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1 Robert E. Lee Robert E. Lee Robert Edward Lee was an American and Confederate soldier, best known as a commander of the Confederate States Army. He commanded the Army of Northern Virginia in the American Civil War from 1862 until his surrender in 1865.

I remember when he surrendered to Grant. Don't get me wrong, Grant is a fantastic General, but he is nothing compared to Lee. When forced to surrender, Lee, being the gentleman he is, is dressed in his finest uniform, and brings a golden sword as a peace offering. general Grant shows up, with mud all over his uniform, and lights a cigar. It's not just his good manners that makes Lee superior to Grant. To think about it, the Union had way more supplies, ammunition, weapons, and soldiers than the Confederacy, and the Confederacy came THIS CLOSE to winning. They couldn't have done it without a fantastic leader. - Alpha101

Possibly the best military tactician in history. Patriot, statesman, warrior and educator! Honest God fearing man much maligned by dishonest Yankees of today. Not so by his contemporaries on both sides! We still love you Bobby Lee!

I actually think he was one of the best military commanders in history. He is definitely someone to honor and respect.

Keep in mind that he didn't win the actual war...

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2 Ulysses S. Grant Ulysses S. Grant Ulysses S. Grant was an American soldier and statesman who served as Commanding General of the Army and the 18th President of the United States, the highest positions in the military and the government of the United States.

Grant had to operate offensively, deep in Confederate territory, with hostile residents. He operated far from supply lines and occasionally separate from communication lines. Lee fought at home the entire war with the exception of Gettysburg. Grant was not the tactician the Lee was, but was a better strategist. Grant had to conquer a "nation" of traitors, while Lee had to hope the US would tire of a long war. Grant realized after Vicksburg that a long war with complete defeat of the South was the only resolution to secession.

Yes, but you failed to mention that he was one of the WORST presidents. - Alpha101

He Won the War & History when written by the winning side will show that He was better than Lee and a top 10 President with what he had to go thru

He was one of the best presidents no corruption great general

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3 Stonewall Jackson

I was named after Lee, but Jackson was the better commander. Having only ever lost one fight, he did extraordinary things with very few resources. One of the greatest military minds in history, in my opinion. - MacPhail

I'm named after this man

If he would have lived the south would have won the war

Had he lived longer he may have “prolonged” the war, but he would not enable the codnfederacy to win the war. Think about it from a strategic, resource perspective. My opinion may not be popular, but it is more realistic. Every general had bad days/ battles, Lee included.

4 William T. Sherman

This guy kicked butt when he did the March to the sea

One of the worst and only saved by better Generals like George Thomas

Umm, has any who heard of the March to sea?!

5 Nathan B. Forest

Forrest was a force of nature, no fear, all natural warrior ability. He loved to fight. He lived to fight.

When Lee was asked, who his finest soldier was< He commented "A general I've never met Nathan Bedford Forrest", Sherman echoed the same, The greatest military mind on either side of the war. 3rd grade education and not a west pint graduate!

#1 not that surrendering coward Robert E Lee for sure or that Sherman stay 200 Miles south of Forrest cause of Fear of him and Transmississippi Huge Army. Nat Bedford Forrest is all time 7-1 in battles as a general of men.

6 George Thomas

The Rock was overlooked as he never sought the political ladder for success and self promotion. Top 3 all time USA with Patton and Washington

Perhaps the greatest tactician of the War. Very underrated probably because of his being of southern birth.

Unsung hero and Rock of the Union

Never lost a battle. saved his army. best gen either army

7 James Longstreet

Longstreet was a superb tactician, especially on the defensive. Working in a Republican administration after the war had a negative impact on his image in the South; this in turn may have had a negative impact on his rating as a Confederate general.

Lee called him "My Old Warhorse". Lee also stated on numerous occasions that Old Pete was his best lieutenant. Old Pete was a great battlefield strategist. Unfortunately, the blatantly incompetent Ewell worked hard to tarnish Longstreet's name after the war.

General Longstreet belongs at #2 just below General Lee. Old Pete made many of Lee's victories possible.

Best defensive fighter in the war.. his strategies were years ahead of his time

8 Winfield Scott

He came up with the plan that destroyed the south


9 Winfield Scott Hancock

This man along with Longstreet were the best generals in the war.

10 Abraham LIincoln

He was not a General. He was a President. - Alpha101

Not general. - zxm

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? George Gordon Meade

This guy fought the Battle of Gettysburg against Lee and won.

The Contenders

11 Patrick Cleburne
12 Joseph Hooker

Good job on bringing hookers to the military camps

13 William C. Quantrill
14 J.E.B. Stuart

He save countless lifes

15 Joseph Eggleston Johnston
16 Philip Sheridan
17 P. G. T. Beauregard

Good engineer

18 John Bell Hood

I meant to give Hood a thumbs down. Hood was a commander with little imagination who used brute force instead of maneuver - and his solders paid the price. His attack at Franklin was criminal.
Lee described him as "All lion - no fox"

Definitely not the very bets but a really great soldier and general. Did what he was ordered and pursued the orders flawlessly without complaint.

19 A.P. Hill
20 Braxton Bragg

He was one of the worst

21 Ambrose E. Burnside

He seemed to be a pretty good strategist, his biggest flaw was sticking with a plan even if circumstances made it not as good, (Meade removing the U.S.C.T. at the Crater, and the late pontoon bridges at Fredericksburg. He also managed to launch successful campaigns in North Carolina as well as East Tennessee. He doesn’t get much credit however, because he was an honest man, and never tried to make his reputation something it wasn’t, as was the case with many other Generals.

Only major defeat was Fredericksburg, maybe not the best, but he wasn’t as bad as many people see him. Most Generals had a major defeat at some point, for instance, Lee at Gettysburg, and Grant at Cold Harbor. Not A great general, but not horrible either. He did fine as a core commander, and didn’t want command of the Entire army. He declined twice, and only accepted when he was told it was either him or Hooker, (who also failed).

22 Albert Sidney Johnston

I'm surprised that Johnston wasn't already on here. He though he was not the greatest (That distinction belongs to Lee) he did a good job in command of the Western Theatre considering what he had. After his death at Shiloh the Western Theatre went awry and it was all downhill from there

23 Ambrose Everett Burnside

Already on the list

24 John F. Reynolds

Unfortunately he died on the first day of Gettysburg

25 Goerge B. McClellan
26 Galusha Pennypacker

He isn't a 4 star general. He was a brigadier general, one star general. The youngest general of that time. Got promoted when he was 20 or 24 (something like that). - zxm

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