Top 10 Asinine Google Products for Google to Develop

While Google has made some helpful products like Google Maps and Google Drive, one can't imagine how asinine would be if Google made these for the customers.
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1 Google Hitman

Google Hitman. If you don't want someone to live, have Google Hitman do it for you. Here's the fun part, Google Hitman would kill the different person you hired them to kill, the next time you hired a hitman to kill someone, deliver them the most detailed description ever from their appointment to their favorite types of dildos. Also, the hitmens would be robots managed by a fat man eating chips in a basement, not everybody's perfect y'know?

These probably won't exist, but it might have good purposes.

I just hope this product won't be developed.

2 Google Stripper

Google now run a virtual stripper for you, if you don't have money but want a good suck. We also have a kids edition for it, to make it for everybody under 18, to teach them the rad adult life and a slap on their face for saying adults are not cool.

God, no. Would you imagine...*ahem*..."sexual endeavors" on your device? It'd be like making out with the pole she's dancing on.

3 Google Weed

Get high... on your screen... with Bob Marley accompanying you on the screen and having billions of search results and knowledge in your head. Totally worth it.

I prefer marijuana thank you very much

Well, Google? I'm waiting...


Googol. The virus ridden search engine that makes random results and different from what you searched for. A punishment for peasants who mistyped the sacred word of Google.

5 Google Dishwasher

For women only. They should go back to the kitchen and clean the virtual dishes on the Google Dishwasher that is on the Android.

6 Google Fix-Your-Problem

From the creators of the Kalashkinov, they present you Google Gun, one trigger and your problem is solved.

7 Google Gay Buddy

Now you can perform all your sex moves and express your gay feelings to your mobile Google Gay Buddy on your laptop and Android.

8 Google A** Wiper
9 Google Unmotivation

Whenever you're feeling down, go to this site and feel more down and depressed forever.

This just in: emo population rates down 90%, is google to blame?

10 Google "Truth" Finder

With a simple question and faulty and random results, you can freely use this against somebody whenever you want.

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11 Virus
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