Top Ten Among Us Mira HQ Tasks

These are only tasks that can be found on the Mira HQ map.
The Top Ten
1 Buy Beverage - Cafeteria

You need too walk up too a soda machine and buy a drink based on the drawing provided. This task is 1st place as it is completely unique.

2 Run Diagnostics - Launch Pad

This task is separated into two parts. The first step is to begin the diagnostic process by pressing a button. Wait 90 seconds, and then return to the task and select the anomaly to complete the task. It’s hilarious too watch people wait there without realising they don’t need too wait.

3 Enter ID Code - Admin

You must first pull a card out of your wallet and enter the password written on it. If you do it incorrectly, you'll have to try again. It reminds you of the swipe card task or the O2 sabotage.

4 Measure Weather - Balcony

Press the begin button and wait. The task is complete when the download is finished. The animations on the task make me like it a lot.

5 Assemble Artefact - Laboratory

Fit the pieces of the artifact back together like a puzzle. It’s a pretty cool task in my opinion.

6 Process Data - Office

Simply upload the data to complete the task. It’s basically an easier download data task.

7 Submit scan - Medbay

I tried too only include tasks that can only be found in Mira HQ, but it seems it has a lot less unique tasks. Just stand on the pad and let the device scan your body. This is the only visual task on MIRA HQ, so it’s the only way too prove yourself as a crewmate.

8 Water Plants - Storage and GreenHouse

Players must first grab a watering can from Storage and walk over to the Greenhouse to water the plants. There is a reference too I believe Legend of Zelda when you water the plants but I could be wrong.

9 Chart Course - Admin

Drag the shop across all four points on the screen to complete this task. It’s interesting how this is normally a task in navigation.

10 Clear Asteroids - Balcony

You must destroy 20 asteroids to complete this task. Simply click or tap on the asteroids as they float by to destroy them. Unlike other maps, destroying Asteroids on MIRA HQ is not a visual task. This makes the Medbay Scan task very important in this map.

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