Top Ten Most Unique Planets of the Solar System

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1 Earth

Easily the most interesting. Only planet that can sustain life. But scientists recently proved that life could have once existed on Mars, so that is why, in my opinion, Mars is the second most interesting planet.

It has life and is the only confirmed planet that has life (though like others state, Mars, the Venutian upper sky, and some moons could still have life).

Just because it has life.

2 Uranus Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun in our solar system. It was discovered by William Herschel in 1781, making it the first planet to be discovered with a telescope. Unique among the planets, Uranus has an axial tilt of about 98 degrees, causing it to rotate on its side. Composed mainly of hydrogen, helium, and a small amount of methane, the planet is known for its pale blue color due to the methane in its atmosphere.

Before I start, URANUS IS NOT INTRESTING BECAUSE OF IT'S NAME AND THE DIRTY JOKES THAT ARE MADE ABOUT IT! Scientists say Uranus is not interesting at all, but trust me, it is. it's tipped on its side. TIPPED ON IT'S SIDE! It also has rings, that in my opinion are as spectacular as Saturn's! It also has a beautiful green-blue (mostly blue) color and interesting moons, like Miranda, that had may had been destroyed by another moon then was put back together! If you dropped a rock from the highest point on Miranda, it would take 10 minutes to reach the ground! 10 MINUTES! So yeah, Uranus is interesting and unique.

It's a very interesting planet, that sometimes reminds me of old images that came into my mind when I was very young

Named after a greek god has a funny name tilted on its side and is the coldest my favorite too


1. It spins on its side.
2. It is named after a GREEK god.
3. The Pronunciation.

3 Venus Venus is the second planet from the Sun and the closest planetary neighbor to Earth. Known for its bright appearance in the sky, Venus is sometimes referred to as the "Evening Star" or the "Morning Star." The planet has a thick atmosphere primarily composed of carbon dioxide, leading to a greenhouse effect that makes it the hottest planet in our solar system. Surface conditions on Venus are extremely harsh, with temperatures high enough to melt lead and atmospheric pressure far greater than that on Earth.

This is by far the most interesting planet, a day is longer than a year, it rains acid and snows metal, it's the hottest planet in the solar system by far, it has the most pressure in the solar system, 92 times the pressure on earth, it's the ONLY female type planet, it was the first planet to be observed with a telescope, it's the brightest object that you can see from earth, other than the sun and moon. So it was probably the first planet to be seen with the naked eye. It's the ONLY planet that rotates backwards, other than Uranus that spins on its side. Overall this planet is the most unique in the solar system hands down.

Its day is longer than its year.

4 Neptune

Neptune, it's pretty cool. when voyager 2 flew past it, it reminded scientists of earth, with Neptune's ocean blue color, and it's belts of clouds. it's moon, triton, is the coldest body in the solar system being 40 degrees above absolute 0! Do you know how cold that is? Yet, it has ice volcanoes. ICE VOLCANOES! Neptune is cool.

Neptune is very beautiful for its blue color. Dod you guys know that Neptune is 2-3 water in its 2nd layer? I believe it a cool planet and the best because of its color and mysteriousness.

5 Saturn Saturn is the 6th planet from the Sun, it is the second-largest and has the most moons. One year on Saturn is 29 Earth years (10,756 Earth days). Saturn is known for its rings. Saturn is a gas giant, so there is no solid surface on the planet. It is also almost 1 billion miles away from the Sun. The Cassini-Huygens spacecraft was sent to Saturn on October 15, 1997, and arrived at Saturn on July 1, 2004. Saturn was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei.

How will the planets rings stay so elegant around saturn without moons? besides being a oval shape which surpises me, it helps saturn to restore its record for best planet and jewel of space. it is like a conversation with the moons like this: moons you will meet: dione tethys titan io ganymede methone methone: look! jupiter is stealing saturn's rings! saturn:WHAAA?!?! titan: how will my possible life survive if I get bombarded? tethys: don't worry. we can catch them together. dione: I am a bit optimistic about this. (they run) all moons: we are trapped in jupiters gravity! io: I can help you. ganymede: me too. (they talk to jupiter) saturn:why did you steal my rings? jupiter: oh, I'm sorry. I went a bit to close.but thankfully you did not get ripped in the roche limit. methone: we need to get saturns rings back. io: they actually do. jupiter:i'm sorry but it is not safe as the rings are made of gases - all but jupiter: ROCKS jupiter: and I might get bombarded by the gases - saturn ...more

6 Jupiter

I love jupiter

7 Mercury
8 Mars
9 Pluto

Pluto is the only planet in the solar system that we know of that is a bianary planet, since it slightly orbits it's moon Charon, which is 1/3 the size of pluto.

It still is a planet and always is

It used to be a planet...

10 Eris Eris is a dwarf planet located in the scattered disk, a region of the solar system beyond Neptune. It was discovered in 2005 by astronomer Mike Brown and his team, and its discovery led to a redefinition of what constitutes a planet, eventually resulting in the reclassification of Pluto as a dwarf planet. Eris is named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord. It is the ninth-largest object orbiting the Sun and has one known moon, Dysnomia.

Discovered in 2003, eris was the reason of pluto's downgrade to a dwarf planet because it was bigger. it also is the only other body besides earth that has 1 moon, dysnomia

That planet accually looks like the moon did you know earth is going to become brown

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11 Sedna
12 Haumea

I would say this is the easily most interesting dwarf planet, since it is a oval,

13 Ceres
14 Makemake
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