Top Ten Facts About Miraculous Ladybug

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1 It was made in 3D because the animators complained that it was too difficult to animate spots in 2D

Interesting... I always preferred 3D animation over 2D anyway, despite what the die-hard nostalgic animation fans think otherwise. (Why beg for 2D hand drawn animation to be back when 3D animation can be good? Plus, 2D animated shows still exist today)

Haven't seen the show but it looks interesting. Too bad it airs on the Disney channel. -_- (I'm not a Disney fan, but I respect your opinion if you are)

Miraculous ladybug is about

2 Chat Noir is voiced by Bryce Papenbrook in the English dub who also voiced Kirito from Sword Art Online

He was also the voice of Raven and Karel in Fire Emblem Heroes, plus Henry in Fire Emblem Awakening as well.

And Eren Jaeger in the English dub of Attack on Titan.

I love Sword Art Online AND Miraculous Ladybug!

3 The creator of the show, Thomas Astruc, is called Hawkdaddy/Papapillon by fans
4 Marinette is French-Chinese

I love that she is of mixed race, because we don't get many characters that are.

5 Marinette's name means "the one who rise to make bread". This relates to her parents' job as bakery owners.
6 Adrien's surname, Agreste, is actually the French name of grayling butterfly
7 Ladybug PV Marinette is often called "Bridgette" by fans to differentiate between the PV and 3D versions
8 Felix actually Chat Noir's civilian self. However, he get replaced by Adrien because his creator said he's "too anime cliche"
9 Ladybug's hair is darker and shinier than Marinettes

That is not true, its just light and perception.

10 The episodes are based off the name of akumatized villains with the exception of Vanisher
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11 Adrien's name is from the Roman word "Hadrianus" meaning "from Hadria". It also commonly translated as "the dark one"
12 Aurore Beaureal's name is a pun of "aurora borealis"
13 Magical Of Misfortune is the only akumatized villain who doesn't appear in the show despite he was mentioned in the episode "Princess Fragrance"

#miss fortune

14 Thomas Astruc, the creator of the show, said Marinette was really hard to get akumatized because she was an optimistic person

I did not know

15 Marinette, Alya, and Chloe are the only characters whose mom and dad are confirmed alive

The rest of the characters either are left with a single dad (Adrien, Sabrina, and Alix) or a single mom (Juleka and Luka, Manon, and Kagami).

16 The show draws inspiration from magical girl genre, DC, and Marvel.
17 Rose and Juleka are a Canon and Official Lesbian Couple
18 Hawk Moth can akumatize people he’s already akumatized

Seen in Queen Wasp. He does this a lot beginning in season 3 and will possibly continue to do so in future seasons.

19 Marinette's name in a fake cover, The Mini Menace Ladybug, was Marietta
20 Xavier’s design is based on Inspector Gadget

The appearance of Xavier is based on the comic science-fiction character, Inspector Gadget.

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