Best Aphmau Characters

This includes characters from Mystreet, Phoenix Drop High, and Minecraft Diaries.
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1 Aphmau

Aaron should have been #1 on my list, but Aphmau is my favorite character in the series. - listotaku17

You are super cool

I love the main crew Aphmau, Aaron, Zane, Garroth, Kawaii-Chan, Larurance, Lucinda, Travis, Katelyn, by the way my name is bret you are my favorite Aphmau.

2 Aaron

Should've put this at #1 - listotaku17

3 Zane
4 Katelyn

Only character that isn't whiny and annoyingly unlikeable with a putrid voice. - Lunala

5 Garroth
6 Kawaii-Chan

Whiny with a stupid voice. A mary sue - Lunala

Sometimes I like characters from things some people hate, but Kawaii~Chan (Yes,with the "~") is a adorable little meifwa who ships people together and cooks and remember...


7 Laurance
8 Travis
9 Lucinda

I love Luci! She is so pretty and talented. She is so smart and a great friend is a really pretty witch (cause most aren’t ) and she is really good at what she does and she is willing to help her friends anytime! Her and Kawaii~Chan are meh favorite! *0*

10 Dante

The Newcomers

? Sasha

Sasha in my opinion is the best female character.

The Contenders

11 Kim

She needs more love!

12 Nicole
13 Reese
14 Michi
15 Gene
16 Ivy
17 Cadenza
18 Sylvana
19 Melissa
20 Rachel
21 Derek
22 Eric
23 Dottie
24 Jenny
25 Blaze
26 Daniel

I had to post Daniel because he wasn’t one here! Why wasn’t he on here! He is one of the original werewolves and he is part of the pup pack (Dottie, Rylan, Daniel, and kinda Blaze) he is so cute, kind, funny and so sweet! He is adorable with his soft voice and how he is always so kind! I love Daniel! That why he my Senpai!

27 June

I love June! She is such a cute sweet mefwai! I don’t know why most people have hate against her! Especially because she is my kind (I’m mefwai)! She is so pretty and kind! I so ship her and Rylan!

28 Kacey

Kacey is so cute! He part of the blueberry family! He is so kind and sweet and also so shy which makes him cuter! He my friends senpai and I can see why she likes him!

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