Top 10 Weakest Naruto Characters

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1 Moegi Kazamatsuri

Wood style jutsu is something only a feeble people can use. It's considered Hashirama's kekkei Genkei by some. However, simply being able to use wood style doesn't make her strong. Too bad, so sad. Moegi is meh. At best.

She is just a bad version of Sakura and Sakura is pretty useless and weak.

A small weaker version of Sakura.

Oh and she just trash to

2 Kiba Inuzuka

Soley relies on Akamaru in combat, he isn't that good in taijutsu despite being from a clan which specialises in it. He uses a combination transformation which only transfroms him to a giant dog, the rashmon gate was weak in part 1 compared to Orochimaru's version in Shippuden. All of his other feats are from filler arcs and at most he is fodder. He is actually confirmed by Kishimoto to be less intelligent than Naruto. Lost to Naruto who had the Five Elements Seal which made Naruto weaker and messed up his chakra control (That means a weakened Naruto who also fought Orochimaru, several enemy ninja and possessed less energy bested him, seaks volumes). At the wwar he could only summon one shadow clone and use a combination transformation with it and Akamaru. He sadi quality over quantity but a single clone of Naruto saved them all from hundreds of Zetsu clones and Edo Tensei enemies, so a single clone of Naruto has more quality than one thousand Kiba's. I can go on about his looks and ...more

Kiba was "beaten by a fart" in Naruto. Yes. When he had senses that were so boosted it's unreal.
However, as the series progressed he became a whole lot better and stronger. He isn't amazing. But definitely shouldn't be this low down.

Come on, even Tenten got her share of new moves and the occasional spotlight after the timeskip. What did Kiba add to his already narrow arsenal of dog attacks and dog piss? He turned his two headed dog into a three headed dog, Yeah, you're still the guy who got KOd by a fart.

Just another sidelined character. His jutsu lost their teeth early on in the series (no pun intended? ). He only defeated one of the Sound Four and has no notable achievement to his name otherwise.

3 Tenten Tenten is one of the main supporting characters in the Naruto anime/manga series and the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime/manga series.

Tenten was useless in the few minutes of screen time she had. She didn't have any special powers, all she could do was play with scrolls and shoot kunai out of them. Even if she could do that she was still weak

How the hell is she number one, especially considering Iruka was literally capable of teaching the very basics to kids? She was able to use one of the legendary tools of the sage. Name one thing iruka was actually good for, apart from inspirational speeches.

People saying TenTen is stronger than Sakura at this point in the series:

You clearly haven't finished the series. Sakura out classes Tsunade at the end and she isn't Kage-tier by any means but she also is Above Jonin level.
TenTen is awful throughout the series. Period.

Reason I voted for her is because her arsenal is only metal weapons.
It can be SO easily counter attacked and thrown back at her. Like, most shinobi she will face will have an 80% chance of countering her knives and weapons.

4 Udon Ise

Why is he a character. He doesn't really say anything funny and all he does is have a runny nose for like 3 seasons.

The only people I could possibly think who are weaker than this kid is the ramen dude and his wife/daughter or I don't know who tf that women is supposed to be, but those 2 are not even ninjas, udon is a ninja and I bet the ramen vendor could fight him without much trouble even if he ends up losing

Always has snot coming out of nose other than that he has nothing.

Snotty nosed brat can't even wipe his own snots.

5 Konohamaru Konohamaru is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

This bratty, snot-nosed kid would not leave Naruto alone! Naruto has better things to do than train this little worm. He should just give up trying t be Hokage. Kakashi is/was Hokage for a while and he was a prodigy. Soon/now Naruto is going to be Hokage and little brat-face won't ever beat him. The kids just a nusince.

Konohamaru was a nosy little brat. Naruto couldn't help but be nice to him, but Konohamaru shouldn't have been bugging him. I understand why he wanted to get away from Ebisu, but find someone else! I haven't seen to much of the series, so I hope Konohamaru shapes up.

How the heck did he just learn the Rasengan like over night or something, so only the 4th hokage, one of the legendary Sanin, Naruto, and him know the jutsu, that is sad.

