Top 10 Among Us Stereotypes

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1 The struggling to get into a lobby people

So you want to play a game. You go to find a public game and click on a random game only to get a message saying "Lobby is full" or "game has already started" so it takes like 7 years to finally find a game

Yeah that's just tough. And once you get the game started everyone leaves.

Player count: 2/10
Me: *clicks join three seconds after*
AU: The game you tried to join is full.

2 The dating people

My friend simps for a joke but DAMN it gets annoying and 18 + quick. It's a rare occasion to see my friend and a random stranger to not make it go too far.

I've been in those servers and gosh does it make me uncomfortable.

That image by the way is something I found in a game I was playing.

3 The random accusers

These are like Sherlock Holmes players except they may or may not have actual evidence and if they do it's barely anything at best. These are the ones to say "Red sus" and that's all that's the entire case even though red has passed them multiple times and not killed them. On top of that it feels like saying any color is sus works like 2/3 of the time too.

Someone just accuses me for no reason, and I get voted out. It's sad that this is so common.

4 The dropouts

I don't know who you are. These People simply put wanted to be impostor and weren't selected so instead of playing they just quit, it's really good and people love it, 2 people leave immediately and the impostor kills someone and game over, if you're someone who does this I love you and I know I am alone

You know who you are. These people simply put wanted to be the impostor but weren't selected so instead of playing they just quit. It's annoying as hell and really screws up the game for everyone else. Literally any game you play at least 2 people leave immediately and then someone else leaves a minute later then the impostors kill someone and game over if you are one who does this I hate you and I know I'm not alone

5 The call a meeting at the worst possible time people

When I'm in a download, it's so annoying. That doesn't make sense. Why can't I let the data download while I'm in a meeting? Also, it can be bad for the impostors too. If you vent into a room and you're about to kill someone, and then EMERGENCY MEETING! But, it's not like they knew we were about to finish a task or something.

So you know what happens you got download or Simon says or whatever and someone calls a meeting or reports a body. Literally something happens to interrupt your task and you have to start all over it's frustrating

6 The hide and seekers

So apparently there's an alternative game mode where you don't report any bodies and try to do tasks without getting caught kinda like a cat and mouse game it can be fun but there's annoying things about it. Like if people who don't know how to play join a game and report a body. Even though it doesn't say anything about hide and seek in the title of the lobby or anything you are just supposed to know obviously

I don't understand the point of this. It's almost impossible to win as crew mates if you can't report.

7 The lazy hosts

Not necessarily because if you want to play a decent game of Among us then you've got a wait till 10 people. I hate it when people start at 4-6 people because the game ends way to quickly, and I wanted to play with that amount then I would have put the settings on. Chances are load of people are going to drop out through the game which is highly annoying. This means to play a decent and enjoyable game you gotta wait till 10 people.

8 The people who just say Red is sus

People who say Cyan is sus are even more annoying.

9 The one that pretends to be impostor
10 The people who think solid evidence is sus

I once tried something that made me get out. I was in cams with black and purple. I decided to go to the area near the door. I waited for a few seconds. when I came back, black was dead and purple was gone. I told the other people what happened and everyone said I was sus. no one believed me :(

They sabotaged the doors of the room they were in! I saw it! Okay vote me out, FINE!

When I have some actual evidence, like 'Lime ran away from reactor when it was sabotaged', someone would just say 'U sus 4 accusing someone'

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11 The people who think you self report when you report a body
12 The sore losers

I don't know whether getting kicked after a win is satisfying or annoying.

13 The people who follow you to make you feel uncomfortable
14 The lazy crewmates

This barely requires explanation if you're a Crewmate you're supposed to do tasks like that's your one job. The tasks aren't even hard like come on if everyone is doing their tasks and one guy just isn't that's really frustrating. Don't even get me started on people just standing around idle in the cafeteria on Skeld like I get afk happens but there's no way that like 3 people are all afk. Go do your 5 or so tasks that's all you have to do

Mostly happens with the ghosts. All they do is just follow who killed them, instead of actually doing the tasks.

15 The people where take forever to start
16 The “Sherlock Holmes”

This person thinks they're some genius who has this game figured out and will interrupt the conversation with their conspiracy theories about who the impostor is. Even though he's wrong more often than not half the crew will take what he say seriously and sometimes it works yet nobody says anything about him being wrong 4 times in a row

I am totally the Sherlock Holmes. Except most of the time I can back it up.

When they're not a very good Sherlock Holmes, that ruins the game.

17 The “Emergency Meeting” people

You know how it goes you do your task when someone will call an emergency meeting to "say hi" or " I have scan" sometimes it can be useful to vote out the impostor when you are down to 3 people but most of the time it's because people are dumb. Also you ever have someone call a meeting and then not say anything at all? I swear they use it for trolling and nothing else

Once I pressed that multiple times as a prank, but they didn't liked that at all, so they threw me out, didn't care if I was an imposter or not. I regret that now.

18 The noobs
19 The cheaters
20 The complete idiots

Well, it's a game about trying to figure out the impostors, it's not surprising there's idiots in the game.

21 The "u idiot I" crewmates
22 The hackers
23 The pranksters

One time, I joined a lobby and the owner instantly banned everyone on the server. What a jerk.

24 The reddit people
25 The Is and Os
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