Top Ten Most Wanted Super Smash Bros. 4 Newcomers


Super Smash Bros. is a successful game. Which one of these characters is the #1 most wanted. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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The rival of Sonic, the only Sonic character to truly match his full speed. He's the ultimate life form in the games. Gave the ultimate sacrifice to save the Earth as a promise to Maria in SA2. The chaos abilities he used that can be incorporated into his move set: Chaos Control for recover; Chaos Blast for Final Smash; his close quarters moves in Shadow The Hedgehog; Chaos Spear for Special attack; his jet blades for movement. Besides, Smash Bros could use another Sonic character. Plus, he was one of the few characters to truly master the abilities of the Chaos Emeralds.
Shadow would kick ass because of his teleport and chaos spear would be a cool move in his moveset
There needs to be more playable sonic characters
[Newest]Yeah we need more Sonic characters!
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I wanted Sora in Brawl so bad. I heard he was actually going to be in it, but apparently a lot of people felt they needed to make petitions about how he he didn't deserve to be there since "just having 1 Nintendo game doesn't make you eligible to be a part of SSB. " There are so many possibilities with Sora. He could have a randomly chosen Form for his final Smash or something even better. Then you have Riku, Ansem, can you imagine playing as Organization XI? That'd be so awesome! Look at all these possibilities! It's be a bad idea not to add KH in. Just my opinion.
Sora could get in with all of the Kingdom Hearts games being made for DS and also the Mario Sports Games w/ Square Enix
Sora would be the decent Mario Sports/Final Fantasy character besides Rosalina.
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is one of the best 3DS games right now. There was also Chain of Memories for GBA, and Days for DS. I also think his fighting style fits Smash Bros perfectly. If Snake and Sonic were able to get in, Sora can too. Plus - Sora isn't a depressing character, he has his sad story too, but most of the time he's a ball of happiness and a HUGE dork. And isn't smash after all just a bunch of lovely idiots? He really fits in there
[Newest]Soar has shown he can take on Nintendo's greatest fighters
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Krystal will be an awesome character to put as a fourth StarFox Character in the new Smash Bros. Game! She would be a middle weight but lighter than Fox, but have her Assault clothes on. She could hit people with her staff and also shoot characters with her gatling gun. She is the top number one character on my list for the next Smash Bros. She should even overcome beating Mega-Man out of the next Smash Bros. Game. I don't like Mega Man! Over-all, she might pull two barriers from StarFox Assault to sheild herself from players, her telpathy would be sweet also! But to cause massave dammage would be the Super Ground Quake move from her staff. This hot character would come toe to toe to taking out plenty of characters out of the arena! ---Fox Rhea
It would be pretty awesome if they include Krystal in SSB4, she could use her staff and use the staff's power as Smash Attacks. Besides, they need to include a StarFox character that has different moves, I mean, Fox, Falco and Wolf have the same attacks, Wolf's may look different but it is still the same. And it would be great adding another Female character, because it is getting pretty boring having the same 3 1/2 characters since Melee, not to forget that she has a dedicated fanbase
Did anyone else notci that each Smash Bros game adds one new character? Maybe Nintendo wanted to do this throughout the entire series, and thought Wolf would be a better option for the game than Krystal. This might be the reason Krystal wasn't in Brawl. Going off logic, it's very likely Krystal will get into SSB4.


[Newest]WE NEED KRYSTAL! The only character I actually really want

Megaman deserves to be #1. He has over 50 games sold. Almost all of them are for Nintendo. He should of been in Super Smash Bros Melee, let alone Brawl. Bottom line, if Megaman isn't int the next Super Smash Bros game, this world is done for. That's all I'm saying. GO MEGAMAN!
Megaman would kick so much butt it's unreal. Give him a few powerups and the chance to change his costume from original to X to. EXE then you have the potential for a new all time favourite in the Super Smash Bros Universe.
If you've played as him in Super Smash Flash 2, you'll know how powerful he is. So many powerful moves, awesome Final Smash, Who could be more powerful?
[Newest]Guess what he's already in the game

Mewtwo should never have been replaced from melee. It was an amazing character who simply needed some of his power transferred from damage dealing to livability.
Here are the facts. Mewtwo was planned for SSB 64, but cut due to hardware limitations. He made it in Melee. He was planned for SSB Brawl, but cut due to time constraints. And now, they are "thinking about" putting Mewtwo in SSB 4. It makes complete sense with Mewtwo being so well known, having his own movie, and now he's getting a mega evolution up in Pokemon X & Y! Mewtwo deserves to be in SSB 4 more than anything! Although he would need to be buffed up a bit, with heavier weight and almost completely new moves, but Mewtwo was at least intended to be in every Smash Bros game to date, so what are you doing Nintendo!? Mewtwo... Needs... IN!
It is super powerful
[Newest]Mewtwo has been confirmed as a DLC!

6King K Rool
It's about time this blunderbuss-wielding crazed crocodile squared off against his eternal rival Donkey Kong and fellow reptilian badass Bowser. With overwhelming popularity in both America and Japan, his playable appearance in SSB4 is imminent.
He has more potential for awesome attacks in a single boss fight than most characters do in their entire catalog of appearances. The Donkey Kong series should also get at least as many characters as the inferior Star Fox and Kirby series.
With Villains from other series like Mario, Zelda, Kirby and EVEN Star Fox I miss the true villain, which is of course King K Rool. He is the most natural fit Nintendo could ever make.
[Newest]It would be great to see him again, as we haven't seen him in an actual game in a while (not counting Super Sluggers and Barrel Blast)

Come on, we're talking about the most iconic villain of Metroid. He's been in every smash bros game to date, and was so close to making it in Brawl. Heck, Sakurai was even interviewed regarding his absence; he knows we want him in. Ridley was the one who made Samus who she was and has been in almost every Metroid game in some form or another. He is hands down the most obvious choice for a villain representative.

And don't "too big" me; Olimar is the size of a quarter in his game; resizing happens.