And so what if he was the the third hokage's grandson, so what. Tsunade has that same trait and look how she turned out.

I cannot express how much I hated Konohamaru and his friends. From the start of the show Konohamaru was a brat and even though he learned the rasengan does not mean he's going to be the next hokage.

6 Ebisu

When he first saw this idiot, he was a stuck up snot-face and I hated him so much. He's weak and stupid and Konohamaru would be much better if someone with real talent and skill teached him. But then I saw a clip from the later episodes, and I think he got better. A little bit. But still one of my least favorite characters.

He doesn't deserve to be a Jonin. When Kakashi said to Naruto that he got somebody better than himself to train Naruto for the Chunin exams, and then the poop-brain (Ebisu) walked out, I thought Kakashi had been drinking. Ebisu better than Kakashi? Hahaha, don't make me laugh. The noob is that, a NOOB.

So what if he's elite and he is basically the same level as Iruka and he is training an eight year old. So yeah.

He got defeated many times by sexy jutsu, though he taught naruto important skills that he would keep.

7 Ino Ino Yamanaka is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Can't really do anything on her own. And if she misses her main jutsu her soul never returns. AND everybody says Ten Ten is the weakest even if she is weak. (Ten Ten summoned fire and water once! ).

Ino is good for nothing but she also pretty cute if know I mean. She likes Sasuke and Sai but not me! That idiot!

Do I even need to get started with this?
1. Her only goal is Sasuke
2. She fights with Sakura for the tiniest things.

Ino was so annoying in Naruto. She gets a bit better in Shippuden but she still pissed me off.

8 Mizuki

Why is he not on top? I mean, Tenten can shoot a million exploding Kunai from her scrolls, and Mizuki got beaten by Naruto in the first episode.

He got beat by Naruto in the first episode. Yes, Naruto kicks butt later on, but he wasn't even a ninja then. And yes, I know Shadow Clone stuff is powerful, but Mizuki was a sensei! He should've been able to make quick work of Naruto.

I think that he is probably the weakest of all of these characters and I think that you need to not put such strong characters on this list like naruto, sasuke, madara, and many more characters I think it is kind of retarded

Naruto defeated him before he was even a ninja! I mean, come on! He was a sensei!

9 Kakashi Hatake Kakashi Hatake is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. In the story, Kakashi is the teacher of Team 7, consisting of the series' primary characters, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno.

Stupid clown. A trash of a cimrade because he let Obito died and he neglected Rin. Couldn't save them either. What a jinx of a character sucking on everyone's spotlight. Was only popular because fans simp his retard dog face. His best version would be the one having a fugly face like Obito. Hope KAkasht die in the same fashion as Obito did. So full of lies and hypocrisy. Was a major flop character. Pein beat him not because of chakra exhaustion but because he was so damn arrogant for thinking he could beat a God like Pein. Obito got his fangirl in the end. Poor loser til the end. Obito is so OP he ended up lending him hus powers because he stand there in the Kafuya fight like the scarecrow he was. Stupid and retard copy-cat. He only got Guy as his gf. Crippled companion guy. Kakasht is fay and will be single for the rest if his life. Fugly moron!

He lacks integrity. I wouldn't trust my life with this a-hole guy. Look what happened to Obito. Kakashi was someone you could never really count on with your life. No wonder he is a garbage character. Haughty, arrogant and total coward. He would just compromised his comrades life over a mission. What's surprising and mind-boggling was the fact he didn't commit seppuku. It would definitely lighten his guilt of betraying his team's lives had he died. TRASH CHARACTER EVER!

Skilled? Yeah. More likely the reason why team Minato is jinxed the moment he became part of. He sure know when to eliminate everyone who comes into contact with him. The only exception is team 7 which he cashed out some of the spotlight to gain recognition. He should've never made some friends nor part of any team (no one wants to be with him anyway, he's a walking nightmare) besides he liked being alone and alone he is. Won't feel sympathetic for this jerk who couldn't give a damn about teamwork. Why the most genius top shinobi in academy is the worst when morality and life is on the line. Should never be a leader ever! He's the worst TOXIC SPINELESS CHARACTER in the series.

