The Best Playable Among Us Characters

The Top Ten
1 Pink

Yep. Against Yellow. - UltimateHarms

2 Yellow

I never get eliminated with this color
And it's my favorite

Yeah, good for head accessories like “Flower” - UltimateHarms

goes well with everything

3 Lime

I love this one.

It’s also good. - UltimateHarms

4 White

fits well with goat horns

5 Cyan

It’s good, I feel like it’s a “Turquoise” more than Cyan. - UltimateHarms

6 Purple

My secondary colour to choose in Among Us. - UltimateHarms

7 Orange

Meh, it’s fine and all, but not useful. - UltimateHarms

8 Red

Ah yes my color

The main Among Us colour. I don’t mind it. - UltimateHarms

9 Green

It does look like green, maybe just call it “Dark Green” ? - UltimateHarms

10 Black

It’s good, cooler than white. - UltimateHarms

cOoLeR tHaN wHiTe
how dare you...

The Contenders
11 Blue
12 Fortegreen
13 Tan

I just hope that this color will oin back the astronaut jelly beans. Is special in an unique way. that's why I like it.

this is a color?

14 Brown
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