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1 Romano x Italy (Itacest)

That's just disgusting. Aside from the obvious problem of them BEING BROTHERS, they are complete opposites of each other. I would even say that South Italy is jealous of North Italy. This relationship would never work out, and the incest adds a whole new level of disgusting.

Incest. And Romano's really mean to Italy. He makes him do all the work, calls him his "stupid little brother", and never makes an effort to protect Italy. I don't hate Romano, but if he isn't a good brother to Italy why would he be any better as his lover.

This is gross, people go on and on about how UkUs/UsUk is incest, but this trash gets no hate what-so-ever. Shippers who despise UkUs always want to use a microscope to find reasons not to ship it "IT'S INCEST" "THEY ARE BROTHERS! " And then Itacest is completely overlooked... People I don't understand you

2 England x America

I think that when people ship UsUk, they forget America and England are brothers - in England's point of view. England collapses on Fourth of July because America was the first colony he ever lost, not because he was mourning the loss of his lover. The Revolutionary War was very sad, but I didn't see any romantic indications at all. England mourns for America's childhood, of how the sweet little boy used to look up to him and not laugh at him. America has no feelings for England, nor did he revolt because he wanted England to see him as a lover. England raised him! Although centuries have passed, England still sees America as the younger brother he lost. There relationship is a complex one, not based on romance.

Why didn't I know about this earlier? Yes, I totally agree. You can make as many excuses as you want but England raised America and still sees him as a little brother. I wish people could appriciate their PLATONIC relationship without trying to force some awkward, unhealthy romance aspect into it. I can't escape from this ship either, it's just everywhere. I honestly feel like this ships being shoved down my throat when I don't ship it and I never will. I much prefer England with France, who he has passionate and mature relationship with so many layers and so much love. Or America with Japan, who he has a really cute, fun friendship with.

3 England x Sealand

This ship sounds so gross. Sealand is 12 and England is 23. That's an 11 year age difference! Usually, I don't care to much about age, but this is where I draw the line, for sure. Not only that, but they don't even get along with each other. Not only is it revolting, but it wouldn't make any sense. I'm glad I've never come across this ship before.

I honestly don't know what people see in this pairing, nor do I know anyone who ships this, or how this pairing came to be. HONESTLY.

Sealand's a child. It's disgusting to ship him with a grown adult.

4 Germany x Prussia (Germancest)

They are far better as just brothers, it makes me uncomfortable to see them in a romance/sexual relationship. It's even worse when they make Prussia bottoming.
They love each other greatly, but just as brothers... Seriously I cannot understand how someone can see them as a pairing, to me it feels like most people pair them up together just because they are hot.
No offense to Germancest shippers, just my opinion.

It look terrible, Prussia is bottoming- no.

That's just disgusting...

5 America x Canada (AmeriCan)

A reason why I don't ship this? They're brothers, and everyone knows that. Yes, incest could be fun to write. But still, I don't think England and France would enjoy their children get together.

They are biological brothers. Seriously!

6 Norway x Iceland (NorIce)

Well I do believe this ship is one of the best ships. If you don't like it because it's "incest" you should rethink your thoughts about basically any shipping between countries. People need to realize. People from north Europe all came basically from Asia, right before the Vikings. Then they separated and stayed where they wanted to (and fought if there was someone in the place they wanted to). In the past it was actually a pretty much dangerous situation. Do you guys know it?

About Iceland, I think it was basically the same, though it's so far away that they developed on their own and have a totally different culture.

I do feel bad when I think on Denmark when I think about this couple though. Since he's like so close to Norway and stuff, and Norway doesn't want anything with him anymore and wants with Iceland? Well repeating mistakes is a foolish. But countries can change.

Norway always cared more about Iceland than any other country. It does seem that is very bothering to Iceland that Norway sees him as a little brother because it means that all he had changed and grown since childhood won't change that he's just seen as a relative, as an son or disciple of Norway... True he's just too distant to anyone thinking on a couple with him. But Himaruya itself said that Norway cares a lot about Denmark and Iceland (though he see Ice as a young brother and Denmark as a big brother).

And Ice doesn't see any of them as brothers at all, but he said that Norway is where his heart really is. So it's really frustrating for him Norway seeing him as a young brother, cause it implies he doesn't know him and don't want to see that things are different than what it's meant to be for him.

All them are and aren't relatives, but at the moment each one name itself different means it's a totally independent nation. And it needs true comprehension of all people that agred with it.

Of course helping each other is a part of being a family. But... more

7 Japan x Denmark

Honestly kind of cute since Denmark went all the way over to Japan to warn him that some country was gonna bomb him... I like any ship with Japan and AmeriPan is my OTP but this doesn't stop me from supporting other ships but still...

How in the heck does this ship make any sense whatsoever!?

Actually, it was the Netherlands who warned him.

