Top Ten Best Among Us Skeld Map Tasks

These are only tasks that can be found in the Skeld map.
The Top Ten
1 Submit Scan - Medbay

Short and simple task that proves your innocence when visuals are on. I like it.

The best task too prove your innocence.

2 Clear Asteroids - Weapons

Fun to do when you're bored and can prove your innocence.

3 Swipe Card - Admin

I'm not sure how people find this hard. 95 percent of the time I do this I get it right on the first try(both on PC and mobile).

This task is not as hard as people make it out too be. It’s also a good way too find the Imposter as it is a common task.

4 Fix Wiring - Electrical, Security, Admin, Cafeteria, Navigation and Storage

I don't like this task. I get it way too many times in games and I have to go from areas very far from eachother because of it.

A fairly easy task, especially with the new shapes for colourblind players.

5 Prime Shields - Shields

Another fun task that proves your innocence.

6 Upload Data - Admin
7 Stabilize Steering - Navigation

The easiest task in the Skeld map. You just need too press. No effort or waiting needed.

Shortest task in the map and it's nice.

8 Inspect Sample - Medbay

Unlike the other tasks on this list, for this task you can start it then walk away and come back 1 minute later.

This is why emergency meetings are useful because when it ends it's automatically over.

9 Clean O2 Filter - O2

This is like the wires except I don't like it because it's just boring I guess.

All you need too do for this task is swipe a few times and your done.

10 Unlock Manifolds - Reactor

For this task you need too press numbers one to ten in order. If you get it wrong you need too start from the beginning.

Just another normal short task.

The Contenders
11 Start Reactor - Reactor

It's quite boring but I just added it for fun.

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