SpongeBob SquarePants


Once upon a time SpongeBob was one of the greatest cartoons in existence. It had fantastic jokes, likable characters and clever gags. Nowadays SpongeBob has grown to be awful. SpongeBob is now no longer the lovable, innocent little child he once was but an annoying bastard who won't shut up. Patrick used to be dumb but funny. Now he's either a smug smart ass or an intolerable dumb ass. The show has worthless plots, huge amounts of wrong slapstick and stale jokes. Also why do the writers think its funny to torture Squidward? Nowadays Squidward's life is made an utter misery because of SpongeBob, Patrick or some other Bikini Bottom idiot. The show used to give us masterful episodes like Chocolate with Nuts, Band Geeks and Sleepy Time and they now give us episodes that make me want to punch a hole through my T.V. like A Pal for Gary, One Course Meal and Smooth Jazz in Bikini Bottom. END THIS SHOW!

The previous season's (like season 1,2, and,3) was the good one. But the new season it's the worst thing I ever see.. I mean look at the character.. in new season SpongeBob are more fool like a idiot guy same like Patrick too.. ,then Squidward... he is look alike like a stress man because he mad so easily not like the previous season's, then Mr. Krab... he even don't know who Mrs. Puff when she crashed The Krusty Krab and Mr. Krab call she..."Mistress"? Aren't Mr. Krab fall in love with Mrs. Puff... ? , then Mrs. Puff.. she look a very hate SpongeBob.. and she laugh (like a evil gal) when she think SpongeBob will into jail (on the previous season Mrs. Puff don't want SpongeBob on the jail) Note:Mrs. Puff laugh at the episode where SpongeBob will read traffic signs (do you remember when use underwear glass when he nervous.. ? No.. ? Whatever.. ), then Karen Plankton wife.. why she help SpongeBob and his friend to stop Plankton from the Kraby Patty Secret Formula.. ? Isn't that strange... ? , then Patrick he is MORE idiot and fool like SpongeBob, and the writer who write the storyline... seems getting bad.. or may I can say he outta of ideas (Sometimes when someone out of idea.. the result of which they make or write would be bad if hurried), and the music.. it's bad.. not like the previous one, and SpongeBob act like a hero.. ? Sheesh... he never act like that, and the people of fish.. look a bit idiot, and someone who draw SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krab (not you all. I mean someone who work for SpongeBob) it's look a like idiot.. why.. ? Look at they cheek seriously it's look a like idiot guy.

Almost every day I watch T.V. Its slingshot I like the old episodes in 2004 when the movie came out Squidward Tentacles started to like SpongeBob? Now the new episodes make no sense first, a sponge named Bob. Then A separate named Patrick, And then SpongeBob's neighbor squidward then selfish money lover who wants everyone's money Mr. Krabs and who feeds greasy patties overgreased to grease fish. An midget who doesn't get customers Plankton, and stupid fishes of bikini bottom, on the episode of handsome squidward after a day the citizens of dum dum town cheering for him later they try to rip aquifers shirt off, then one by one try's to steal all of his stuff. Maybe they stopped making episodes. They have a dumb mayor chocolate with nuts is a funny old episode as in example for good episodes drive thru is example for bad