8 Russia x Ukraine

I'm not sure what the other person was taking about Russia and Ukraine being enemies. Well, I haven't been into the story for a while so maybe I missed something (or they were talking about real life? ) but yeah I don't get this one.

Russia (or rather Moscowia) is Ukraine's mortal enemy. Plus they're not even related to each other (seriously, they are not biological siblings). Plus incest is gross, people.

Ukraine is russia sister!

9 Liechtenstein x Switzerland

More like brother-sister relationship for me, even though it's not stated that they are blood related.

10 Denmark x Sweden (DenSu)

Absolutely NO! They aren't a good duo (as lovers). Sweden scape from Den's house because he couldn't bear with him any more! That isn't a pair love

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11 Russia x Belarus

Honestly Belarus is just annoying due to the fact that because she's pretty, she can get away with anything. Because she's pretty, she can be shipped with everyone. Like why

Ha. I don't think Russia will ever grow out of his fear of Belarus. Plus, it's incest. Sure, incest doesn't matter in true love, but still!

Sorry to the fans of RussiaxBelarus. But this ship needs to burn

12 Prussia x Italy (PruIta)

To be honest- just because a person has a crush on another, doesn't mean that it'll work out. GerIta is much more developed than Prussia x Italy, and offers development to both characters (Germany and Italy) as well. I'll have to vote this- it doesn't seem to make sense nor does it have any background behind it.

Well, personally I think it is much more likely than GerIta. Since Prussia in canon has a crush on Italy, so it works from his angle. I don't dislike this ship Even though I do not think it would work from Italy's angle since he seems to not even notice.

13 Sealand x America
14 Germany x Italy

Why can't a ship be popular without being hated? This is one of the rare near-canon ships. I think people forgot he fruking proposed? And it's a really cute and fluffy ship, not a crack or incest ship like most.

I totally agree, GerIta is trash. I liked it once but the fanbase and the rabid fangirls had ruined it. GerIta is not canon and it never was.

- A GerIta hater
Ps: Germano and Itacest are better

I hope it burns in hell

15 Russia x America (RusAme)

They only talked twice in the whole anime, and the first time they were fighting, and the second time Russia pulled a suck burn on america. Is that enough to say that these guys have 0% chance of getting together? I can forgive most hetalia love-hate relationships, but seriously come on guys...I don't know why people ship this, its stupid. ( to be honest I never really hated rusame until I saw the fandom, the rusame fandom is crazy. If you say things like "its cute, but I don't ship it" they will threaten to kill you.

Toxic, abusive, bloody, hateful, violent, incompatible views. Six infinity stones to make the perfect UNHEALTHY relationship. If you ship this, you don't know politics, history, nor have the ability to see Hetalia moments where they literally hate each other; just flies over your head.

I just can't see them more as friends.

16 England x Seychelles

I agree that this makes little to no sense, but why does everybody hate on Seychelles?! You play as her in a Hetalia dating simulator, so wouldn't that be calling yourself a Mary-Sue? Plus, have you ever thought about what the actual citizens of the actual country Seychelles think about this? That's like telling an American that America is an annoying @$$hole or telling a Japanese that Japan is an opinion-less wimp. It's a bit offensive! And wouldn't it be Seychelles x Everybody if it's a dating simulator with all the countries?
Even so, though... FrUK.

The fangirls just make all of this uncomfortable. Why does every character need so many ships? Like most of these don't even work! In my opinion the ones that work is him paired with America, France, China and maybe Japan? Only my opinion but just some of the ships here are horrible, most of them consisting of England.

The reason why this is a bad ship is because Seychelles HATES England with all of her guts! Sorry to those who ship it but it's not a very good ship (IN MY OPINION! )

17 Russia x Prussia (RusPrus)

Honestly, they have NEVER spent time together and this just makes it pointless as a ship if there is no proof that Russia and Prussia have even actually MET, let alone being in a relationship.

I mean, you gotta admit their names sound cute together, but everything else is false.

Prussia said that he would throw up if Russia ever picked him...
Seriously, why do people even ship this?!

18 Germany x Romano

There is literally NOTHING to support this ship, and I have no idea how it came to be in the first place. Romano hasen't shown even remote interest in Germany, and the only interactions they've had were Romano openly cursing out and badmouthing Germany. Even from Germany's side, there is literally NO interest! I'm usually pretty open to other people's oppinons and ships, but this is the one hetalia paring I can not stand. If you ship it, that's fine, and I'm sorry, but this ship is honestly damn disgusting to me.

19 Prussia x Canada (PruCan)

This pairing is just bad, here are some of my views.

1. They haven't interacted at all in the anime or manga. There was one time where Prussia said he liked maple syrup. Does liking maple syrup = instant pairing? Italy likes Japan's food, does that mean they're together? (Be quiet you ItaJap fans. Not your turn) I just don't see it. Food doesn't mean love. Nor does condiments.