Why wouldn't you want to play as a plasma breathing cyborg space dragon?!
Ridley is the best choice for Metroid newcomer because : He appeared in a lot of Metroid games, he's the Samus's nemesis, he's intelligent ( despite his appearance ), we need a new Metroid representation ( Zero Suit Samus isn't a good representation because she's Samus ) and finally he's the only good new Metroid representation because Dark Samus and the bounty hunters aren't good.
Meta knight was a HUGE success in SSBB. Just imagine Meta Knight as a flying robotic dinosoar from hell. That gives you a glimpse at the potential and sheer awesomeness that Ridely possesses. Ridely is right up there with Mewtwo and Micaiah for my top 3 favorite newcomers for the next Super Smash Bros. Game, plus Ridley has a good chance of getting in either SSB Universe or/and SSB Memories!
[Newest]Come on do I need to say it
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8Bowser Jr.
Come on... You gotta admit. That combo would pretty bad ass. Think right now, your at home, playing your new ssb4 game ( or whatever it would be called ), your on classic mode, you win, and then, -gasp -, there's a new Character, Bowser Jr. Who can transform to Shadow Mario. He'll ya, your thinking. Well, gosh DANG, Just imagine the cool moveset. Clawing, firebreathing, spinning across in your shell, then, when they lest expect it, WHOOSH, your shadow Mario, throwing goop, Teleporting, swinging the paintbrush, and for his final smash, if they don't remove it, he summons one of those polluted piranha on the stage.
this guy is the one with the best chance to be in a smash bros game
He's getting pretty mainstream and his Magic Paintbrush would be awesome... creating platforms in midair, trapping opponents in a corner, covering everyone in goop...


[Newest]He is on it, and he's actually really good.
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It's pretty clear Sonic is coming back, so why not have Tails as well?
I don't care how many people vote for characters that SHOULDN'T be in the next game (Cloud, Shadow, Goku, Master Chief?! ) or how many people don't vote for Tails; this guy should be the next Sonic representative for Smash. He's my favorite Sonic character by far. His moveset could be a mix of his inventions, hand to hand hitting, and speed attacks.
[Newest]Tails has got to be in smash bros. he's smart, he's fast, and he is just a really fun character in the sonic games, so I feel he's perfect for smash bros.
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I think Ghirahim would make a great character for SSB4. He is practically the BEST villain in LoZ History, and could have a great moveset as well. He could easily be put in as a lightweight character. His down B Attack could be sort of like Marth's except he block the attack with his fingers. His side B could be a short distanced teleport that leaves pixels that can damage other players when to close. His Up B could be the same except he goes more upwards. He could also wield a Dark Sword that could follow with his A attacks. His Final Smash could be him switching into his 3rd form with each of his attributes multiplying by 3 or him summoning Demise to help him in battle. If he does go into his 3rd form, his sword could turn into the huge sword like he wields in the 3rd battle and is side B could shoot a flame wheel towards the opponent that explodes on contact. This form could last for about 10 seconds before he switches back. For his B attack, he could shoot those red arrow projectiles he shoots at you in Skyward Sword. And his down B could include him changing into his 2nd form for about a second that releases a small wave of energy to damage opponents. And when Kirby sucks him up, Kirby could copy his hairstyle and his earrings. And when he enters the arena, he could simply teleport in. He'd most likely replace Ganondorf, but Smash Bros does need more villains anyways. And Ghirahim would make a perfect villain to be in Smash Bros. I honestly think Ghirahim would make a perfect and highly desired character for SSB4.
I think Ganondorf would be replaced by Ghirahim because In SSBB (Super Smash Bros. Brawl), All of the Legend Of Zelda Characters look like the characters from Twilight Princess, and Ganondorf was in Twilight Princess, BUT, people believe that all of Legend of Zelda Characters will look like from Skyward Sword, and Ganondorf was NOT in Skyward Sword, but Ghirahim is so that's why I think Ganondorf will be replaced by Ghirahim, also he was the worst character in Brawl (From the Tier List)
Who wouldn't want him
[Newest]Ghirahim is amazing! Just the tongue part would be a little bit weird.

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Why is Shadow above MIDNA?! And people are still voting for Megaman after his confirmation? SSB4 Link is Twilight Princess Link, armguard, shield, tunic, bombs, etc. But his bow is unique. Zelda you E3 Demo Link is also Twilight Princess Link. Same Voice, buckle, and everything I mentioned before. SSB4 Link looks even more like this E3 Demo... So why has Nintendo completely disregarded Skyward Sword? Because Zelda you is a sequel to Twilight Princess, which they said they'd do if they got enough requests for Midna's return. There are still many websites going strong and being added to this day, dedicated to her not being a one time character. But why does SSB4 Link resemble SS's color scheme? Because TP got criticism for being too dark and hard to see, which I don't really understand, but the graphics would have to change anyways going from a game originally made for Gamecube to a game being made in smooth HD. That's just what the game would look like. Even in the original reveal for Link, where is he standing? On a hill, overlooking the Hyrule Castle from Twilight Princess! Reminds you of when you were a wolf in Twilight Princess and overlooked Hyrule Castle while doing a cute little Wolf Call duet. What would be the point of a Twilight Princess-less Twilight Princess 2? It wouldn't make sense, if TP2's ending was more cinematic/ amazing/ sad/ surprising/ dark/ anything good, it wouldn't matter if the ending to Twilight Princess would be less sad, although it could still affect her in some way. I do believe this is how Zelda you will play out. And didn't the E3 Demo look straight out of Twilight Princess's Temple of Time? Funny how Gohma appeared... Armogohma was the boss of TP's Temple of Time! Everything we've seen about the Zelda series in smash bros wii you 3ds and Zelda you points to Twilight Princess. Skyward Sword was almost complete when they started Zelda U, so don't think the SS design just wasn't ready yet. We saw The Hyrule Castle from a 2006 game, in a 2013 trailer. It seems obvious TP2 is what we're looking at and Midna will once again be just as much of a main character as Link Her and Ghirahim have the largest fanbases yet she is a Twili Magic wielder and would be able to have a Wolf Link moveset so there wouldn't need to be a Link clone. She'd add a female, and a character that changes so much between forms. She'd have two or three separate final smashes unlike Zelda/Sheik. Midna is by far my favorite video game character. The only character that even comes close is Rosalina, I love both so much. I could listen to Midna's Lament/ Desperate Hour or Midna's Theme all day!
Midna could use beast dark magic spells. I also think they could add equpment that you could add before the battle and midna could have the whatchamacallit on her head that turns her into that octepus thing.
One thing about smash is that almost every single character stands upright. Add Midna riding Wolf Link and you have a truly awesome potential character, plus you have another girl.
[Newest]She could use the Fused Shadows for her final smash and launch multiple players off screen.
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It would make sense to put Geno in because his moves are already basically predetermined from Super Mario RPG and would be easy to incorporate into Smash Bros. Besides if they can use other "1 game characters" in the series why not pick one who many people would enjoy seeing added to the roster. I mean seriously, Wii fit trainer? I'd much rather see Geno a playable character. If they can put other "non Nintendo" characters in and obtain the rights for them why not Geno too? It doesn't make sense that Nintendo would waste the money to put him in Super Mario Superstar Saga or whatever game that was and not put him in one of the most popular games for Nintendo. I did happen to see that you battle him in the upcoming Smash Bros. Why would they also waste the money to put him in the game as a "new challenger" but not a playable character? I just hope Square and Nintendo consider him for this game or maybe even the next one. Geno has always been very popular and many people besides myself would love to play as him again some day.
Geno's got everything you'd need in a game like this, he's flexible, he's very interesting, he's got power to spare and a lot of different gadgets built into him, they could execute him in so many different ways and have it still be a success. Most of all though, it'd be great to play as him again since the poor guy's a fan favorite despite being playable in ONE and ONLY ONE game. Poor guy needs to stretch those awesome legs of his, how often can you think of such an awesome doll?
I think Geno would make a cool character. Bringing in a not-well-known character into the games, like Pit, would be pretty cool.


