Best Pop Songs of 2014

The Top Ten Best Pop Songs of 2014

1 Go Time - Jackie Evancho

Yes, Jackie with the incredible voice CAN sing pop!

Jackie being a teen. Wonderful to see.

The girls shows her fun side... This one will get your "boogie shoes" screaming "DANCE FLOOR, NOW! "

In my opinion everyone must listen this music!
Sometimes really I feel better when I listen to this.

2 Chandelier - Sia

This is awesome. I can sing this song over and over again. And sia is awesome when she hits that really high note.

No doubt in my mind that this should and deserves to be number one. I know it, you know it, let's stop kidding ourselves. - EllaInTheRankings

Sia is awesome. Love this masterpiece and Titanium.

Deserves to be number one...

3 Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

One out of only 3 songs I like from Swift, but unlike the others, this song is really good

Best song ever! Teaches you to be yourself!

I love the vibe to the song. She is my fave singer. My religion is swiftie

4 Habits (Stay High) - Tove Lo

This song is saying true :/ :'(

5 Blank Space - Taylor Swift

I'm not a big Taylor Swift fan but I'm obsessed with this song! Oh my god at first I didn't want her going pop because she has a few good country songs out, but she has impressed me with blank space!

6 Don't - Ed Sheeran
7 Mahe Asal - Morteza Pashaei

This is a best song for ever - farhoud20

This is a Best song

Of course morteza my love has the best songs every one knows that but I don't know how they vote for someone else. - mursal

This song is the best.

8 Black Widow - Iggy Azalea

Awesome beat and epic singing in this song. Iggy Azalea is won of my favourite

9 Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson

The best song of this list, I Love Brunz & Mark

Great bronu

10 Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

Again Ed is amazing and I truly love this songs lyrics and simple guitar playing. It's very chill and relaxing to listen to and he is truly one amazing artist.

Deserves #1! Plenty of meaning to it, awesome vocals and surely it is a wedding song, also well produced!

Love Ed Sheeran and his voice is fantastic

The Contenders

11 Run - Nicole Scherzinger
12 Break Free - Ariana Grande

This song should be on the worst list not the best

Love it - WinchesterGirl26

13 Amnesia - 5 Seconds of Summer

This song is so beautiful

bae S

14 Boom Clap - Charli XCX
15 Into the Blue - Kylie Minogue
16 I Can't Stop Drinking About You - Bebe Rexha

Really good song

17 Lips Are Movin - Meghan Trainor

Awesome song Megan train or is awesome

18 All About the Bass - Meghan Trainor

Epic song and awesome beat

19 Sing - Ed Sheeran

Now Ed has spiced up his normal just him and guitar and added some drums and other beats. I defiantly am a lover of his new sort of style.

20 Jade Yek Tarafe - Morteza Pashaei

I love you 4 ever

We love Morteza for ever

The name is love

We love our emperor ❤

21 Love Me Harder - Ariana Grande & the Weeknd
22 Steal My Girl - One Direction

The boys have really stepped up their game this time around. Who can't resist the catchy beat and sick vocals of this song.

This song is so good!

23 Jealous - Nick Jonas
24 Problem - Ariana Grande

This song is very catchy and has a good vide to it. Now I'm not the biggest fan of rap music but this song is very good! I mean I just love this song so much.

25 Hallelujah - Peter Hollens

Marvelous duet with Jackie Evancho. See the YouTube video (965,000 views in a week! ). - Trancas

26 Not Giving Up - The Saturdays
27 Ghost - Ella Henderson
28 Can't Blame a Girl for Trying - Sabrina Carpenter

Should be 1. - sabrinafan

29 You and I - One Direction
30 Negarane Mani - Morteza Pashaei

Morteza is our love

Morteza behtarine

Morteza is was and will be the best his songs and he himself is the best. iam missing you sooo much morteza love you forever. - mursal

31 Madar Bigharari - Babak Jahanbakhsh
32 Emperor - Mehdi Yarrahi
33 The Heart Wants What It Wants - Selena Gomez

This song came in 2014 from greatest hits album of selena the album was named as For You and it became my life it's so real and so true at the other hand it's beat IIs so catchy that I can't even thank selena enough for releasing it. It came out when I needed it the most so powerful and fantastic.

34 Don't Tell Em - Jeremih

I love this song, this song is my jam

35 Really Don't Care - Demi Lovato

Demi is real love.

36 Good Girls - 5 Seconds of Summer

This song is very naughty for young girls yet it sums up most good girls. With a catchy vibe and strong vocals 5SOS has done it again.

37 She Looks So Perfect - 5 Seconds of Summer

Now this song has a bit of edge with the drums going and their electric guitar playing but my oh my these boys have taken pop to a knew level. By having edgier lyrics, playing their own instruments, and being good looking these boys have it all. The lyrics of this song are what get me the most.

38 Night Changes - One Direction

Oh my! The boys have gone from very pop to more so acoustic and kinda like Ed Sheeran. The lyrics are amazing as well as the vocals. I'm very proud of the boys for writing this good of a song.

39 Life of The Party - Shawn Mendes

Now Shawn is a rising star but his music is still better than a lot of current music artists that are out. He can play guitar and his voice is very unique. I love him!

40 Rude - Magic!

Now this song is very catchy with a different sort of vibe. The relaxing sound of their vocals with the beachy sort of sound of the instruments playing. It is one great song!

I actually didn't mind this song. - Minecraftcrazy530

41 Inlove Ako Sa'yo - Darren Espanto
42 Belataklif - Majid Kharatha

This song is full of emotion

43 What Are You Waiting For? - The Saturdays
44 Living Without You - Tulisa
45 Adore You - Miley Cyrus
46 Bulletproof Picasso - Train
47 Stay With Me - Sam Smith
48 Prayer in C (Robin Schulz Remix) - Lilly Wood and the Prick
49 Bang Bang - Jessie J
50 Masterpiece - Jessie J
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