Top 10 Tips to Being a Good Crewmate in Among Us

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1 Stick Together

A good rule is to try and stay together. The general principle is safety in numbers. Don't stay alone for too long or else you're a prime target for the impostors, but don't get too close either, just stay relatively close.

Most people stay together for the first few seconds, but I kinda get a little paranoid when someone follows me around for too long.

I die every game (no I'm not kidding I do die every game) most of the time first its because I noramlly stick with the group and there's this one idiot/noob that kills me in front of 4 people like why?

Very smart idea

2 Do Your Tasks

Theoretically, if everyone does their tasks without worrying about the imposter so much, they could win the game on just that.

I think everyone hates people who don't do their tasks, like come on, it's super easy to do most of them. Plus, you'll look sus if you don't do them. Also, even when you die, do your tasks and you can still win. Dying doesn't mean game over people!

That's the entire goal of being a Crewmate. Do the little 5 second task, what's the big deal?

The best way is to use your brain and do the tasks.

3 Don’t Leave the Game

No Seriously being a Crewmate is not fun because when you see an Impostor kill infront of you and you report it, The Impostor says that you self reported and you get voted out, seriously it isn't fun at all and I hate being a Crewmate, I WILL NEVER ENJOY IT!

I know sometimes it happens, but don't be immature and leave when you're not the impostor. It kinda ruins the game for everyone else. Don't be that person nobody likes someone who is immature and rage quits when they aren't selected to be the impostor like you're statistically not going to be the impostor as much the math doesn't lie.

Obviously, not leaving the game is extremely immature and not nice to your fellow hardworking crew mates.

Seriously, being a crewmate is fun too.

4 Don’t Spam the Chat

The chat can be a vital place to discuss information. Don't spam it or else you'll look sus, and everyone will hate you.

5 Save Any Visual Tasks

Use these to prove your innocence. Always save these for if you start getting accused when you're safe. Do them last. It's a sure fire way to exonerate yourself.

Use these as a way to prove your innocence, but be careful as the impostors might watch you and then lure you in to kill you, so keep an eye out.

6 Know When to Use an Emergency Meeting

There's times you do and do not use an emergency meeting; you have a limited amount, so use them wisely. If you see someone vent, then you have a valid reason. If you're just saying hi, that's annoying and everyone will hate you.

I did that mistake, as a prank, but I regret it now.

7 If You’re on Cams and See Something Sus, Get Off Cams for a Second and Get Back On

This is a common tip just don't get right back on wait about 20 seconds or so first

8 Don’t Stay on Cams Too Long

Yeah, when you're on cams, you're a target since you are vulnerable from behind. You shouldn't just camp there unless there's multiple people there.

If you're on cams on Skeld, don't hang there forever, that's kind of a hotspot for impostors. The Security, Medbay, and Electrical vents are all connected on Skeld, so I call it the Bermuda Triangle. So get in, check cams, and get out.

Most of the time, I have company though.

9 Do Not Cheat
10 Know Your Tasks

This is mainly for newbies, but knowing your tasks will help you. If you need a refresher, just go to freeplay mode and do the tasks there. Knowing what to do can help you not look sus.

You should try to memorize them just in case comms are sabotaged.

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11 Be Willing to Clear Fellow Crewmates

This is especially true. If you have no visual tasks, be willing to watch other Crewmates, then in the next meeting, say they are safe and they will likely remember that and trust you more.

Yeah you need to know who is safe so you know who is trustworthy

12 Do Tasks as a Ghost
13 Use Logic, Not "Sus"

Well sometimes bringing up logic doesn't work because your Crewmates are dumb, but yeah, if you accuse somebody you need some sort of reasoning.

Lets say me and orange are running to admin to do a download task. I always am scared that he is going to say I am chasing him and call me sus

14 Don’t Stay in Electrical for Too Long

Electrical is dangerous. It's a pretty common place for impostors to hide out so get in and get out. Definitely don't want to hang around in there longer than you need to.

15 Don't Stand Close to Vents
16 If There are 2 People in a Room, Try Walking a Bit Out of the Room So Nobody in the Room Can See You So If Someone Dies in the Room, You Will Know Who Did It

Unless they are smart and come out of the room and kill YOU instead.

Another good thing to do is slowly follow someone somewhere where there is only one way to get out, (reactor, security, medbay, electrical, navigation) and a vent is. If that person you were following wasn't there when you walked in (You have to walk in like 3 seconds after), you know who it is.

17 Stack Kills

For those of you who don't know what this means, it means if there are many people standing in almost the exact same place, kill then and no one will know who did it, because it could have been anyone standing right there. Pretty good strategy, actually.

18 Do Not Yell Out Other Impostors
19 Don't Press the Emergency Button Right When the Game Starts
20 Do Not Be Named Imposter
21 Don't Always Report Bodies
22 Don't Follow Crewmates

Unless you and that person know each other are safe then they would understand why they following you.

23 If You are a Crewmate, Try to Stick Together in Groups of 3 in a 1 Impostor Game
24 Remember to Spell "Impostor" Correctly
25 Save Long Tasks for When There is One Impostor Left
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