[Newest]Honestly, I view this one as a joke, since people have been asking for this since Brawl and it clearly isn't a great choice. But I'd love it if it happened!

His final smash would make everyone turn blue and then he would eat them and their eyes would go off the screen and they would lose a life.
Pac man should totally be in smash bros for Nintendo 3ds in the 3ds version give him a fire ice chameleon and metal berry by the plus sign in the bottom left color for fighting try to add a little agility and flips in there and for the finall smash make him fly and chomp through enemy's in a time limit but let the player control the flying as fire pac let him shoot fire balls as ice pac let him freeze enemy's as chameleon pac give pac the tounge ability that let's him stick out his super long tounge and for metal let him suck up his enemy's with a magnet also let pac man fly whenever he wants to and if you don't like the finall smash I said then give him a ghost to posses a opponent so I can control them and make them fall or do the whole stage blue thing give pac man a style simular between Kirby sonic and Mario by the way I'm 11 a kid so please just add him to the game I love Pacman and love pac man and the ghostly adventures please give him at least a few things on my list plus namcos making the Nintendo version of smash bros so there should be a 110 chance of him getting in so please send this to the producer of the game smash bros I forgot his or her name sakurai mashakiro I think it's similar I think if you can get it to he or her please do I LOVE PAC MAN add him add him pac is back
He'd be so awesome! And whoever said they wouldn't use non-Nintendo characters in Super Smash Bros, they have before idiot!
[Newest]He's on it already

Sakurai created Kid Icarus Uprising. Need I say more?
Palutena would be amazing we need more girls in Smash Bros and Palutena could certainly kick serious butt!
I have issues with Peach, Zelda, Samus, and Nana. We need some more respectable women that don't need men to save them or, in Samus's case, wear skin-tight outfits. They've done a great job with Rosalina and Wii Fit Trainer. But after playing Kid Icarus: Uprising, it's kind of difficult to want anybody more than the intelligent, pretty, kind, caring Lady Palutena. Then I'd also like to see Dixie Kong and Lucina (from Fire Emblem) and battle it out with some awesome ladies.
[Newest]Shes already on it

15Little Mac
Little Mac have big chances to be in the next game, Punch-Out! Series have revived on Wii, he is a great fighter and will fit very well in a Super Smash Bros. Game. Some people says that Little Mac don't have good attacks but Nintendo can prove the contrary. Go Mac baby, GO!
Little Mac is already an assist trophy in Brawl, and one of the few that acts similarly to a playable fighter. If you ask me, that alone makes him a good candidate for a promotion to Playable Fighter position in Smash 4. Add to that Punch-Out! 's recent comeback on the Wii, the boxing ring shown off in the trailers, and the fact that Little Mac HAILS from a fighting game anyways, and I'd say the odds are high that we'll be seeing Little Mac enter the ring in 2014.
Little Mac would be awesome for Smash 4. Nintendo said they were trying to get more old school characters in the next Smash anyway. And His final smash could be the triple star punch!
[Newest]Little Mac is already in the game!

I think I would rather enjoy playing as Lucina more than Chrom. Although Chrom is really cool, I would still rather enjoy playing as Lucina. But I would really really love to play as Anna, and I hope she joins the brawl. I REALLY hope she joins the brawl! Anna is awesome, and I would love going against my older sister with Anna the Trickster. I also think Avatar would be cool, but that wouldn't make much sense UNLESS he/she has different skins like in Brawl. But out of all, I think Anna should join. If not Anna, then Lucina.
Personally, I would like so see Lucina more than I would like to see Chrom. I would also LOVE to see Anna in there as well, I'm more on Anna's side than Lucina's. Lucina is awesome, but I want to see Anna in there more. I don't think neither of them will join the brawl, but the best day of my entire life would be to see Anna join the brawl.
I prefer Anna much better though!
With a HUGE success as Fire Emblem Awakening, who wouldn't want someone as awesome as either Chrom or Lucina? Chrom may have a better chance since Lucina mainly copies Marth, and Chrom is Marth's descendant! He NEEDS to be in the game! :D

17Skull Kid
Because he was a trauma in 2000, because he was creepy again in 2006, and now is time for a new trauma. A new generation of gamers have to met him. I just love the character, is very versatile. Sometimes is creepy, sometimes is a nightmare, sometimes is tender, sometimes is funny. And no matter where or in what situation you put him, he will gives you A... Strong impression. The guy is very charismatic... And yeah, because he is weird and creepy. Guaranteed trauma.
I'm most interested in seeing new characters that hold a high place of honor in Nintendo's history and have the potential for new, unique movesets. Skull Kid has been in almost every Zelda console game, and most importantly had a starring role in Majora's Mask. Furthermore, with the success of the remake of Ocarina for the 3DS, talks of remaking MM abound, and what would be a better way to re-energize that scary-moon-fever than to put Skull Kid in Smash Bros, the best-selling and most widely owned Nintendo title there is?
No final smash could be more interesting than the moon crashing on the stage.
I suppose I am biased, but I loved him as a villain and MM as a whole. I would be ecstatic to see him in SSB.
[Newest]He's one of the best villain characters in the Legend of Zelda franchise I mean just imagine destroying the world with a giant menacing moon.

18Lloyd Irving
Lloyd would fit perfectly! Also Namco-Bandai Representative!
I think Lloyd is going to be one of the best character other then Sora and he got good move sets and you don't have to look for some move for Lloyd just look at his games you will find a lot
Lloyd came out in a soul caliber as a guest as a sword wielder. Another guest who appeared in the soul caliber franchise was link. Lloyd seems like an addition that would keep the game interesting adding a different character status and fighting style.
[Newest]I love Tales of Symphonia and I would love for lloyd to be in smash bros!