Why is Kakashi on here? Yes, he lost to Sakura and the rest because they we're going to spoil his favorite book, but that doesn't make him weak? He could kick her ass any day! He's a prodigy, he graduated from the acadamy when he was 5! Naruto failed 3 times! He trained the main characters into who they are today, not mentioning that he was Hokage for 12 years! Website, go die in a hole.

10 Rin Nohara

Her death for the village and it's citizen isn't enough to convinced me she somehow had done it for being a so called shinobi who'd willingly gave up her life for Konoha's sake. It paled in comparison to Obito who willingly gave up his life trying to protect his teammates than this girl's misfortune to have caught the eye of Madara's scheme and manipulation. Yes her death was just considered a tragedy while Obito's death may have caused some laughter in favor of his simping. Like what we really don't understand how love can mentally break a person and more so with being an Uchiha. I could understand his motivation but saving an ungrateful girl that she is,..clearly out of my comprehension. Just a bland written character to question my sanity.

This girl was a liability to his teammates. Also the caused of tension and drama in their team. She's akso a fan girl, a cringe worthy fan girl with a history of bitter rejection. Like in Naruto she was really canonically, officially and ultimately friend zoned fan girl.

I waver between disgust and pity for her character she's somewhat pretty average for some unwanted attention. I mean given the circumstances she could live in the village and just be friends with her comrades and marry someone else. She's not worth all the trouble and Obito is putting her high on pedestal which is somewhat ridiculous given her nature.

She's stupid! It was just okay for her to let those two comrades protect her just because she needed rescuing and couldn't fight back! Like girl you shouldn't be a field medic if you always look after to by teammates. Should've learn how to defend yourself when necessary.

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11 Iruka Iruka Umino is one of the main supporting characters in the Naruto series. He is a chūnin-level shinobi of Konohagakure who serves primarily as an instructor at the Academy.

Of all the full-fledged ninja, Iruka was clearly not a powerful fighter. He can use substitution and transformation jutsu well and was shown to use a sealing jutsu, but these are all basic abilities. He's a teacher first.

It's just that he really doesn't have an extensive arsenal of jutsu during that one fight I forgot who, but he only really uses a kunai knife or a substitution justsu. Well he is an academy teacher so I really wouldn't expect more from him.

He does nothing but he is still the reason that naruto had his first spice of confidence .

Mizuki managed to wound him badly. Naruto defeated Mizuki before he was even a ninja.

12 Hinata Hinata Hyuga is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

All she knows how to do is stalk Naruto and obsess over him. She has no skills as a ninja and can't do anything. Her shyness is annoying, she has no will, no ninja way, and gave up being a ninja. Hanabi is stronger than her, and she doesn't even try. Plus, though she claims to be against the Caged Bird Seal, she never does anything against it. Hinata is the worst character in the whole show.

She is the strongest among the young kunoichi and later on she even masters the 8 protective trigrams thingy... She has byakugan, gentle fist and is way stronger than sakura, tenten or Ino... Besides, she has a nina way after the chunin exams you guys are ignorant pieces of trash and so is this list! And she overcame her shyness after the chunin exams and in the pain arc... Being shy was her only weakness unlike sakura and ino who are completely useless! And even sakura and ino become strong in shipuuden

Are you joking Hinata is probably one of the strongest females, just remember that with her byakugan she hit all chakra points and cut chakra flow and also she was able to fight neji for a pretty long amount of time, anyone else but naruto would've been defeated in seconds.

Bland and boring. Seriously overrated. No notable feats. Whole life revolves around Naruto. No actual life goal.
Fandom - She's great goddess. Sweet. Adorable.
Me- In your dreams.

13 Tonton

Uh tonton is adorable, but she's a literal pig so the only thing she got going on for her is her sense of smell.

A pig that can take down sakura.

She's pig. She should be first.

Ton ton is cute but she is literally the weakest character in naruto

14 Sakura Haruno Sakura Haruno is the main heroine of the series "Naruto Shonen Jump!" and Naruto Shippuden. She is the only female ninja of Team Seven. Her family consists of her mother, Mebuki Haruno, and her father Kizashi Haruno. Her clan is likely not very well known around Konoha and up until "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations!" She wears the symbol of her clan on her back. more.

