Top 10 Alternative Names for Breadwinners


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1 Breadlosers

Breadwinners is a terrible cartoon. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Forget 1, this is the best thing to call it.

2 Breadbitches


From a Rae Sremmurd lyrics? Wow AlphaQ has got some good jokes

If I could change a lyric from a terrible song it would be: Breadbitches is the only thing that I like - AlphaQ

3 Breaddummies
4 Breadwinnersistheworsrshowevermade
5 Breadcrappers
6 Breadkillers
7 Breadkissers
8 Breadretards

The characters certainly act like regards and should be locked away in an insane asylum.

9 Breadbuttholes
10 Breadidiots

The Newcomers

? The Ducks Who Look More Like Frogs

The Contenders

11 Breadoafs
12 Dreadlosers
13 Dreadwinners

That’s what I was thinking. - DrayTopTens

14 Breadsuckers
15 Breadweenies
16 Breadwinnerssuck
17 Breadwhiners
18 Breadiots
19 Breadmorons
20 Breadouchebags
21 Breadwinningidiots
22 Dreadwhiningmorons
23 Breadwankers
24 Stupidest Show Ever Made
25 Memewinners
26 The Twerking Duck’s Show
27 The Cartoon Miley Cyrus Created
28 The Drug Dealing Ducks

Because bread is so bad for ducks, that it's like a drug for them. The first episode was even called Thug Loaf. - Disney1994

29 Street Thugwinners
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