Zero is amazing! His saber and buster could become an epic combo. Imagine for a smash he could use a cannon level charge shot to wipe out everybody! Get more votes, Zero! We are counting on you.
Already have Megaman, so why not? He could be the Roy to Megaman's Marth, kinda like when the Fire Emblem characters were added to Smash Bros. Also, they'd be different enough from each other that they couldn't be considered "clones", which has upset a lot of SSB fans over the years.
If nothing else, make Zero an alternate skin for Megaman. That would take no time at all, and would look absolutely badass.
[Newest]Zero is the best person in megaman, plus he has a beam saber, that is just bad ass.

Shulk is the star of a franchise. He was the star of one of the best games on the Wii. He will be the star of an upcoming game on the Wii U. He would have an amazing moveset even though he is a swordsman. Shulk's addition would also work as publicity for Xenoblade and X. Star character, great moveset, and a money maker. Shulk will definitely be in the new Smash Bros.
I really enjoyed Xenoblade Chronicles and I believe if Shulk is added, the franchise will much more popular and given more respect.
He's just so bad ass!

21Dixie Kong
Some people say that she would just be a clone of Diddy Kong. Those people have not played Donkey Kong Country 2 or 3. She has an great possibility for a moveset involving her hair; her up special could be something similar to Peach & Mr Game & Watch, as she uses her hair like helicopter blades to glide across long gaps, and her side special could be something like ZSS's; she could use her hair as a whip.
She is the greatest Kong around, for some reason people claim she would be a clone of Diddy Kong but that wouldn't happen... Those people seriously need to play the original DKC games to see what she's all about. Her ponytail could make for a great moveset and she was planned for Brawl too! I'm looking forward to see her in Smash 4.
Thank you be here
[Newest]Dixie because she was supposed to be in brawl

22Masked Man
As a major bad guy in the mother games, the Masked man deserves to at least be an assist trophy. Armed with a sword, an arm cannon, and a deadly assortment of PSI techniques, this kid would feel right at home in the smash brothers world.
He's a super badass Mother 3 character with weapons, PSI power, and even mechanical wings (for a recovery move, maybe? ) He definitely deserves to be in the next smash bros, because then the Mother series could have a representative who is a villain, and who also wouldn't be a clone.
There are 3 ways I can see Nintendo doing him:

One: Transformation between Claus & MM.
Two: Duo with Lucas as Claus (WE NEED MORE DUOS! )
Three: Masked Man

He would also help event matches, (Lucas vs, ) and in the next subspace he'd be excellent (something with Lucas eventually)

Geez, I'm surprised he hasn't been revealed yet.
[Newest]Then we could finally have a Mother villain.

Daisy is usuale portrayed as the sporty, active princess type, someone who's not afraid of fighting and defending herself. A lot of people just would see her as a Peach's Clone, but she has a LOT of potential to be a new, fresh and fun character, besides, it would add a female character to the game, which is a topic that's often discussed (the lack of female characters).

She could have her sport outfit on, and have her moveset be around the same. Also, why not give her some Ice based attacks or make her Final Smash be based on ice? I say this because in Super Mario Strikers Charged, her ultimate attack was Ice-based!

Let Nintendo explore her character, and with a little of imagination, I bet she could be a fun, nice female character to use, and more important, a character that differs from Peach.


"Daisy is definitely someone who is culturally relevant, she has had just as much, if not more, roles in Mario games as much as Bowser jr. And Waluigi. If people are so scared of her being compared to peach, well then let her be a rep for the Mario sports series. Give her a Mario sports related move set and give her the yellow tank/shorts outfit that shes given in Mario sports games. Even pull a wario and give her the dress too.
For people that say Daisy is a Peach clone: which are your arguments to say that? Yes, Peach and Daisy has the same type of dress, what else? Rosalina is more a Peach clone than Daisy is! Peach and Rosalina are both girly, Daisy is a tomboy! She's different! She has more warrior spirit when we are talking about fight! Also her eyes are different, her facial shape is different, she's hair style and color is totally different to Rosalina and Peach! So I don't know how people could say Daisy is a Peach clone just because her type of dress, which is not completely the same! Daisy first debut was in 1989 in Mario land, and Rosalina first debut was in 2006 in Super Mario Galaxy! Which means Daisy has more than 20 years while Rosalina just have 9! DAISY DESERVES A SPOT IN THIS GAME! GO DAISY FOR SSB4!
[Newest]I think Daisy should be in smash because she's braver than peach and loves to fight, I bet if Daisy was in there people online would play as her more than peach

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Two things:
1 - Silver is NOT a Pokémon, it's from Sonic the Hedgehog.
2 - Here is a good move set (remote without nunchuck);
[all 2 moves are the same as sonic's]
1 - spikes (similar to kirby's)
1down - awkward jump (similar to zero suit samus')
1up - punch (similar to Captain Falcon's slide punch)
Sprintattack - kick (similar to meta knight's)
Final smash - chaos emeralds (combine of sonics and lucarios, but does less damage)
Mewtwo is many old school's fave pokemon, especially those who don't like the 4th gen and up. Those pokemon, with the exception of Lucario, who is awesome, are horrible.
The pokemon franchise is a big part of the super smash bros. Series the pokemon trainer is a good pick because it is 3 characters in one, and johto is one of the best but the evolution would have to be water grass and fire
[Newest]Silver should be on it

Wait Wait WAIT you don't think he should be in? If you have played any of the final fantasy games or even dissdia you know cloud is a boss. His final smash could easily have been omnislash ex mode etc he looks awesome in his advent children outfit too. Why Ike but not cloud they are almost the same but cloud is EPIC. If not at least add one final fantasy character They all have potential.
He should be on it

Zoroark would be the pokemon to replace lucario. In melee mewtwo was my main but then lucario so I think we need to get zoroark because he looks cooler and here are some move set.

B Shadow ball
Side B Slash
Up B Aerial ace or bounce
Down B Dug?
Final Smash Dark Pulse
Cool however his effect would just be another kirby face it he's amazing but unless Nintendo replaces kirby not gonna happen
We got a Pokemon from x and y : greeninja so sorry guys very unlikely

27Paper Mario
This would be the ultimate character for this game! He would have to be creative, well-created with cool moves. He would be so fun, though somewhat similar to Game and Watch.

