Top Ten Scariest Roller Coasters in the World

There are many white knuckle roller coasters out there that give you thrills and make you want to ride them again and again. But what roller coasters make you dread even looking at them? What ones invert you until you're so dizzy that you won't even ride the carousel? What roller coasters are so fast that you can't even scream and what roller coasters are so high that looking down is as scary as looking at a ghost? Have your say here.
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1 Kingda Ka

Second fastest rollercoaster of about 214 mph. Also at 459 ft of over 150 metres making it worlds highest roller coaster. Makes intimidator 305 scream and wet their bed and same with tower of terror II. Scariest rollercoaster from the king of theme parks. So beastly it accelerates to full speed in about three seconds and got struck by lightning. Tower of terror II only has height of over 300 ft and has half a second of air time. Sereosly kingda ka has a derrenged delay, derrenged speed, derrenged height, derrenged acceleration and derrenged positive and negative g-force

Just went on it today. Oh my god. Have mercy on anyone who decides to go on it. I was tearing, not from straight fear, but just from going 128 MPH. Everyone should experience this ride though. It was legendary.

This rollercoaster is ridiculous. It is 456 ft tall and goes at 128 mph. It drops at a 90 degree angle and it is so tall you are in a cloud I heard. I have never rode anything like this and I probably never will.

To be honest this is such a short ride it's not even that scary. By the time you are enjoying the ride it's already over. Plus the shoulder bars are awful. Still fun though

2 Top Thrill Dragster

This should be number one. It isn't as tall or fast as kingda ka, but you barely notice the difference. There is one thing scarier than anything... LAPBARS!

This was an amazing experience that I will never forget. It is my second favorite roller coaster after millenium force.

Better than king the ka

3 Millennium Force

Should be number 1

4 Vortex (Kings Island)
5 The Beast
6 GateKeeper
7 Flight of Fear

I was crying when I finally strapped myself down...

8 Eejanaika
9 Maverick

Balls to the wall fun!

10 Raptor
The Contenders
11 Superman: Escape from Krypton
12 Formula Rossa
13 Tower of Terror II
14 Blue Streak
15 Intimidator (Carowinds)

I love this ride even though it scares people. It's the fastest and biggest one I've been on.

16 Intimidator 305

I black out on this ride

17 Oblivion

Vertical drop into Oblivion!

18 Viper
19 Leviathan
20 Dragon Khan

Trully amazing, the amount of times you are sent upside down and thrown about is amazing.

21 Ring Racer
22 Saw (Thorpe Park)
23 Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

I remember the first time I was able to go on this ride I was just tall enough. I was so excited. It was awesome! I highly recommend it!

This was my first roller coaster.

24 Magnum XL
25 X2

Okay so Eejanaika gets a better place than X2 when X2 came out BEFORE that ride? That's absurd.

Honestly, this should be right below Kingda Ka and Top Thrill Dragster, as it will flip you over and over again

This should be number 2

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