Top Ten Danganronpa Executions

Danganronpa is a video game/anime. The main genre is mystery and each time a culprit of the murder commited is found, they are executed. These are the best! Enjoy!!
The Top Ten
1 Celeste's execution - The Burning of The Versailles Witch

Although I like Kirumi's, Makoto's, and Peko's executions, I really like the symbolism in Celeste's execution. Celeste has lived her life wanting to being important (and live in a European castle...), and her execution reflects this. Being burned alive is a... 'special' form of death worthy of Celeste's dream... until monokuma came in with a firetruck. Car crashes are one of the most common forms of death, crushing Celeste's dream of becoming special. Monokuma you cheeky jerk.

I kinda a fan of Celestia, but I kinda wish it had some elements akin to her talent and not her wants. But literally sets a trend for all Chapter 3 killers (the double murders). Greed for Celestia, Lust for Mikan, and Pride for Korekiyo.

2 Tanaka's execution - Stampede

One of maybe four executions that made me cry my eyes out. Gundham is my favorite character 7 I was really sad to see him die. And then it went & made me conflicted between sadness & happiness when he defied his own expectations & was brought up to Heaven by a brigade of fluffy little animal angels! Though not my favorite execution, it's definitely a close second!

Not only was this incredibly sad, but despite his delusions of being a dark being destined for hell should he die, this execution ends with him getting brought up to heaven by animals, which was a great addition to this otherwise unbelievably heartbreaking execution.

3 Chiaki Nanami's execution - Please Insert Coin

I'm always sad when I see this execution.

4 Kaede Akamatsu's execution - Der Flohwalzer

Rip in the chat. I cry about this all of the time

It's really sad, she didn't even kill Rantaro. Her execution was so violent I almost cried

5 Leon's execution - Million Fungoes

I think the reason everybody loves this execution is because it was an amazing start to the killing game, and really shocked everybody by how gruesome it really was for the first death. I remember playing Danganronpa for the first time and seeing that and it made me feel really shocked and surprised yet also excited, it's just such a great nostalgic execution and couldn't have been made better; if only some of the other executions were like this it would be better.

While a lot of the other executions were very emotional, this one gave off the most Dangan Ronpa like vibe that a lot of other executions didn't have. It used a bunch machinery and it was truly gruesome without looking strange or random. (Being deep fried in a volcano? Yeah, that makes sense.) Leon's execution really fit well with the overall style of the video game. Not to mention it looked painful.

6 Pekoyama's execution - One Woman Army

This one was a ' masterpiece. It had an action-packed montage of Peko slicing the crap out of a bunch of robot samurais, Fuyuhiko dramatically rushing into the execution chamber & through the crowd of enemies to try to save Peko, & ended with what was arguably the saddest death in the series to date. Additionally, this execution was one of the few where the aftermath drastically affected one of the surviving characters for the rest of the game. (Also because Kuzupeko is so sad & adorable & I love them with all my stupid fanboy heart)

7 Tōjō Kirumi's execution - Thread of Agony

This is seriously the most psychologically brutal execution to watch. The massive amounts of determination she uses during the execution ultimately ends up as her downfall. A really tall downfall.

Love her, but love seeing the creativity and brutality of danganronpa executions come through even more, v3 delivers with that. this execution and the trial prior to it had me crying like a baby

This is one of the reasons why I think V3 had the best and most gruesome executions; including Kaede's execution and Korekiyos which were just as bad.

8 Junko's execution - Super Duper Nasty Torture

She's still cute and smiles when she executed herself. And, she survived some of it, not like the other characters that just died from one. I think Junko is a cute, strong, and genius PSYCHO. Love her

What can I say? The best execution would be all of them combined!

9 Nanami's execution - Insert Coin

I love video games, this was creative, innovative all the words you see around new video game consoles.

I love all the references in this execution and how creative it was, yet it makes me so sad because I loved Chiaki and Monomi.

Though Nanami's one of my favourite characters, her execution is still looks very cool and funny for me.
Also the music of execution is better then the others :D (in my humble opinion)

10 Naegi or Kirigiri's execution - Detention

Absolutely brutal, with the best music to go with. The fright on Kirigiri + Naegi's faces is just awful to watch, and I think they did an awesome job telling exactly how they felt through their body language (even though they were just sitting in a chair). Thinking about this execution makes me feel physically ill. 10/10

The Contenders
11 Kaito’s execution - New Blast Off

This one was the best and the only failed execution (if you don't count Makoto) Kaito died the way he wanted,he got his dream to be in space and also smiling at the moment of death. Absolutely beautiful and heart touching.

Kaito died on his own terms instead of being executed like Monokuma wanted. I was actually happy about the result of this one, though still sad Kaito died.

12 Gonta Gokuhara's execution - Wild West Insecticide

He was the sweetest character who died because of other people. He didn't deserve this. Rest in peace

13 Hanamura's execution - Deep Fried Teruteru
14 Korekiyo Shinguji's execution - Picture Scroll of Punishments Past and Present

I think this execution was really fitting for Korekiyo and I really liked it.

15 Mondo's execution-The cage of death

The hardest part of Mondo's death was poor Ishimaru's reaction to it, which was also one of the best parts about it. It was super heart-destroyingly sad to hear his cries as Mondo was taken away, and even sadder to hear him cry after he was gone. Super sad and definitely traumatizing!

Why is this one so low? Mondo is my least favorite character after Teruteru, but he literally got turned into butter and eaten on pancakes! (Ha, ha... Well, Teruteru got turned into food as well, but at least Monokuma didn't eat him)

16 Alter Ego's execution - A Dozer Master

This one was so sad. Alter Ego was so innocent and sweet and it made my stomach turn when I saw how brutally(well, for an AI) he was destroyed

17 Teruteru Hanamura's execution - Deep Fried Teruteru
18 Kirumi’s execution - Strand of Agony

It was one of the most painful looking executions. The fact that she was climbing up a vine with thorns on it sounded terrifying. The rusty chainsaws also made it worse. The fact that Kirumi thought she made it to the top and ends up falling to her death just makes it more sad and painful.

This to me without a doubt is the worst punishment to be used.

19 Mokoto/Kyoko's execution - Detention/ After School Lesson

I get anxiety whenever I replay the game, even though I've seen it a billion times. I love it.

20 Tsumiki's execution - Bye Bye Ouchies!

This one was just an excuse to add a final dose of Mikan fanservice. Honestly, I was more confused than sad or disgusted.

21 Jin Kirigiri’s execution - Blast Off!
22 Ultimate Annihilation - The Academy’s Execution
23 Forced Shutdown - Ai Junkos Execution
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