Top Ten Most Annoying Things People Do When They Drive


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1 Drive with no lights at night

In the place where my mom lives at there are bad drivers everywhere. No joke. - Anonymousxcxc

2 Don't use turn signals

BEFORE starting the turn. Well ahead of it actually. A friend used to say some use the signal at the time of the turn as if it's part of making the vehicle maneuver as indicated - Billyv

A cop almost ran me over because he didn't use his turn signal


3 Drive 20 mph under speed limit

And directly in front of you. - PianoQueen

4 Drive crazy through parking lots
5 Don't stop at stop signs

Or how about the guys that stop and then like to inch forward until the last moment they see you. And yes, people actually do this. It slows down whoever is in the right of way and just ruins things for both drivers involved. - NuMetalManiak

6 Not yield at yield signs
7 Drive between lines on road
8 Drive while talking on cell phone
9 Have music bass that's too loud

I'm talking... they have their windows up. Your house windows are all up. They go by as your whole house is shaking like a earthquake. I don't mind Rap and Hip-Hop. Just turn it down! - westofohio

If it's metal or dubstep, I don't mind. Anything but country or pop. - Pegasister12

10 Drive 30 mph over the limit

The Contenders

11 Drive slow in the left hand lane

In my country, that could make you crash into someone. - RockFashionista

I live in England and we drive on that side of the road.

12 Not follow lane merging rules
13 Speed past you at 80 mph, and then you meet them at the next red light

Most common thing I see in Fort Wayne, Indiana USA - westofohio

14 Honk their horn when you did nothing wrong
15 Play Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go player: oh look! A Dragonair!

16 Play Justin Bieber with windows down speakers loud

I do this!

17 Follow too close
18 Weave through traffic
19 Try to pass you by driving ahead of you and moving to the left hand lane

This actually really irritates me even though I am not even old enough to drive. - RockFashionista

20 Not yielding for emergency vehicles
21 Rubberneck

How was this not even on the list yet? People slowing down to check out whatever the flashing lights are for is the most annoying thing ever. Not only does it cause traffic jams, but a lot of the time all they're looking at is some guy that got pulled over by a cop. What's so interesting about that?

22 Tap their fingers
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