Top Ten Things to Do While Camping

This idea is credited for my brother, Leo. He wants to get an account of his own by the way.
The Top Ten
1 Go Deer Hunting
2 Beat Someone With A Tree Branch

I have a lot of questions now

3 Listen To Music

The CDs we have at Summer Camp are total rubbish. Only about 6 good songs across each CD. Going to take my own next year.

4 Watch A Movie
5 Disturb The Peace

Men who take ladies on camping trips have one in-tent.

Um you could get in trouble like very big trouble

6 Go On An Adventure

I want to camp in the Pine Barrens in NJ. Then I'll catch and tame the Jersey Devil and bring it home as a pet!

7 Read
8 Go Fishing
9 Break The Law
10 Run Away from Mountain Lions
The Contenders
11 Hike

I do this every time I go camping

12 Swat Mosquitoes
13 Take Pictures
14 Sing
15 Explore
16 Go Rock Climbing
17 Make S'mores
18 Call the Police
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