Top 10 Allied War Crimes of World War 2

Axis aren't just the bad guys who done genocide the Allies was also done massacres and here are some examples.History is written by winners.

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1 Dresden Fire Bombing

The fire bombing of Dresden that targeted civilians - CerealGuy

Such a beautiful city, destroyed. What a shame - SoldierOfFortune

2 Katyn Massacre

They weren't rebels and revolutionaries, but soldiers who had surrendered after their country had been invaded.

Cold blooded murder.

Massacre of Polish Rebels and Revolutionaries by the USSR after the liberating Poland - CerealGuy

How is Hiroshima not number one?

3 Canicatti Massacre

Mass killing of civilians done by US soldier - CerealGuy

4 Vojvodina Massacre V 1 Comment
5 Mass Rape in Europe

Mass rape done by the Soviets while liberating countries like Poland - CerealGuy

It is normal to kill during war, but rape is real crime. - jaba

The USSR were not part of the Allies - SoldierOfFortune

A mass rape committed by the USSR - CerealGuy

6 Moroccan Goumiers Crimes In the Battle of Monte Cassino

They raped and kill women and children's in Monte Cassino - CerealGuy

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7 Foibe massacres

After Italy surrender and later Germany in Istria,the Yugoslav partisans executed ethnic Italians that were accused being collaborators. - CerealGuy

8 Rapings in Okinawa

US soldier was believed/accused to rape Okinawan citizens in Okinawa after the Battle of Okinawa - CerealGuy

Rape has always had no beneficial purpose in the military.

9 Tungchow Mutiny

Chinese soldier recruited by Japan later switched sides, they attacked, kill, and rape Japanese women and the death toll were 280 - CerealGuy

10 Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings

To be honest, many lives were probably saved by these two bombs as they did bring the war to an end.. I do think though that these are the most horrendous weapons ever devised. As bad in my opinion was the Americans fire bombing the Japanese cities with their B-29 bombers.Thousands upon thousands of people were killed and this is usually left out of WW2 documentaries (most of which are American).

Must agree that these bombings, targeting civilian populations, saw the U.S. sinking to the level of Japan's countless atrocities.
But in the end, total war is TOTAL war.
However, historians and pundits consistently parrot the false choice between bombing, and an invasion that may well have seen casualties of immense proportions.
The obvious third choice is never considered; that of blockade. It doubtless would have produced the desired result; it just would have taken a bit longer.

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11 Japanese American Internment Camps
12 Końćevski Rog massacre

Wikipedia:The killings of family and prisoner of wars - CerealGuy

13 Soviet Rape of Berlin
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1. Dresden Fire Bombing
2. Japanese American Internment Camps
3. Mass Rape in Europe
1. Katyn Massacre
2. Vojvodina Massacre
3. Canicatti Massacre



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