Top Ten Things to Do While Playing Ping Pong

The Top Ten
1 Play with your best friend
2 Make up your own version of the game
3 Not play it right on purpose
4 Do 50 jumping jacks every time the ball hits the floor
5 Accidentally hit people in the head with the ball

"accidentally". What if I lied?

Well, it won't hurt much.

6 Take a bathroom break every hour
7 Take a water break every 30 minutes
8 Make fun of other people while playing
9 Talk on the cell phone and win

Haha! Or win whilst your hand is in your pocket! LOVE IT!

10 Accidentally hit yourself in the face with the ball

This is something I can see myself doing

How do you do that?

The Contenders
11 Play baseball with the paddle and ball instead of regular ping pong
12 Listen to Music
13 Jump on the table and snap your paddle in half because you lost the point

Lol yup that's me

14 Win
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