She's weak. Should I say any more? Just because she is one of the main is the reason Kishimoto decided to give her the title "World's Strongest Kunoichi"...Now, Now do y'all actually think that Tenten is weaker than this Useless Kunoichi? Guys, please...Tenten has been (if not that strong enough) really useful...She always had a big role in all missions she was assigned to even as a genin whereas Sakura just stood there like "meh, Imma just stand and watch these 2 do it all" and "Sasuke..NO! " She did have a very big personality development (again, all because she was one of the mains) but was never really shown fighting as fiercely as Sasuke and Naruto. If she wasn't a main I don't know if she would've been given this spotlight. And even though this doesn't count...I hate her hitting naruto as a genin in almost pissed me off. I still like her though.

Sakura was supposed to have really good chakra control, but I honestly never really saw it except for when they were trying really hard to ensure people believed it(tree climbing exercise). And she was supposed to be really book smart, but Sasuke had the highest scores in the Academy in every subject if I remember that flashback episode correctly, to show that despite the fact that he was good at things, that he was always in Itachi's shadow, as that was expected of him. So even in the areas where Sakura is supposed to be good, it seems like someone else is always better at it than she is. Or everyone is. Or she's a little better but the difference is negligible. And she's supposed to be a main character. It's honestly a shame. Plus, from what I remember, Kakashi said she was a genjutsu type, but I've never remembered her to use a genjutsu or even notice she was in one except when Sasuke basically told her. Instead, she trained to hit harder. And not use any of this alleged ...more

Make fun of her when you see her punch into a volcano and go through training with Tsunade. The only reason Hinata is strong is because of her clan, and got Pein because of Naruto being by her side. Sakura is a supportive character and works as a doctor, and tried saving Naruto in the war. You're basing this stuff off her phrases in certain scenes.

Now, I don't like saying this about one of the main characters, and I was a bit impressed when Shippuden started and Sakura showed off her skills on Kakashi, but I can't forget all the times she let Naruto or Sasuke do all the work, or when she just sat there and cried. I haven't watched farther in Shippuden than episode 20, so it better get better.

15 Zetsu Zetsu is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Zetsu is best at spying and pulling the strings from the shadows. Both seem to have some fighting ability, but we never got to see it. They also heavily relied on backstabbing in the case of Black Zetsu or sheer numbers for White Zetsu rather than actual skill.

Master mind. But trash as a character

Duh! For the love of aloe vera!

16 Jirobo

I mean he almost beat choji.

A fat ass sweaty fatso.

He's so stupid

17 Hanabi

Hinata gets KO'd by Hanabi because Hinata shows mercy to her, whereas Hanabi used that mercy to take Hinata out. Maybe Y'all should re-read (or re-watch) the series.

Hinata literally saves Naruto from dying and saves the village hidden in the leaves using a new Jutsu that SHE CREATED.

I don't even know why some people overestimate her so much. What did she do throughout the show? He beat the sister who took pity on her. How great... Ugh...

When they become adults, Hinata is far more powerful than Hanabi.

Was much more weaker than Hinata after they grew up.

18 Kosuke Maruboshi

An obvious contender for the top spots.

19 Tazuna

He builds bridges then throws the bridges at his enemy. Remember he built a really big bridge then threw it at Madara?

All tazuna did during the bridge fight was stand around and watch.

I mean... He's just an engineer.

He is super strong

20 Karin

In a fight, the only thing she has to do is to stay away to avoid disturbing her allies... and she fails at it

Really like oh I'm jusi gonna let people bite me to heal them why?

She is so so weak

She's a support ninja

21 Akamaru

What in the world would a retard let this dog make it to this list?

22 Izumi Uchiha
23 Shikamaru Nara Shikamaru Nara is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.
24 Choji

He is good but during the hidan kakuzu arc. He was more of a burden.

No hate but I have only seen him do like 2 weak jutsu and use his pills.

He litteraly doesn't do anything in the fights all he is good for is cannon fauder!

Best one here

25 Karui
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