Anything that isn't Nintendo [Sora, Cloud, Pacman, Master Chief, Optimus Prime, even Megaman (sorry, he is Capcom), and the list could go on] should be taken from this list. A Nintendo game that only (I mean ONLY) puts Nintendo characters would not put non-Nintendo characters in the game. For all the people who voted Cloud, watch Brawl Taunts on Youtube for me. They explain what people want to do with people who vote for Cloud.
Paper Mario is a very good choice for the game. I had him on my original 60-character roster, but when making my 50-character roster, Ihad to take him out. I had an empty place after making it, and I filled it with Travis Touchdown, then Dimentio, which is a villain in Adventure Mode. Maybe I will fill that spot with Paper Mario later on.
Paper Mario is the BEST! He is not a "clone" of Mario. (Some people say that) Paper Mario can flip into 3D in Super Paper Mario, In 2 Paper Mario games (I've only played 2 Paper Mario games, and those are Super Paper Mario and Paper Mario: Sticker Star) Paper Mario gets a hammer. In Paper Mario: The Thousand Wear Door, Paper Mario gets "assistants". In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Paper Mario gets an album to put in stickers that he can use to defeat his opponents. Paper Mario is WAY different than normal Mario, so never say Paper Mario is just a "clone" of Mario.
[Newest]Paper Mario & Mega Man: Worlds collide

Golden Sun is a great Nintendo's franchise, it needs to be included in the next Smash before any third-party franchise. It may not have the popularity of other franchises but it has a great potential and lot of fans that will like it to happen.
Favorite character from favorite game
Isaac would be one of the most unique characters in the game, being a swordsman with magic abilities (called Psynergy). He also has Djinn and has been represented in the Smash Bros Franchise already (Assist trophy in Brawl). definitely deserves it more than Wii Fit Trainer...
[Newest]Nintendo had him as a assist trophy last time. He could pull a Little Mac and be a playable character.

This guy is a shoe in for sure, number 23, are you kidding?!
Even daisy was mentioned before him, Waluigi has climbed his way up the Mario popularity rankings and deserves to be included in the fray because he seems to always get picked on
Plus, He May Only Appear In Spinoff games, But Hear Me Out, He Has Climbed Into Everyone's Hearts He Has Waited... And Waited, He Deserves A Little Recognition By Now!
He has personality, something both the villager and Wii fit trainer lack
[Newest]He is already in the game as an assist trophy.

30Banjo Kazooie
Despite the fact Rare Ltd. Is owned by Microsoft, Banjo Kazooie was a huge contributor to the N64s success. With ground pounds, flying, Kazooie's abilities and Banjo's punching, it seems like a good idea. The pair are also very popular with gamers from the early.2000s.
Banjo Kazooie has the perfect move set for a game like super smash bros. Think about it. I think he would be a wonderful compliment to this game.
Banjo Kazooie would be PERFECT for super smash bros! They are two of the best game protagonists of all time and are synonymous with the Nintendo 64. They have access to an amazing array of moves and are just plain likeable and funny! The whole Rare/Microsoft dilemma doesn't mean they can't appear, if anything Microsoft would be smart to allow them to be in SSB to help promote and revive the characters!
[Newest]I know that Rare Ltd is owned by Microsoft but Rare barely exists cause Banjo and Kazooie: Nuts and bolts was Rare's last game. Rare studies kinect.

Whats not to like, a character dropping bombs all over the place. Think of a cross between links bombs and snakes mines. Totally Epic!
He is perfect for a SSB game. He has special attacks (Bombs) and has the perfect size!
Bomberman Would Fit In Great His Final Smash Could Be An Giant Bomb Please Put Bomberman In The Roster.
[Newest]He's not in the game but he should be.

Roy's our boy, of course! He is the coolest character there has ever been in Smash Brothers. What would be wrong with adding another slot or two for every series? The fans would love you a hundred times more, Nintendo! We have the technology! We can rebuild him!
Roy should be in the next game he can play way differently from marth and I think they just need to make it easier for him to knock opponents off the stage.
It would be nice to see him return. They could come up with an extremely different move-set than Marth, as they had no similarities in the fire emblem games themselves.
[Newest]He Need To Come Back

33Saki Amamiya
Saki has a great arsenal of weapons, including his gun for range and its ability to transform into a beam for melee combos. He can also transform into a giant monster ruffian, which would be awesome as a Final Smash. Not only that, but he was featured as a assist trophy in the last game and his own series has had a sequel on the Wii. Although he remains very Japanese, it would be an awesome addition to the roster, story wise and gameplay wise.

34Metal Sonic
I think he is a boss character and needs more likes with fans
Metal sonic is fast and powerful he is like how bowser is going to be id love to see him in it
The only way I see Metal Sonic being in Super Smash Bros is by being an alternate outfit/uniform for Sonic. Otherwise, no, there isn't much hope in metal sonic being a playable character. But Assist Trophy could be something to look out for.
[Newest]In my opinion, I think it would be most great if Metal Sonic was REALLY a playable character.

Rayman is a very awesome character. In his games he uses attacks which are perfect for SSB, like helicopte-hair or his fist which can spin like Donkey Kong's fist. But there are also other possibilities. Please bring Rayman into the next Smash Bros!
Rayman needs to be in it, he's awesome.
[Newest]Rayman is already an assist trophy!

36Villager (Animal Crossing)
Well he is is the game
YES! He is my main in free for all and so unique and awesome. Thumbs up for Villager!

I totally agree with you. You've got her move set down. Rosalina is one of my favorite females in Mario series and her backstory so heart touching. Anyway if the maker of SSB series calls the next smash bros game Super smash brothers universe then Rosalina will be perfect for the game I swear. The girl is ruler of the Mario universe and can similar to Mew two from SSBM and can be similar to lady Palitania from kid Icarus because Rosalina is like a goddess. Rosalina's final smash can be something like nesses but better. Let me tell you Y. First she can form a shield around herself then she can levitate then she points her wand straight up in the air then shoot a powerful beam from her wand up into space and finally comets will pour down from the sky taking out every single player as she levitates down. You think that's a great smash right? Well of course it's a rip off from lucases and nesses smash but I'm sure one rip off from a Nintendo character won't hurt or kill the next smash right? Oh and by the way Nintendo please just let Rosalina be herself in the next smash please make her a powerful character please!
Rosalina would be one of the few characters with magic, allowing for a whole range of move-set potential; this includes levitation, teleportation, forcefields and can even be assisted by her cute little Lumas. Who wouldn't want to play as this majestic female?
[Newest]She will be in the game

He is one of my favorite boss in the series since my first zelda game was Minish Camp. He is very important to the toon series and better be placed in as a new toon character than toon zelda and we need a toon enemy when toon legend of zelda characters will be cotinued. It would be nice if there is a trophy reference of the original Ganandorf: the blue giant pig ganandorf (play the first game when you don't know him)
Vaati is the most recurring villain after ganondorf. Makes sense to put him in
The only recurring final boss of the series besides ganon. He has lots of potential. He's also one of the most relevant Zelda characters right now, since the Four swords anniversary edition was re-released in e-shop in jan 1st and will be taken out in jan 4th.