First of all, Hillenburg didn't actually leave, but instead he has a slightly lesser role in the show. Another thing is the guy who did SpongeBob's voice did not die, but instead lost his vocal cords. Mermaid Man's voice on the other hand is dead. SpongeBob will never be what he used to be. Now it's a yellow nightmare. It has gotten so bad that some people say SpongeBob is never good but these guys are only half right. It was average but not one of the best cartoons ever made in fact its not even close. Seasons 1-3 were average but are now overrated. Seasons 4 and after were complete garbage and belongs in the trash. Seasons 1-3 will always be better than Naruto. Since this show isn't cancelled it has become worse than Naruto. Everything about this show is stupid. This show needs to end. Fairly OddParents on the other hand was never good. It did what the modern cartoons did, very annoying characters with little depth and bad animation along with bad artwork. Old SpongeBob had unique artwork, an interesting take on sea creatures. Everyone was unique in there own way. It showed how an autistic adult can function in the real world. Nowadays all it does is teach children to disrespect their parents, act badly, and is practically a really bad influence. Even old episodes can sometimes be a bad influence as well. They contain sexual innuendos but are not overdone unlike the new episodes. The New episodes are practically South Park for kids. I hate South Park. It should be #1 on this list or close. Even Dora the Explorer and Yu-Gi-Oh! Are better. South Park has been corrupting America for many years. South Park is just badly animated characters shouting toilet jokes for 30 minutes and is highly unfunny and stupid. That is practically what SpongeBob is nowadays. I hope everyone ditches this show even the ones who only watch seasons 1-3. The people who watch seasons 1-3 are the morons who are unintentionally preserving it which results in more seasons and more air time. In fact watch Looney Tunes, the 90's, Tom and Jerry, Classic cartoons, the old Disney shorts form the 30's and 40's, instead. All of which are far better than SpongeBob. Classic cartoons such as Looney Tunes are far superior. I am not supporting Looney Tunes because it is clean cut but because it has quality. Looney Tunes was filled with racism but the racism was dealt more maturely and more subtly than Family Guy, South Park, and American Dad ever did. Looney Tunes may have had racism but it was still clean cut and has mature writing, good artwork, good character design, memorable characters, and good animation. In fact there are even some animes that are better than SpongeBob in both eras. For example, Cowboy Bebop is a very underrated anime. Cowboy Bebop threw SpongeBob out of a window with his extremely good animation which was far ahead of its time. Cowboy Bebop may have had only 26 episodes but it was far better than SpongeBob will ever be because it was not a cash cow getting ...read more

A really retarded show, with lots of naive, boring or tasteless humor. I first used to love it as a child, however not long after starting watching it, still being a child, I realized that it is in fact dumb and unfunny. Now, as I have grown up and read some books about cinematography, I hold my view. I strongly advise you against wasting time for this product. I like films and cartoons made in absurds & slapstick convention, however only, when it is done properly.

The show was actually very decent until the creator left the series and handed over to someone else. Then he hired others to make a giant screw out of this piece of crap. It's horrible, annoying, and retarded. Everything about this show was screwed up. The episodes (Stuck in the wringer, Best Day Ever, A Pal For Gary) Are horrible, and the characters are absolutely evil. Mr Krabs is a homosexual greedy money robber, SpongeBob is A Annoying Mental Jerk who likes to piss other people off, and Patrick is A Lazy Stupid Pink Loser With no friends at all! He is a hypocrite, a lazy ugly stupid High fructose loner. (This isn't supposed to Upset Coke or Steven) - Gamecubesarecool193

SpongeBob is a great show because it has made like one of the best cartoon movie based off a cartoon show also its great because it still makes good episodes yeah it has some bad episodes like so what almost every cartoon has made a few bad but it also has made okay or good episodes still so all you haters out there just shut the heck up just don't even watch it if you don't like it moving on its also a great show because it has great humor and intresting adventures that are awesome this is like the greatest show this is my opinion so don't hate on my opinion haters

This show is really starting to make me wish that its far, FAR superior and vastly underrated predecessor Rocko's Modern Life would finish coming back from the (un) dead already. Everyone constantly quotes SpongeBob and I am sick of it. Rocko went downhill in its fourth season as well, but Rocko knew when to quit. I can't believe SpongeBob is still going. Just make the second movie and end it already.

The first three seasons were incredibly clever, and in many cases are even more relevant when you've grown a bit than as a kid. They used humor that worked as well on adults as on children, and was often surprisingly relatable. Now, however, the show is for mentally retarded 10-year-olds, and it never makes anyone else laugh. Anyone who is hating on the show - watch an old episode, and you'll understand why people like it.

I used to like SpongeBob but now he really gets on my nerves. It is just annoying and not funny. I think that this show should get cancelled. I am 15 and I already am deciding my kids are not watching this. I would actually rather watch Arthur than this. That show is exactly good, has actual humor, and has positive messages. This show has negative messages and I don't think kids should watch this.

Spongebob used to be pretty good. I can still watch some of the old episodes and actually laugh! But the newer episodes are just dumb. They should've stopped making spongebob when it started going downhill. Then people would actually remember it as a good show, and not the show that started out good and went in the garbage but still came out with new episodes anyway even though it should've been ended a long time ago.

