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This includes characters from Mystreet, Phoenix Drop High, and Minecraft Diaries.
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1 Zane

He's edgy,emo,and stuff but also can be so sweet and becomes a good character.

Zane is a deep and meaningful character. He seems to be fighting his demons
while simultaneously being calm and collected on the outside.
His snarky comments and social anxiety makes him one of the best.

Zane is a..There is no word for it but he's kind,funny,A amazing person, Shy, miseries, loving,and more! He would do anything for the people he loves.

I like Zane because of his shy and cute personality

2 Aphmau

Aphmau is how do I put this, I guess she's just a good character and is so sweet.

she is the main character yes but! she is also kinda cringy which is funny >w< too much lovey dovey tho

I think Aphmau should take time and get everything figure out us people we have to be patient and let her do what she has to do

Aaron should have been #1 on my list, but Aphmau is my favorite character in the series.

3 Aaron

Aaron is a great guy and he's so sweet. He also has a lot of surprises and is almost the perfect character.

I feel so bad for what he goes through :(
poor aaron but he's a great hero. sometimes -w-

Should've put this at #1

Aaron is the best character. He is my all time favorite

4 Katelyn

*punchy* *punchy* she's brave, funny and I love it when travis gets on her nerves but overall she does love him still -w-

Katelyn is a great example for me I relate to her and she has this wonderful thing to her.

An icon your fave could never

Only character that isn't whiny and annoyingly unlikeable with a putrid voice.

5 Ein

Ein is a great example of a good character he is just awesome and does unexpected things that make him a great villain.

In my opinion he is a pretty good villain. I personal like villain characters.

Ein is just misunderstood, I think. He is a bit clingy and touch-starved from probably
being unloved a lot and he wanted someone to love. I like him in
Angelsville much more though.

I was like awwwww the cutest werewolf ever but then when his jealousy got the best of him I was like how dare you ein (but I still love him) inside there is a very very sweet person so can we get some love for him like just think about it :3 the best sweetest person I love him as a character

6 Garroth

Garroth is that character that a lot of people love and has great talents that make him special.

Garroth is a sweetheart, he is pretty much a gentle giant.
He's not with doors though. Rip doors.

Garroth is so adorable and funny, and could turn a dark moment happy!

To be honest, I like Garroth now better than high school Garroth. Even if high school Garroth is hot, Garroth now is much cuter, funnier, and more lovable.

7 Laurance

He always get put aside in any series Aphmau puts him in he just needs some love

I love Laurance! He's been through a bit but he still stays
cute and happy, cheerful and just a cutie!

Who doesn't love overly sarcastic and flirty boi's? Why do I always fall for them..

As someone who LOVED mcd,
Laurence was my favorite
and still is
they did him dirty

8 Kawaii-Chan

she's kinda creepy when she's too busy shipping aphmau and aaron (aarmau) but overall she's very sweet and kind and loving towards everyone no matter what like in when angels fall she tried to hug garroth but then she got hurt cause of that

"I try to sound like her, I dress up with her, and I love her backstory! "

She is fun to make in character creators, but besides that I don't like her.

Whiny with a stupid voice. A mary sue

9 Travis

Travis is a pervert, but a hilarious pervert. He always makes me laugh.
I feel he is a little bit sad on the inside, and he hits on girls (and guys! ) to make himself
feel better.


stupid but very funny also aphmau's "not alone buddy" ^w^

10 Daniel

so sweet just an adorable cinnamon roll so innocent though like squish his little adorable face I almost died because he's so cute oh my gosh >w<

just to cute,loveable,he is a werewolfs are cute and he is funny

Daniel is so cute,sweet and loveable he is such a sweet cinnamon roll that make him special.

I love Him from heaven to hell

The Contenders

11 Dante

I took a quiz on who I would date in Phoenix drop high and I got Dante

Boi Dante is a boss and he may be a pervert but he's my pervert

No he's mine back off but we can also share him

Boy Dante is amazing you can't deny it

12 Lucinda

she's my literal favorite character LUCINDA FOREVER YASSS! she's a witch what do you expect and their only witch to be exact UwU give some love for lucinda guys she works hard as the only witch in the group of friends they have

I like how she’s a witch and I think the only female person we know that does magic

Lucinda is just great that is the only way I can put it.

I love how she has magic

13 Dottie

sweet and loving just like daniel love her from heaven to hell! I kinda put her in 2 ships tho. I ship her with daniel and blaze from time to time

Dottie is just so loveable and perfect like Daniel.

She Is amazing she is ME if I were a character.

She is so cool

14 Blaze

ship him with dottie of course like duh he was my favorite werewolf why did you have to die I was mad tho >:(

Blaze is a mostly monotone serious character, but he has a sense
of humor. I really respect him.

He was my favorite werewolf character, why did he have to die in When Angles Fall! ;(


15 Melissa

I love how Melissa tries to help aaron with his relationship with aphmau

She be awesome!


Melissa is the best it's sad she died I cried for days 😭😭😭

16 Gene

I like his character in Diaries and how he’s in the shadow knights

17 Eric

Eric always has the best jokes and he's really funny with Travis

He is funny and has lots of love for his babies

18 Vylad

I like his character and how he has a different father than Zane gives he character and we nearly get to know anything about him

Vlyad is so underappreciated. He just is a misunderstood bean who wants to be loved.
He's funny and joyful.

19 Nicole

I still don't get how she handled Dante

I still love nicole

20 Kim

Kim has been my favorite since day one and it was fun watching her in pdh stalking Laurence. Shes so relatable and I love her so much!

She needs more love!

21 June

I love June. I like it when Ross calls her April. They both are really funny and cute

I love June! She is such a cute sweet mefwai! I don’t know why most people have hate against her! Especially because she is my kind (I’m mefwai)! She is so pretty and kind! I so ship her and Rylan!

22 Reese

he is so funny... even in a different serise

23 Michi

I love her Purple hair

24 Cadenza
25 Sylvana

Sylvan a is so funny she is one of my friends favorite characters in aphmau. I got her into it and I love her because I love when she sees aphmau with a boy😀

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