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181 Giratina Giratina Giratina is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Giratina first appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, but gained prominence in the sister game, Pokémon Platinum, which it was made the mascot of. V 3 Comments
182 Wigglytuff
183 Swampert Swampert

Why on this list? Swampert is very good against the hoenn gym leaders

Sucks in battle. Sceptile and Blaziken could both kick his butt in battle. If you play ORAS, DO NOT choose Mudkip! Trade over the X/Y event Blaziken (if you have one) and choose Treecko. Instant E4-destruction team, if you add a few other Pokemon. But point is, SWAMPERT SUCKS.

Horrible moves
Ice punch, stab in both types, power up punch, rain dance to activate it's mega's ability swift swim and sweep teams, stealth rocks and roar for non megas and more.
Also, 1 weakness to grass. Again, ice punch with decent bulk. Even with that said, your team should compenaate for it's weaknesses, or your whole team will fall apart.

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184 Staravia

WAY worse than Zubat in DPP. Because it has Intimidate which lowers ATK of your pokémon and because of the animation, you have longer to wait before you can escape. It breaks countless shiny chains because it's almost everywhere in Sinnoh. It's cry's really annoying, too!

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185 Plusle

This moveset is good. It can switch into electric attacks and can baton pass substitutes and nasty plots? Oh wait, it's stats are awful and it's not bulky enough to pass subs consistently and can't even handle coverage moves from electric types it switches into. Thank game freak, you gave me hope for the pikaclones

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186 Blissey V 5 Comments
187 Arcanine V 1 Comment
188 Pineco

I'm surprised pineco isn't much higher on the list. You can debate all day about lazy Pokémon designs all day, but pineco is absolutely the worst offender. It's just a pine cone. That's literally all it is.

189 Ludicolo

Thank god someone said it. The value of a Pokemon isn't just about its stats, it's about the character, personality, and memorability. Pokemon like unown aren't meant to actually be used, they're meant to add personality to the game's world. Ludicolo adds nothing. It's a bland, shallow blob who's only depth comes from its inexplicable Mexican persona which holds no place in a game about trainable, tradable monsters. It should be right near the top, along with its boring cousins, like luvdisc and jynx.

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190 Registeel Registeel V 2 Comments
191 Weezing

So weird and gross that's a weezing

This is one of the biggest defensive walls in nu. Will o wisp with base 125 defense. Ugly isn't good enough.

192 Drilbur

Drilbur is awesome. He evolves into a Pokemon with huge attack

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193 Vigoroth
194 Lombre
195 Electivire

No! Elective is one of the best electric types :(

I like it, but yeah, it's pretty bad

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196 Dusknoir

How did this beast get here he has the best defense for any ghost type.

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197 Beldum Beldum

Granit metang and metagross are gorgeous this this is so hard to train since its only move causes recoil and even when it evolves you have to keep smacking urself in the face till it learns metal claw

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198 Ferrothorn
199 Wartortle

! Of the best Pokemon EVER! Too awesome!

200 Ledian

How how is this thing not even in the top one hundred. It's only good stat is special defense abismal attack and special attack horrid defense and a half cup blood bag worth of health points. The fact that I added this thing to the list and it's below amazing Pokemon is just not understandable this thing is the worst bug flyer the 5 star Pokemon name is highly inaccurate it's more of a one star Pokemon and there is absolutely nothing super about the super hero Pokemon.

Horrible, and incredibly useless. Like seriously I'm playing Pokemon crystal in hardcore mode using only this. I'm amaze at how bad it is. It does absolutely nothing and everything does his job better if you go for support. Just ugly.

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