Whenever a SpongeBob episode comes on, I always check the date first. If the date is 1999-2003, I'm watching it. They are absolutely hilarious and a buttload of fun. But the newer ones... Blech. It fails to make me laugh, smile, or even ' open my eyes. The newer animations are mainly used for incredibly disgusting stuff, for example, there is one episode where SpongeBob pushes a table onto Squidward's foot and it graphically rips of his toenail. It may not be the worst show, but it is the most disappointing.

Anyone who hates this has probably only seen the new episodes. The old ones were clever, heartfelt, were sometimes relatable, and even when they weren't they were clever. There were good morals, satire, and adult jokes. But now it's just 11 minutes of pain and gross-out humor. I used to like it, but now I think it should be cancelled.

I grew up watching SpongeBob, and I always remember the weirdness of the post-movie episodes that we're coming out at the time. During Season 4, there were several episodes that I liked, such as Dunces and Dragons. But Season 5 onward is really bad and the show had overstayed its welcome as a show on Nick.

The first 3 seasons were incredible! They were really funny and it had good episode ideas. But then, season four-present sent SpongeBob down the toilet. Instead of a funny little yellow guy, he's a spongey nightmare. It's really creepy how the characters are making these disturbing faces and how all of the jokes turned stale. I wish SpongeBob would return to its former glory.

At first SpongeBob was an awesome and child friendly show with enjoyable characters, lovely, not neon, coloration, and great episode ideas. However, now SpongeBob is completely not the kindhearted and thoughtful sponge he used to be, but a retarded jerk who has the most annoying and highest voice in history. Not only has this sea sponge changed unenjoyable, but many other characters have, too.
Patrick: he first started out as an amazing friend who encourages his friend SpongeBob and cares deeply about him. Now, he cares NOTHING about his friends and his stupidity has gone new levels.
Mister Krabs: sure, he was greedy when he first started but he was still at least kinder to his employees and more enjoyable to watch. Now he just cares about money and completely bullies everybody.
Sandy: she panics way too much now.
The only characters I still love is Squidward, Gary, and Plankton.

I don't like you. You and Patrick have just as foul mouths as the south park characters. I hope nickelodeon cancels you before 2015. A group of 60 4 year olds were chosen to either watch you, or watch an educational program, or draw with crayons or markers. And the kids you watched you did the worst. I think you are only for adults.

This is the worst show ever. The characters are so dumb. SpongeBob is annoying, Patrick is stupid, krabs is greedy, squid ward is always miserable, sandy is gloatful, and plankton has stupid motives. Also the plot is almost always the same. Either he fails a test, thinks squidward likes him, or he obseses over krabby paddies. Plus, since when is there fire and beaches underwater. This show was stupid to start with

Old episodes like chocolate with nuts make you laugh. New episodes like a pal for Gary make you want to punch a hole through your television.

Stupid and horrible acting. Don't get the characters and what their purposes are. Patrick plays as the stupid character. Sandy doesn't really have much of a part at all. Just a stupid cartoon.

No longer funny. I want to see more of that old SpongeBob then the new SpongeBob. Nowadays, SpongeBob is very annoying, rude and a really bad influence. If the directors don't care about this show, it will need to end. - gurinski

To be honest, SpongeBob has gotten stale. There have been a few irredeemably awful episodes (like The Splinter and Dear Vikings) but Band Geeks alone is enough to keep SpongeBob SquarePants off this list.

I will get a lot of hate, but I hate SpongeBob. When I watched this as a kid in school, it scared me so much I had nightmares for months and I had to stay away from the auditorium every time it played.
I have watched about 5 episodes of it before I decided I was unable to watch it anymore. - TheLister

This show is like Family Guy for kids. It was good in its older days, and has been saved from cancellation TWICE. Old SpongeBob is a masterpiece, and it should have ended after the first movie.

SpongeBob is annoying, Patrick is dumb, Mr. Krabs is stingy, squidward is grumpy, sandy is strange and more characters...

This cartoon is very band and very ANNOYÄ°NG!