Top 10 Best Lil Meerkat Songs

This was inspired by Not_A_Weeaboo’s list called “Best Submarine Man Songs” so he gets credit
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The Top Ten

1 Bohemian Rhapsody - Lil Meerkat

I can't stand the cover by Queen. Lil Meerkat did a much better job and the autotune is beautiful. He shows more emotions than Freddie and he deserves more praise than that bad cover by Queen! - Userguy44

What are you talking about? You said that you like the original version. - DrayTopTens

The greatest parody song of all time hands down. That cover song really brings tears to my eyes and it's probably one of the best songs of all time in my opinion. also the music video is simply just a masterpiece - UltraLunalaX

This is actually pretty funny - Peppapigsucks

Masterpiece of the modern era of music - Not_A_Weeaboo

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2 I Read Lots of Fanfiction

GOATEST SONG EVER - Peppapigsucks

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3 My Fanfiction UListen to Sample
4 Thicc AF

He the thiccest boi

Thiccest man in the whole universe - Peppapigsucks

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5 I’m Richer Than You - Lil Meerkat

Richest man ever! - Userguy44

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6 Todokete - Lil Meerkat

Best list ever

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7 Hehe - Lil Meerkat

Hehe... - Userguy44

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8 Infinite Bodypillows - Lil Meerkat

This song makes my want to get a Lil Meerkat bodypillow. - XxembermasterxX

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9 Meerkat Rap - Lil Meerkat

I blast this every week, my neighbours are tired of it for some reason - Peppapigsucks

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10 My life - lil meerkat