Funniest My Hero Academia Characters

For the record, this is not a list of the best My Hero Academia Characters, but a list of the funniest My Hero Academia Characters of them all. Basically, I'm just making this list for fun and for the fact that this show is chock-full of hilarious moments and characters.

That said, feel free to vote and add to this list.
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1 Izuku Midoriya Izuku "Deku" Midoriya is a fictional character and the protagonist of My Hero Academia, a manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi.

As expected of someone born Quirkless, someone who grew up as a Shrinking Violet can really be innocently and awkwardly hilarious. About three-fourths of the time, I always find myself chuckling at Izuku's naive experiences. Whether it be hanging on for dear life on All Might's leg all the way up in the sky or literally crying so hard that his tears send his feet plummeting into the ground crack and all at the Sports Festival, never is there a dull moment with Izuku. Who knows? Maybe that "tear Quirk" he jokingly inherited from his mother isn't the only thing he inherited from her. And since there's no father around as of yet, I guess we can say "Like mother, like son".

2 Katsuki Bakugou

Well, to those of you who despise Katsuki, you can thank me that I didn't put this jerk in the top 3. However, at the same time, it's my list and these are the characters I love and find to be funny, so that's why Katsuki still finds his way into the top 5 at the 4th spot. Voiced by seiyuu Nobuhiko Okamoto, it wasn't too soon until I started getting Rin Okumura vibes from Katsuki Bakugou himself. Sure, Katsuki is a lot meaner than Rin, but not only does he have a badass Quirk and is proficient at almost everything, but he also makes for some HILARIOUS rage quits and whatnot. Just watch the scene where he's still mad at getting a cheap win over Shouto and is brushing his teeth so rapidly that he's shouting for the germs in them to die. In fact, a lot of his rage quits have him saying "Die! " all the time. "Die" sure does seem to be his favorite word...

3 Denki Kaminari

You could basically say that Denki is a human version of Pikachu. Well, maybe more like Pichu due to his Quirk's major flaw... Essentially, if he uses electrocution Quirk at max power, he literally becomes DUMB from recoil. And I mean LITERALLY. Denki is already a funny character on his own nature, but what really sticks out about him is how he takes a major recoil from his own electrocution Quirk like how Pichu takes damage from using electric attacks in Super Smash Bros. Melee and the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

4 Shoto Todoroki

He's not a jokester, but out of all the characters, he's made me laugh the most. He says the most ridiculous things, and keeps a straight face! I love him-

"I feel like if I get involved... Other people mess up their hands... Is it a curse? No, I'm not joking. I'm like 'The Hand Crusher' or something."

Shoto is very strong. His quirk is powerful and helps him in battles. But in season 1 he only used his ice side.

5 Yuga Aoyama

Enter Yuga Aoyama. Or should I say, I can't stop twinkling! Yes, that's literally Yuga's hero code name. While he doesn't get much screen time, in the few moments we do see him, literally every moment of him is dazzlingly charming and hysterical. As if those sparkling stars that surround him in those moments couldn't emphasize him as a comic relief already enough! Not to mention it's hilarious how he can only use his navel laser Quirk for only a second or so before getting a stomachache. Just look at how it affected his performance on the pacer test!

6 Toshinori Yagi (All Might)

"Why? Because I am All Mi-" *All Might reverts to his weakened form and spits blood while Izuku screams* Sorry, that scene just always has me going all hysterical and saying "Oh my... Oh my... Goodness! " All Might is already one powerful and badass pro hero who also acts like a father figure to Izuku, but it wouldn't be All Might without him being a lovable Dumb Muscle. Weakened or not, All Might is always a barrel of laughs whether it be him spouting out blood or bending down in a bizarre position like a pizza box in fear of his mentor Gran Torino. Like Izuku, never is there a dull moment with All Might.

7 Shota Aizawa

I like it when Mr. Aizawa used his quirk on Izuku so Izuku would throw the ball really badly, it was just funny.

In a manga I was reading a person said how is it haveing all m...your a mess And aizawa said he is off today go away your disturbing class

More like, tiny giggle funny rather than out-loud laugh funny. But he's still good.

8 Kirishima Eijiro

Kiri somehow puts up with Bakugou and is funny about it at the same time, literally no one in the whole anime/manga/show is able to do this.

9 Minoru Mineta

Don't get me wrong, I hate Minoru Mineta as much as the next person does in terms of his Scrappy status, but if I'm to be completely honest, I have to admit that even someone like Minoru can make me laugh quite frequently... When he's mostly getting punished for his perverted antics. Obviously, I'm not a big fan of someone who only remotely cares about peeping at girls in his own lecherous and perverted mind to the point his own motivation of becoming a hero is to become popular with the girls. And while he's rather selfish in his motive, I can't say he's without his funny moments, because his perverted antics arguably provide some of the most laugh-out-loud moments on the entire show, even if I'm not a big fan of Minoru very much.

