The Best Playable Among Us Characters

The Top Ten
1 Yellow

I never get eliminated with this color
And it's my favorite

2 Green

My favorite color is green.
Say what I'll tell you a story.

Once, red was blaming on green.
Green said it was yellow and blue + purple listened. Then red killed black and sabotaged purple. But… green blamed it on red and blue listened and red was thrown out. Victory

By JeffreyC26

3 Pink
4 Lime

Cool color, My favorite shade of green.

I love this one.

5 Blue
6 Tan

I just hope that this color will oin back the astronaut jelly beans. Is special in an unique way. that's why I like it.

this is a color?

7 Red

Ah yes my color

8 Black


I ALWAYS use black when I can. I am called Cat, and I am mostly black.

Besides, black works with wolf ears, bat ears, and cat ears, which I wear. and even more!

I use this color a lot

9 White
10 Purple

For some reason everyone who uses this color is now a Female to literally everyone. Come on, gender assuming is wrong.

The Contenders
11 Cyan
12 Orange
13 Fortegreen
14 Brown
15 Olive
16 Banana
17 Maroon
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