The Best Playable Among Us Characters

The Top Ten
1 Yellow

I never get eliminated with this color
And it's my favorite

2 Green

My favorite color is green.
Say what I'll tell you a story.

Once, red was blaming on green.
Green said it was yellow and blue + purple listened. Then red killed black and sabotaged purple. But… green blamed it on red and blue listened and red was thrown out. Victory

By JeffreyC26

3 Pink
4 Lime

Cool color, My favorite shade of green.

I love this one.

5 Tan

I just hope that this color will oin back the astronaut jelly beans. Is special in an unique way. that's why I like it.

6 Blue
7 Red

Ah yes my color

8 Black


I ALWAYS use black when I can. I am called Cat, and I am mostly black.

Besides, black works with wolf ears, bat ears, and cat ears, which I wear. and even more!

I use this color a lot

9 White
10 Purple

For some reason everyone who uses this color is now a Female to literally everyone. Come on, gender assuming is wrong.

The Contenders
11 Orange
12 Cyan
13 Fortegreen
14 Brown

Especially with the paper roll hat!

15 Banana
16 Gray
17 Olive
18 Maroon
19 Rose
20 Coral
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