10 Hizashi Yamada (Present Mic)

Mic can always get a smile on anyone's face, even Aizawa.

The Contenders
11 Mina Ashido

I just can't with her. The most bubbly person on this show.

12 Tsuyu Asui

Aoi Yuuki makes best frog girl. Sorry, I just really can't get enough of Aoi Yuuki's voice acting. Anyways, is there really anything I need to say about Tsuyu? She can basically do everything a frog can do! While she's mostly blunt and calm at least up until after the Hideout Raid arc, Tsuyu is no stranger to having her comedic moments. Especially when she drowns that scumbag Minoru after he groped her breasts and when she slaps him on the cheek with her tongue!

Tsu's quirk is frog. Her quirk was really useful in season 2-3 (I forgot what season) when she is paired up with The bird person (with dark shadow...I forgot his name) when they are fighting a teacher, she used her younger and escaped from the clones.

13 Ochako Uraraka

As if Ochako being cute as a button wasn't enough, Ochako herself is also prone to her moments of naive hilariousness. And for that, that's why I personally ship Izuku and Ochako together. In fact, the in-universe ship teasing with them is what really sets the bar for some cute and funny blushing red faces between the two. And come on, just look at that adorable face of hers in that image! She's as cute as she's funny, people. You got to give credit to her seiyuu Ayane Sakura for portraying as such.

Uraraka May have a useless quirk, but it's really handy for her as well. Like in the sports festival, when bakugo kept sending Explosions at her. She was actually using her quirk and after that she said "thank you for not letting your guard down" then she said "Release!" And sent it down on Bakugo.

14 Gran Torino

This guy honestly wouldn't be out of place in Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's retirement home if he was an anthropomorphic fish character in SpongeBob SquarePants. That said, Gran Torino is an expert at being a senile troll. In fact, one could say him being senile is all an act upon itself. I mean, Izuku literally mistook him for being murdered when in reality, Gran Torino just spilled some ketchup and linked sausages and treated the whole encounter so nonchalantly. As for the whole senile act, I just love it when he pulls it on Izuku often since it makes Gran Torino's character all the more awesome if him still maintaining his strong Jet Quirk didn't make him such a badass grandpa secondary mentor to Izuku.

15 Mirio Togata

Mirio's sudden burst of energy were hilarious and everyone there when they happpen are just trying to process everything.

A school festival is a festival that takes place at our school

16 Tamaki Amajiki

This guy is literally me whenever I have to present in front of the class. His shy personality makes him funny.

He totally reminds me when I go to recess. Plus the fact that I also see people as potato's sometimes-

His shyness like Deku makes him so funny!

17 Tenya Iida

The funny thing is how seriously he takes his responsibilities as class representative and the way he moves his hand when he's telling someone to do something.

I just love the hand gestures he makes. And when he disciplines everyone. Like how can you not like him? He is so handsome.

And his funny in any other way he can be.

I just think it's funny how he tries to discipline everyone but nobody really listens to him, I also voted him because he really isn't a bad character, I don't understand the hate towards him

18 Yu Takeyama (Mt. Lady)

Mt. Lady is very stubborn. Like the time when she was rushing over to help bakugou when he got stuck in the blob monster, she said "Oh no! I have to have a clear path way to save someone!" Even though it was something that she could of stepped over.

19 Inko Midoriya

Fun fact: Inko Midoriya was born on July 4th. In other words, she was born on the same day as the United States of America's Independence Day! And another fact, did you know she literally fainted SEVEN times during the Sports Festival, and two of those times being from dehydration from crying so much? Well, like I said with Izuku, like mother, like son. And it shows. While she is a very caring and supporting mother for her son Izuku, you can clearly see where he gets his awkwardness from. Just watch her hilarious worrywart faces that she makes almost half the time we see her on screen. But at the same time, one wouldn't be far from relating to how a mother or themselves as a mother would feel about their child if he/she was getting into a dangerous situation like Izuku does.

20 Neito Monoma
21 Dabi

Dabi isn't funny funny, but he's chilled and he puts up with the League quite will with some sass.

Ngl Dabi is definitely a closet memer. He woulda been the best older bro tho!

22 Nezu
23 Mineta
24 Hanta Sero
25 Himiko Toga

Toga is my favorite character but that's besides the point. I think it's really funny how she has such a big CRUSH on DEKU! Like she's such a simp for him. I also like how she's always so happy and excited to take people's blood!

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