Most Sus Colors in Among Us

A list of different colors in among us ranked by how likely they are to be an imposter (opinion).
The Top Ten
1 Lime

Why does this list exist?

No seriously. Why?

Lime is hella sus

Wth how is this 1.

2 Red

Red is always sus!

Omg in these past years with red they don't think red is the most sus

No pink is sus!

3 Dark Blue
4 Purple
5 Yellow
6 Cyan

I also suck at being imp!

7 Orange
8 Pink
9 White
10 Green
The Contenders
11 Black
12 Brown
13 Fortegreen
14 Rose
15 Gray
16 Tan
17 Banana
18 Maroon
19 Coral

I just added this to the list because it's the only color fro the game not on here.. but this is a weird list-

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