Top 10 Disney Films that I Like but Everyone Else Hates

Aka some good flicks that don't get the praise they deserve

The Top Ten

1 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

This is very good because of the characters, story and the romance. The couple doesn't kiss or dance the first time they see each other they just hug and it takes time to love each other.

This was a very good film - PeeledBanana

2 The Wild

Better than Madagascar? Really?

This film is hated upon hated. It is not bad it is actually quite funny and better than Madagascar was. The jokes that work really really work. The villains are creative and better than Shan Yu.

3 Brother Bear

This is film is touching. Unfortunately though, the start and end are a lot better than the middle is.

I thought this was just underrated, not hated - PeeledBanana

Yes it is, more people hate I think

4 The Aristocats

It has good characters and catchy songs why do people hate so much? O Malley is a great character and the villain is creative like the Wild

5 Treasure Planet

Why did this bomb? It was good but audiences hated it. Why? Ben is so annoying but other than that what is so bad about it.

6 Robin Hood (1973)

The animation isn't stunning, but it has a lot of heart. - Elric-san

Hilarious. One of my favorites.

I loved this as a kid. - Entranced98

7 Make Mine Music

It is the best package film ever. So what is bad it is better than Fantasia was.

8 The Rescuers

Good not as good as Robin Hood is but good.

9 Tarzan II

What I originally wanted. Tarzan to be about.

10 The Fox and the Hound

Most people like this film. I don't like it. - AlphaQ

The Contenders

11 Angels in the Outfield
12 Oliver and Company

It is a good adaption of Oliver Twist. It has catchy songs.

13 Melody Time
14 Fun and Fancy Free
15 The Great Mouse Detective
16 The Sword in the Stone
17 Gordy
18 The Rescuers Down Under
19 The Princess and the Frog
20 Maleficent


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