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1 Robert E. Lee Robert E. Lee

I remember when he surrendered to Grant. Don't get me wrong, Grant is a fantastic General, but he is nothing compared to Lee. When forced to surrender, Lee, being the gentleman he is, is dressed in his finest uniform, and brings a golden sword as a peace offering. general Grant shows up, with mud all over his uniform, and lights a cigar. It's not just his good manners that makes Lee superior to Grant. To think about it, the Union had way more supplies, ammunition, weapons, and soldiers than the Confederacy, and the Confederacy came THIS CLOSE to winning. They couldn't have done it without a fantastic leader. - Alpha101

Possibly the best military tactician in history. Patriot, statesman, warrior and educator! Honest God fearing man much maligned by dishonest Yankees of today. Not so by his contemporaries on both sides! We still love you Bobby Lee!

I actually think he was one of the best military commanders in history. He is definitely someone to honor and respect.

Lee became general because he was so good. Grant became general bec Mcclellan was so bad

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2 Stonewall Jackson

I was named after Lee, but Jackson was the better commander. Having only ever lost one fight, he did extraordinary things with very few resources. One of the greatest military minds in history, in my opinion. - MacPhail

I'm named after this man

If he would have lived the south would have won the war

3 Ulysses S. Grant Ulysses S. Grant

Yes, but you failed to mention that he was one of the WORST presidents. - Alpha101

Alpha101, it's his opinion. Get off this site if you're not gonna respect it.

Uh hello presedent #18 he is the best - waluigi

4 William T. Sherman

This guy kicked butt when he did the March to the sea

Umm, has any who heard of the March to sea?!

5 Nathan B. Forest

When Lee was asked, who his finest soldier was< He commented "A general I've never met Nathan Bedford Forrest", Sherman echoed the same, The greatest military mind on either side of the war. 3rd grade education and not a west pint graduate!

6 Winfield Scott
7 George Thomas
8 Abraham LIincoln

He was not a General. He was a President. - Alpha101

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9 James Longstreet

Lee called him "My Old Warhorse". Lee also stated on numerous occasions that Old Pete was his best lieutenant. Old Pete was a great battlefield strategist. Unfortunately, the blatantly incompetent Ewell worked hard to tarnish Longstreet's name after the war.

General Longstreet belongs at #2 just below General Lee. Old Pete made many of Lee's victories possible.

10 Winfield Scott Hancock

The Contenders

11 Patrick Cleburne
12 Joseph Hooker
13 William C. Quantrill
14 J.E.B. Stuart
15 P. G. T. Beauregard
16 A.P. Hill
17 Goerge B. McClellan
18 Philip Sheridan
19 John Bell Hood
20 Braxton Bragg
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1. Robert E. Lee
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1. Stonewall Jackson
2. Robert E. Lee
3. Ulysses S. Grant



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