Top 10 Changes that Should Be Made in an Among Us Update

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1 Add a Detective role

I know there are mods that do this. I don't like to speedrun tasks anyway. I just try to find the imposter anyway and I'll do a task when I'm near it.

So instead of crewmates and impostors, we can add a third role which they don’t have tasks, but take notes and try and figure out who is the impostor.

That would be interesting

That would be cool.

2 Introduce an account system

I think they are working on this. It would definitely be cool, so you don't have to play with idiots and you don't need codes unless you just want to play randoms.

We need this to make friends and follow people and whatever. Plus, it would help eliminate cheaters.

This way, we wouldn't have to change nicknames every time so that someone knows who we are.

Absolutely. We can make friends and actually be able to play with those people again.

3 Add ability to send friend requests

Yess! This would be so useful! Because the only time you play among us with your friend is on call and you might accidentally cheat and that would ruin the fun

Is good to have a friend list cause you can invite nice people that u meet to play again with them.

If they add this, you won't lose people you won't had fun playing with.

4 Add a punishment for dropping out

This would be nice for people who don't use mods, but like the minute they drop a update mods are gonna be tweaked and remove the punishment. I have an advanced Android mod and it removes the leave penalty so obviously they can mod it.

If you drop out because you're not impostor, the punishment should be that your chance of being impostor drops by 10% and you cannot join a lobby for 30 minutes.

I think that there actually is. If you leave a game more than five times, you can’t play for five minutes. If you leave again after that in the next three games, you can’t play again for ten minutes. Something like that.

This is the most irritating thing and right now there’s nothing they can really do, but when there’s an actual punishment, they are less likely to do this in the future.

5 Add option to filter specific settings for public lobbies

Every server I join has way too long discussion time and voting time, I just want to have a filter to find servers that have 15s discussion time and 30s voting time.

So you join a lobby and it’s the worst settings possible imagine if you could filter for specific speeds or something like that

That would be so helpful.

Yeah. I try joining a game and it has TEN SECOND KILL COOLDOWN! What!

6 Add the ability to change the stage and number of impostors in the lobby

You really have to be sure about your stage and impostor settings because you can’t change them in the lobby for some reason.

Yeah that would be nice.

7 Add proximity chat

There are proximity mods and I have to say they are really fun. I say add it to the actual game.

That way instead of using an emergency meeting with everyone, you could do that on the fly.

I would like this

8 Add dynamic map layouts

So say you play Skeld a million times - you know the layout inside and out. What if it switches up every so often to keep things interesting?

They are doing this with the new map.

9 Add more color options

Tan, gray, fortegreen will be cool to be playable colors in game.
Also I think about a colorblind support mode. Host can activate this and colors hard to understand by colorblind players can't be selected.

Yes, or Silver or Bronze or...NEON BLUE OR ANY COLOUR OH HELL YEAH! OMG PUT SAPPHIRE AND RUBY IN THERE TOO OMG okay I need to calm down...- UltimateHarms

Like what? I'm pretty sure that all of the colors are already used

GOLD, TEAL, SILVER, see all the possible colors.

10 Allow larger lobbies

You know this would be really fun. They would need more colors and who know we could have 4 impostor games. I’d say 16 is the max number.

Then we could actually have a fair three impostor game.

I agree. This helps 3 impostor serves be actually fair.

Yeah up to 20 people would be neat

The Newcomers

? Allow impostors to scan
? Host can choose who will become Impostor
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11 Freeplay dummies move and kill

Sorry guys I had to add this. I tried introducing my dad to Among Us but every online server I played was toxic cursing everywhere so I did freeplay but it was boring because the dummies don't move or do anything in general.

YESSS they are lifeless and make them nothing like the real game. It needs to be more like practice mode!

12 Add flashlights

That would interesting, but this would have to be a setting time thing like visual tasks. You should be able to turn it off and on.

This could be an interesting dynamic and could make cutting the lights not as powerful.

This could be interesting.

13 Show age on the dead body

So like if it’s been a while, it turns grayish. It doesn’t have to be gore-y, but something to tell as more information when someone reports. It’s another thing that impostors could lie about, too.

If the body is dead for more than 5 minutes, it turns all rusty and ruined.

Wow, I've never thought of this! This would be great! And interesting.

Um maybe. I think that may make it a little easy.

14 Add a party system

You can invite people to the server without having to tell them the code.

15 Add different kinds of weapons

What would you use weapons for?

16 Add a medic role
17 Add a chat for impostors in multiple impostor games

Is hard to make the perfect impostor plan. this chat help u talk with your mate without seeing what crew talks. In this way you can create a startegy and kill will be more fun.

They could discuss about who to kill.

18 Add a zombie mode

Crew must finish tasks while running away from zombies. The undead will have dirty broken suit, will hide in vents beeing able to bite players and turn them in zombies. Unable to sabotage.

19 Add a true hide and seek mode

seeker will be red and hiders will be blue. If a blue player got catched, it will become red and will have to help the seeker.

20 Add an offline mode

Online mode is annoying with all these little kids.

21 Add more maps

Maybe an airport?

there is airport coming I believe

yep I want that

22 Add themed cosmetics

Best possible way to promote Halo Infinite rn

23 Add a bomb the imposter can place around the map that will explode killing everyone within a couple feet
24 Prevent players from kicking the host

But people might use this to their advantage. They'll probably hack but their the host so they can't get kicked/banned. And hackers don't care if they get voted or not, ghost or alive, they can still hack

25 Add voice chat

U can dirrectly say your oppinion insteadwasting time writing it.
If u can use also some effects to change your voice will be greatst

omg this is great but it would be so funny at the same time

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