Knuckles would make perfect sense as a fighter. He can do all sorts of awesome punches as his attack. He can use the Master Emerald as his final attack and start gliding everywhere like Super Sonic.
Knuckles will fit in great as a fighter!
Knuckles is supposed to be a fighter, and Shadow is confirmed as an assist trophy, so explain why Knuckles shouldn't be the next Sonic rep. Hard to explain, isn't it?
[Newest]Super Smash Bros... & Knuckles.

40Fire Emblem: Awakening Avatar
An awesome character. Much better then the poster children of this game. He could bring Magic and swordplay to the field. I also love his cloak. Hopefully we will be given the choice of a male and female variant.
The characters name is robin


41Amy Rose
Amy Rose is the cutest and a kind great girl ever. She deserves to get more attention and popularity. We need more female characters and Amy Rose has so many great and a lot skills along with her Pico-Pico Hammer. She has magical skills and is an overall-round character. She has many similar things like Mario has. She is an awesome and pretty the cutest character ever. She is something special and has amazing fight skills. It's a surprise that Princess Peach can defense and fight for herself, the girl of Mario so why not Amy Rose the girl of Sonic and Sega.
We need Amy, guys. SSB4 needs more girl characters! I know Rosalina has been confirmed, but still, Amy Rose, kick Peach's ass! All the girls, go kick Peach's ass! Not to mention Amy is kind and also aggressive with her Piko-Piko hammer. And lastly, I ALWAYS use Sonic (and/or Pikachu) so it would be nice for Sonic to have another character. Ps. PLEASE SEGA! MAKE SONIC FALL IN LOVE WITH AMY!
She would be a great character to have. One she is the most liked female sonic character. Two you can't just have sonic.
[Newest]Princess Peach is aggressive with her frying pan!

In brawl we only had one kid icarus fighter in the roster. Palutena has already been confirmed, but we still have room for some more kid icarus characters. Just look at how many the Mario series has. PLENTY. His moves would consist of his sword and it would be logical to use magnus because you actually get to play as him in the game. (Chaos chapter)
I'd rather him in then Paulutena because he looks like an amazing fighter who would play kind of like Ike: a heavy-weight good guy with a huge sword. A lot of power but slow. His final smash could be summoning Dark Lord Gaol who would attack other players. He's the textbook definition of a boss. Fingers crossed he gets in.
Just look at this guy. He BELONGS in a game like this.
[Newest]He's confirmed to be an assist trophy. Oh well at least he is in the game.

Best possible moveset I can think of
He can be a really great fighter. and I want it

Go Blaze the cat. She kicks butt and surely her powers will earn her the spot on the game.
If this is about Blaze the Cat, then I'm all for her hands down!
Blaze is epic and will eventually end up in a smash bros game like this or next time. It's never too late to see her. I personally doubt she will be in smb 4 but she has a good chance at least till the next one.
[Newest]She has great potential in Smash, after all, have you seen another completely fire based character besides Charizard?

Who wouldn't want Roxas in? I want him in so bad as much as I want Sora in. Add him also Nintendo.

One of my favorite starters to date. Sceptile has to make it


Sceptile is my favorite Pokémon of all time. He needs to be DLC at least!
We need a leaf starter and he would have an amazing potential moveset.

47Bill Nye the Science Guy
Are you retarded. What's next dora
He can actually be in the game with the use of Mii Fighters. Just make a Mii of him and there you go. Bill Nye's Ultra Sharp Deadly Blade of Science!
Laugh out loud that would never happen but it would be hilarious

48Galacta Knight
Galacta Knight may be hard to notice and not really a common character but it would be nice to see someone new and incredibly strong in the next roster for S4. His special movesets can be based off his appearances in Kirby Super Star Ultra, and his regular movesets can be quite similar to other playable characters like Link, Pit, and Meta Knight.

His final smash could be where he flies up in the air and he shoots out a powerful beam that would blow the competition away, or he could summon a bunch of swords and sending falling towards the stage tearing up the competition whatever works for you Nintendo.

Any I just hope this is something for you to think about and I would really like seeing Galacta knight as a playable character in S4.
Galacta Knight is the best character in Kirby
Actually he could fight a little like meta knight except use his shield more often and, what am I saying put him in
[Newest]He Is The Best Badass Villain

Eevee would be a great representative of the Pokemon franchise because
Starter Pokemon is and Pokemon Conquest
Rival Pokemon in Yellow
Most Common Gift Pokemon: Gift in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, FireRed, LeafGreen, Platinum, Pearl, Diamond, HeartGold, Soulsilver, Black2 and White2
1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th gen rep
Eevee can evolve into 8 evolutions. That would be a pretty cool character.
There could be an item drop like the different stones turning here into different evolve forms

Spyro is a Rare Purple Dragon who has Entertained us on Several Systems With a Beautiful Story. The Young Dragon Uses Magic and Powers. Like MegaMan's attack weapons, Spyro will gain power with every Smash Power Orb. He would Starts as him himself. After he gets a Power Orb he can either use Special Attacks. Spyro has Fire, Ice, Electricity, and Earth as Special Attacks. The more. Power Orbs collected, the Stronger the Special Attack. Spyro also uses Time and Darkness as Special Attacks. Spyro's Time would be Stopped for a short period, while stopped allows the Character to Attack. Spyro's Darkness, a Dark Side Taking Over, attacks with Black Magic. Spyro can either use these Special Attacks or he can save up and Attack with a Final Attack. For Spyro's Final Attack, I suggest his Dragon Fury Attack. Dragon Fury is a Attack that Comes From Multiple Directions and Angeles
I think it should be his Highest Power Transformation.
Like MegaMan's attack weapons, Spyro will gain power with every Smash Power Orb.
He would Starts as him himself. After he gets a Power Orb he can either use Special Attacks. Spyro has Fire, Ice, Electricity, and Earth as Special Attacks. The more. Power Orbs collected, the Stronger the Special Attack.
Spyro also uses Time and Darkness as Special Attacks. Spyro's Time would be Stopped for a short period, while stopped allows the Character to Attack. Spyro's Darkness, a Dark Side Taking Over, attacks with Black Fire.

