails a test, thinks squidward likes him, or he obseses over krabby paddies. Plus, since when is there fire and beaches underwater. This show was stupid to start with
Stupid and horrible acting. Don't get the characters and what their purposes are. Patrick plays as the stupid character. Sandy doesn't really have much of a part at all. Just a stupid cartoon.
Old episodes like chocolate with nuts make you laugh. New episodes like a pal for Gary make you want to punch a hole through your television.
I like the old seasons better than the new ones. The new seasons are ment to be disgusting. In one episode, Spongebob gets some pickles while cooking then Spongebob was drinking some pickle juice then he spits it back in the juice.
I don't like you. You and Patrick have just as foul mouths as the south park characters. I hope nickelodeon cancels you before 2015. A group of 60 4 year olds were chosen to either watch you, or watch an educational program, or draw with crayons or markers. And the kids you watched you did the worst. I think you are only for adults.
This show is just plain weird. I hate it so much. Spongebob's voice is just so annoying. IT MUST BE CANCELLED!
... So yeah.
Can't believe I used to like this show. Even worse is that they named a new type of sponge after this crap. I am not kidding. Look it up on wikipedia.
Just so you know, the man who played sponge bob did not loose his voice, he transferred to adventure time and now plays ice king.
For the one that don't like the new seasons of Spongebob, Spongebob will end on June 9 2015.
This show was great up until after the movie, then it started slowly going downhill until it became pathetically bad.
The old seasons of Spongebob like season 1 and 2 were good, but now, Spongebob is no longer funny and needs to be cancelled.
This show stopped being funny when the writing staff left after the movie and the voice for SpongeBob died. Now it's crap and the only reason I watch it is that my little brother loves it.
The old seasons of Spongebob like season 1 and 2, but now, Spongebob is violent and needs to be cancelled
He looks more like a piece of cheese, and the show isn't funny. With a horrible song first
Why is SpongeBob on here?! This show is awesome and funny! Take this off the list NOW!
Idiotic sponge and dumb-ass starfish
This should not be on this list because heis funny and he still is now.
Spongebob is funny. You can't say spongebob is annoying.
Why on god earth is SpongeBob here it is an awesome show
Spongebob shouldn't be on this list it is too funny

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