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1 Doraemon Doraemon is a fictional character in the Japanese manga and anime series of the same name created by Fujiko Fujio, the pen name of writing team Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko.

Doraemon is a very cool and smart robot. It is a heart touching character. Its and nobita's friendship is so powerful that no power in the world can break it. I hope to see new episodes of this cartoon soon on TV.

Sure for doraemon because the shows name itself is of him. He is the main character he is so good he always helped Nobita but Nobita and his friends always misused his gadgets he is on the rank he deserves no.1

About Doraemon, Just because the series is named after him doesn't mean he has to be the 1st. I support him but.. you heard me though..

2 Nobita Nobi

Nobita is not a bad character, I understand why he has haters, however.. We all know how much of a disaster he has to go through at least.. EVERYDAY. Wake up late, get scolded by your own goddamn mother, stand in the hall after being lectured by your teacher, get invited to a game just to get beaten up even though everyone knows you're terrible at sports..

Even his bestfriend, can't help much. Yes, this is directed to Doraemon.

I feel bad for him, His personality as a saint barely gets attention and he is the one who usually comforts most of the characters. You can see it in most of the movies. Peko, is one of them. Yeah, he literally comforted a future prince.

So, If I had a chance to help him, there is only one way. No gadgets or anything.. But comfort and practice and more similar things.

What I mean is, we need to also comfort him just like what he did. Actually help him study and be good at sports.

If you spoil him too much. he might think that there is something that is going to help him.

Nobita, isn't well matured at such a young age. And that is why he needs learn it quickly. Scolding and beatings won't help at all. That just makes them worse.

3 Shizuka Minamoto

I hate her, the worst! She is such a Mary Sue. I feel like she just using her friends like whenever she can't love homework, she went to Deki, whenever she play stuff, she went to Suneo. And whenever she had a problem that nobody can't solve, she went to Nobita, she only went to Nobita when we needed him. When Nobita is treated badly by Suneo of Jaian, Shizuka mostly act as if nothing is happening. She is the worst character in Doraemon and a completely Mary Sue.

I hate her, she is the worst character, and behaves as a bully. She acts like nothing will happen to her, because she is a girl. But a very dumb and stupid person.

4 Dorami

Dorami is one of the underrated characters in my opinion. She is actually helpful and did help Nobita a bunch of times. I wonder why she has barely any supporters? Her fans are sometimes toxic, but they are actually incredible.

5 Suneo Honekawa

I hate Suneo, he shows that he's the world's richest boy, I don't like him.

6 Takeshi Goda

He is bad usually but when it comes to teamwork, he is really nice. He is quite heoric too.

7 Nobisuke Nobi
8 Tamako Kataoka

She only scolds because she is a mother, excessively so, but just on the hope he can try to excel on his exams and especially in school, and I love a sense of realism, especially with her character

9 Hidetoshi Dekisugi

He is the best character in doraemon but people hate him because he is perfect. Always supports nobita even if nobita does thousands bad things to dekisugi and in return he would always forgive him and oppose gian when he bullies nobita. He became the most successful and handsome but still people hate him because people hate those who are better and good and love people like nobita who is kind but sometime become very bad even irritates doraemon. Dekisugi never said he loves shizuka but people made a very good man into a villain shame on stupid people. Even dekisugi supported shizuka's decision to marry nobita in the episode the day before nobita's wedding and he also told that nobita is better for shizuka.

10 Sewashi Nobi
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11 Mini Doras
12 Riruru

Riruru is the most complex Multi-dimensional character written who completely breaks past bounds and questions her very purpose. She is never ever in her safe zone and is always swimming on the deeper side of the story and her arc. She manages to overcome and prevail to nobility which makes her the best Doraemon character ever even more than Doraemon and Nobita themselves.

Even if she was a robot, she sacrificed herself to save her human friends. Kindest and loveliest robot!

Okay, I know she is not their in the episodes, but she is in 2 movies?! she is also very polite and humble.

13 Lulli

OK I know she was only in one episode...but that one episode made her one of the best Doraemon characters of all time! Oh come on she sacrificed her self for Nobita of course she's gotta to be one of the best :-)

Doesn't the really cute robot mean nothing to you people.

Lulli you can beat Dekisugi & Takeshi can't you?

14 Nobita's Grandma
15 Pippo
16 Nobiru Nobi
17 Teacher
18 Shizuka's Mom

She is just the sweetest Mom in the whole Anime!

19 Mii-Chan
20 Jaiko Goda
21 Miyoko Mangetsu
22 Gian Stew
23 Giyan
24 Sunekichi
25 Nobita's Dad
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