Spyro can either use these Special Attacks or he can Attack with a Final Attack. For Spyro's Final Attack, I suggest his Dragon Fury Attack. Dragon Fury is a Attack that Comes From Multiple Directions and Angeles
Spyro is a Rare Purple Dragon who has Magic and Powers of Elements. Like MegaMan's attack weapons, Spyro will have many powers. With Smash Power Orb He would have a Powerful Final Smash. Spyro has Special Attacks and Normal Attacks. Spyro has Fire, Ice, Electricity, and Earth as Special Attacks. He also has several Physical Attacks. With Smash Power Orbs, Spyro can also use Time and Darkness as Special Attacks. Spyro's Time would be Slow-Down for a short period, while Slowness allows the Character to Attack.
Spyro's Darkness, a Dark Side Taking Over, attacks with Black Magic.
For Spyro's Final Attack, I suggest his Dragon Fury Attack. Dragon Fury is a Attack that Comes From Multiple Directions and Angeles.
[Newest]Case He Cool as Hell

51Simon Belmont
Several castlevania games for the nintendo starring this whip-wielding vampire hunter. Also made by Kojima, who brought us Solid snake, so he's a realistic choice as well as possibly quite fun.
I believe that Simon Belmont should be a lot higher on this list. I am only a teenager, but I have been raised on the NES classics such as Castlevania, being my favorite. I believe he would make an excellent addition to he Super Smash Bros. chain.
I wanted Simon Belmont in Super Smash bros for along time. I for one, think he will make a good (if not great) addition to the roster
[Newest]The roster is near perfect as is. It has almost all of the heroes from the original 1980's NES days. Simon Belmont is the only one missing. Plus his move set is perfect for smash bros.

52Awesome Face

It's very, very unprobable the fact that Kamek is in the new Super Smash Bros., but if it should happen, I would be VERY HAPPY!
He's the third Mario character I knew, and he's awesome in all games. I WANT HIM! I'LL KILL IF HE'S NOT IN NEXT MARIO KART!
Who wants Kamek as a 2nd Yoshi rep?

One day Sony will buy out Nintendo, and Snake Raiden and Senator ARMSTRONG and maybe Sam will be in Smash bros 34

55Forrest Gump
This will never happen, at all, but I will mod it in just for the LOLs.
K honestly? He would throw chocolate! AND he was in a WAR! He's have a gun and be better than snake!

He SHOULD come back to fight Mario and Mega man
Sonic the Hedgehog should fight Princess Daisy from the Mario franchise.
Sonic should fight Pac-Man, not Mega Man.

57Isaac (Golden Sun)
He is such a awesome character he would be the best
Isaac is awesome and will look awesome in ssb4 and he's the protagonist of Golden Sun, he not appears only once and I really really want IT.

58Young Link
He deserves this move set 1. Have the rapid a combo from melee 2. Be able to shoot Fire, ice, and light arrows 3. Side special could be a bombchu 4. Final smash he puts on the captains hat to call skull keetas who slash the opponents and quickly puts the garos mask to call them and they slash the opponent for a KO. 5. Down special should be him changing into deku, Goron, z

So many people are above him... I swear if you voted for Amy rose I will... I mean, who else could make an exploding cow? Up special? Winged bathtub
If he was in SSB4 his final smash would be a black hole causing a lot of damage! He would be unlockable and how many brawl matches you'll need is 150
Maxwell is an awesome video game protagonist! I don't know why he hasn't been put in yet.
[Newest]Let's all vote for Maxwell

There are a lot of ways to give her a unique moveset while having her become a SuperStar. Do NOT make her a Yoshi clone, she has NOTHING in common with Yoshi other than they are both supposed to be dinosaurs. Also, do not make her all weird and hunchy like Yoshi is, she should stand up straight. Also, do not give her a voice, and keep the honks that she normally has. Eggs, kisses, suction, fireballs, her diamond ring, and her bow are things that set her apart and can be expanded upon.
Birdo is an amazing character! Please put her in the next super smash bros. Game!
I think would be a good Yoshi clone and represent the Yoshi franchise well.

61Pokemon Trainer 2
Should have an updated trainer obviously because it is a newer game

I don't know who that is but it reminds me of Pokémon advanced
I agree with you!

Adding Genesect would also mean a new quality villain to the roster which it lacks.
I am a Pokemon fan


Bug + cyborg + cannon=
[Newest]It would be interesting to see


Well he is one of the best Fire Emblem people. He had a hard life with his Sister killing herself to save him. His daughter coming back in time to save the world it was a wild ride and I love him so much he is awesome! And he is an awesome fighter. He is a swords man he is a king and prince though he is different from Marth and Ike.
Only 104?! He isn't my number 1 choice, but I am expecting him to appear.
Laugh out loud his name is Chrom

How is Kumatora not on this list?! She is the most awesome character from the Mother series by far, her hot-head personality and her kickass psi abilities make her a brilliant character! Even her name is badass - in English her name would be 'TigerBear', no one can hate that! It would be awesome to see her with Ness and Lucas, and hopefully other characters from the series such as Masked Man, pokey or Duster.
Kumatora is my thrid favorite chrarater in video games after mario and ness


She is the awesomest female character! She is perfect for this! Plus her weapon is gloves, GLOVES! That means she'll be kickin' ass while being lovable :>

67Crash Bandicoot
He was made to fight Mario and sonic, so this would be great
Crash Bandicoot encounters Princess Daisy & Rosalina from the Mario franchise.
Rival of 90 Nintendo & sega

Starfy is cool. They finally brought a game out of Japan and they could use this to promote another Starfy game. Plus, he has had five games already, so I think he has enough history as a Nintendo character. Nintendo has acknowledged him by having him be an assist character in Brawl, so make him into a playable character Nintendo!
I think Starfy is the cutest, tieing with Kirby, Jigglypuff, Shy Guy, and Lukas.


He could spin and shoot water, AND BE CUTE.

He's the second most appearing Pokemon in the anime only behind Pikachu.
Rumor has it Meowth WAS goign to be in smash 64 but was replaced with jigglypuff. I think he will some day...
His finale smash should be some pictures of his back story his claws grow massivley and he then slash everythihg and makes lots of wind but he should also fall asleep for 5 seconds after that

70King Boo
He is epic in mario party 8


Gotta be in! He is the best villain ever other than Herobrine!
[Newest]He'd be cool as a boss...


71Finn & Jake
Finn and jake of adventure time should also be playable 4th party characters for super smash bros. For Nintendo 3ds / wii you please Nintendo
It makes sense to me for Finn and Jake to be in the game, but as separate characters, for a bigger roster. And I also think if Finn and Jake are in the game, Princess Bubblegum and/or Marciline should be in the game too.