2. I don't get the whole "New Prussia" thing. Not only is it a tiny town, but how about all the other cities and states named after places in Europe? New York (formerly New Amsterdam), Paris, New Jersey, Venice, the list goes on. That doesn't mean America hooked up with all those nations and then named some of his states and cities for them, like some kind of romantic gesture. It's the same thing for tons of places throughout the Americas.

My point is, PrusCan shippers should just get over the fact that they have nothing to back it up. Go ahead and ship it as a crack pairing, just don't try to bring "evidence" as weak as a tiny town known only to its inhabitants and a few Hetalia fans.

20 France x England (FrUK)

They hate each other - that's FINAL. You can't just mash being a tsundere and actually hating someone together as the same thing and romanticise this hate. It's toxic and abusive, we all know it's canon that they punch each other and wish each other for the worst for God's sake. Not just saying France is bad for England, England is bad for France too. Think about how they're feeling for being paired up together, damn, it's unhealthy. And don't forget *history* - that's the most canon of all --- England's worst enemy is France, and even now, France is the only country in the EU with people stating they will be GLAD if Brexit happens.

Many people argue that USUK is incest, but what about FrUk? Are people forgetting that France raised England, just as England did with America? Clearly, England doesn't love France, in fact, he despises him. It is confirmed by Hima that England has a huge crush on America, and we don't know if America likes him back.

21 England x Japan (AsaKiku)

This's my Otp and I proud of it, stop saying that England belong to America or France, Japan belong to China. It's very annoying because they're not canon so when you ship anything, don't try to pull someone else to ship it like you, even the post said Hima confirmed that England has a crush on America was fake too, it has been removed for a long time ago and there's no other proofs to convince that England has a crush on America. So please ship whatever you want but don't tell someone to ship that couple just like you.

No no no no! my friends ship this so whenever they talk about it I literally walk away. they ask me why I hate this ship and I say "because england is why too (how do I put this) I want to say to loud and evil for japan.

I swear I see this ship all over the anime side of Instagram. I see it whenever I go on a couple Hetalia tags.

22 America x Belarus (AmeBel)

I'm not trying to offend anyone who ships AmeBel but I just can't stand this pairing! I mean their personalities clash with each others and even the countries in real life aren't in good relations, I think the only interaction they both have is when America took care of Bela and TRIED to be a brother to her, but if you read the history book America pretty much neglected Bela. And I don't think America would like anyone who supports Russia's side and I don't think Bela is gonna give up so easily on Russia either. This is just my opinion on this ship, if you respect my opinion then I respect your ships.

To be honest, I don't even now how this became a ship in the first place. Both of their personalities don't really mix well. Plus, Belarus probably won't get over her Russia obsession, and I'm pretty sure America is canon with someone else.

I hate this ship. Their personalities clash horribly and they would have no chemistry whatsoever! AmeBel is stupid since it's obvious they would never be meant for each other.

23 Spain x Romano (Spero)

Just like USUK, this pairing is not okay. Yeah, at the end of the day they're just countries, but I HATE having this ship shoved in my face. Spain literally raised Romano like he was his own son. It's just disgusting that people would actually pair these two together.

Just doesn't make sense. This ship is exactly the same as UsUK. Spain RAISED Romano. Why do the people ship them? Was because Spain proposed to marry Romano? Sorry but that sounds really creepy. Romano doesn't deserve Spain. Definitely no

Romano doesn't deserve Spain he treats him too bad, I usually like tsundere characters but Romano is crossing the line. I think Spain is better with France or Belgium because they treat him better.

24 America x Vietnam (AmeViet)

I'm not a big fan of the ship. I've seen many fanarts and fanfics about the couple, but, there is not canon interaction in the anime nor manga. The only interaction they must've been through, was probably the Vietnam war. Also, Vietnam and America were technically enemies at the time. Also Vietnam really only interacts with Taiwan and the other Asian countries.

They don't have exactly good history together. And like it was said before, it has no development. But it's still MUCH better than AmeBel.

I deeply hate this ship. It's just both of their personalitys don't fit together. Also, I'm pretty sure Vietnam hates America. But, I also deeply hate Vietnam.

25 Russia x China (RoChu)

I hate this pairing. In my opinion it just seems wrong, it's like, why would you ship China, who is scared of Russia, WITH RUSSIA? Sure Russia's character is a bit misunderstood, but the two just don't seem to be comfortable around each other it'd be like a stalker...

Very one sided if you ask me. I can't see them as a couple but as friends.
Plus, Russia isn't a communist country anymore so the title "Communist Pair" for this ship is dead.

I toats agree with the last 2 comments I hate this ship with the fiery passion of a thousand billion infinite suns and beyond comprehension!

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