72Dry Bowser
He should be bowsers final smash it would be awesome.
Because he would not have to be a clone he could throw bones and his final smash could be him exploding with his bones flying everywhere and come back together like a drybones
As a costume for Bowser
[Newest]If he isn't a playable character he could be a costume

Klonoa is a character that already has a lot of moves that would work perfectly in Brawl, such as double jump and the ear glide for recovery and Thunder Hurricane for the Final Smash. Plus, it might revive the Klonoa series and open the door for Klonoa 3.
Klonoa would just fit perfectly in the next smash game. This could also be a way to revive the serie and finally get a Klonoa 3
After playing the Klonoa series, I definitely agree that he should be in the Super Smash 4
[Newest]Klonoa is from namco since namco is evolved in


75Lanky Kong
He could tether recover with his arms
Lanky kong should be another playable donkey kong character for ssb4 please Nintendo

76Shy Guy
Why can't he be playable? He'd be the perfect 2nd Yoshi Rep!

77Dr. Eggman
His final smash would be changing machines, like the Big Arm and the Death egg Robo and many more.
If there are bosses in this game Eggman has got to be one of them
I also want to see dr. Eggman from sonic the hedgehog as a playable 3rd party character please Nintendo

78Chef Kawasaki
For those who don't know, this guy is from Kirby. Come on, he is the whole reason for Kirbys killer final move!
Oh, the guy in the anime where he makes food that everyone hates, other than Kirby.


I like him on the game.


Silver alongside Shadow and Sonic could represent the Sonic franchise quite nicely. A badass, time travelling psychic hedgehog that oozes attitude? What's not to love! The possibilities for his move set and final smash are endless, with all his psychic powers and flying ability!
Yea His Final Smash would be really original and many he could glide by making himself float with his powers also the Final Smash could be him flinging them away with his levitation or creating a huge blast of telekinetic energy!
Come on guys he would be an awesome addition.

He would be GREAT. but I'm too lazy to think of moves.. Also the idiot who said "the game is too mature" well they let snake be in...
Conker would be badass! But wouldn't make since because he's in a mature game...
Conker the squirrel should also be a playable 3rd party character for super smash bros. For Nintendo 3ds / wii you please Nintendo


82Metal Mario
But the Metal box already turns characters into metal, so having metal Mario as a character would be completely pointless.

83Dark Samus
Smash Bros needs more Metroid representatives and more villains. Dark Samus would help fit both slots. The final boss of Metroid Prime reborn, took control of the entire planet Phaaze, corrupted the space pirates to its will, nearly corrupted every planet in Galactic Federation Space, and even absorbed the power of the other Hunters. How is it not an awesome villain. Its cutscenes and boss battles include plenty of moves to make a unique move set.

Its hovering just above the ground for movement

Neutral b - the phazon pellets from the first half of the final battle in Corruption (the longer a player charges the shot, the more pellets, or way it was used to kill the Dark pirate troopers in Echoes that occurred before the second fight (still the charging factor)

Down b - the missile reflector from the first fight in Echoes

Forward b - the super missiles from the first encounter in Echoes

Final Smash (multiple options) - turning back into Metroid Prime to use shockwaves, summoning two clones to use the tri-spin attack from Corruption, or maybe summoning one clone to use the double laser spin from Corruption.

One taunt could be Dark Samus laughing from the clip in the second Echoes encounter.
Why is Dark Samus so for down the list? She has her own spin off series as well as being one of the most interesting villains in Nintendo. She deserves her own assist trophy or an alternate costume for samus at the very least...
Instead of ridley we should have dark samus

I think Shantae would be a plausible addition to the roster. Both her games (as well as the upcoming one) are Nintendo handheld exclusive, and with her two upcoming games, now would be the perfect time to include her in the roster. Plus, both her games were AMAZING!
Shankar whips her hair back and forth
Shantae without a shadow of a doubt is incredibly well equipped for super smash bros. Her hair could be used for her main ground and arial moves she also uses martial arts. For her b moves she has fire balls, thunder clouds and the orbiting spike balls for her final smash she could use a more powerful combination of her b moves or she could over grow her hair and tangle everyone!


86Leon S Kennedy
Leon is an icon in nintendo history. Since Resident Evil 2 to Resident Evil 4, is a balanced character, and the most important: It's funny playing with a Special Agent (Snake, for example)

87Chibi Robo
How cool and original would a enlarged chibi robo be to fight? Plus it'd be a new franchise character represented!
Chibi-Robo actually has a lot of moveset potential! He's a funny character, his inclusion in ssb4 would help represent more franchises and would help advertize the Chibi-Robo games!
Chibi-Robo will be a very unique character! Not only is he an interesting, cute character, but he has a lot of potential for a good moveset (Chibi-copter, Chibi-blaster... )

88Dry Bones
He's been my favorite character out of any game since I first saw him.
Please he's epic and would have a very simple and easy-to-make moveset.
Dry bones diserves a slot in the roster, Dry Bones could be impredictable to guess and has pontencial for a moveset, I could guess it's playstyle and could play out as some sort of " Glass cannon" or as simple, has slightly more defense then most light characters, or could play out as an techical playstyle, as Dry Bones is nearly inpredicable

Boo is ok... But I think I prefer king boo


91Gray Fox
Do I even have to say

92Master Chief
It's obvious that Master Chief would never be in any Super Smash Bros. game because the Halo franchise is exclusive to Microsoft game consoles
Screw master chief shadow the hedgehog could defeat him
Snake was guest character

I love espionage perhaps a sonic hero's 2 is in order

94Baby Mario
Another duo character like ice climbers
Paper Mario would be way different then Mario
Having him and Baby Luigi would totally add new possibilities for pics

95Wreck-it Ralph
His finale smash should be:1giant building 2 Ralph falls of it 3 Ralph wins and if any one survives they will have lots of damage and be pushed away by al of the mud splashes from Ralphs fall
Wreck it ralph should also be a playable 4th party character for super smash bros. For Nintendo 3ds / wii you please Nintendo
Not that I don't agree but I just can't see him as a ssb character

96Masahiro Sakurai
If it weren't for him, Super Smash Bros. Would not exist. How could he not get put in? How? How? How? Again, I ask, how?!

97Black Pokemon Trainer
I would like that perhaps with emboar dewott and snivy
If you don't vote for this, you're racist.
Uh no I agree but as a other skin... Not his own slot HOWEVER you can't just pull the race card.
Seriously, there's only one other African American playable character in the Smash Bros series! (Mr. Game and Watch)


I rather want to have Charmander along with bulbasaur and squirtle and have charizard as a separate character(please no hard feelings :>).
Death Battle: Rouge the Bat vs. Diddy Kong.

100Nurse Peach
Nurse Peach is too shy & couldn't even take care of people.
Nurse Peach is bossy, aggressive & doesn't cure anyone.
Princess Peach is overrated!

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