Top 10 NBA All-Star Weekends

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1 New Orleans 2017
2 Toronto 2016

After 65 years, the NBA All-Star Game made history by having its big event being held outside the United States. It took place where the Toronto Maple Leafs resides in Toronto, Canada. Before the big event, there was the Rising Stars Challenge and what a game it was as Team USA beat Team Canada 157-154 led by Zach LaVine's 30 points that earned him the game's MVP. Also, in that game featured the likes of Devin Booker, Andrew Wiggins, and Nikola Jokic. Then the game as the West beat the East 196-173.
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3 New York City 2015

The city welcomes the best players on the planet for one unforgettable New York NBA All-Star weekend. It was where rising stars like Stephen Curry shined in the 3-point challenge and in the Rising Stars game. Players like Andrew Wiggins and Elfred Payton put on a show, but that was nothing compared to the big game. Broadway admired the likes of Russell Westbrook, who scored 41 points, and LeBron James, who scored 40 points, as the West beat the East 163-158 before a rocking crowd at Madison Square Garden.

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4 New Orleans 2014
5 Houston 2013
6 Orlando 2012
7 Los Angeles 2011
8 Arlington 2010

This All-Star Game became so important they need a stadium; I mean a big stadium to house the greatest superstars in the NBA. When the big day came, it was a record-breaking day at a place where the Dallas Cowboys play. 108,713 show up to see the biggest main attraction the city of Dallas has ever seen outside of the NFL. The game lived up to the hype as a major attraction. The East beat the West 141-139 in yet another exciting game. Dwayne Wade was the game's MVP as he scored 28 points and 11 assists.
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9 Phoenix 2009
10 New Orleans 2008
The Contenders
11 Chicago 1988

One man sums up this ALL-Star Weekend. Michael Jordan. His slam dunk championship and his ALL-Star Game MVP proves it. He was the only Bull to play in that epic game, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar became the NBA ALL-Time point scorer in the ALL-Star Game alone. The Radio broadcast was unforgettable with Johnny Most and Chick Hearn working together to make it a memorable all-star game which also include Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, James Worthy and so much more.
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12 Chicago 2020

Before all hell broke loose all over the world, the city of Chicago welcomed the world to the NBA All-Star Game. Here, the best came to play, and for the 2nd year in a row, it wasn't the East vs. the West; instead, it was more like fantasy basketball as Team Giannis vs. Team LeBron. But despite West vs. West or East vs. East, it was an exciting game that wasn't settled until the 4th quarter, and here the Kobe 24 rule came into effect. One month after Kobe Bryant's untimely death, the great game wasn't decided until Anthony Davis hit a free throw to give Team LeBron the victory.

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13 Denver 1984

NBA Entertainment was there, so was ESPN and CBS as they get ready for an unforgettable ALL-Star Weekend. First, the debut of the NBA Legends Game as some of the legends came back for one more game as Pete Maravich, John Havlicek, Oscar Robertson, Earl Monroe, Bob Cousy and others put on a spectacular show. Second, it got more spectacular with the return of the Slam Dunk Contest led by Julius Erving but it was the Phoenix Suns' Larry Nance who took him the title. Then the main event as the East beat the West 154-145 in overtime in an exciting fast paced game as Isiah Thomas took home the game's MVP wrapping up a historic ALL-STAR weekend.
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14 Orlando 1992
15 Cleveland 2022
16 Los Angeles 1972

It was a different time than today's All-Star Game as we know now. This All-Star Game saw Kareem Abdul-Jabbar got booed by the Los Angeles crowd. That is because he was on the Milwaukee Bucks. Still, this was a great game that went back and forth and saw two future hall of famers Dave Cowens and Bob Lanier made their All-Star Game debut. In the end though 4 Lakers who in the Pre-game was cheered loudly because that's their home in the Forum shined brightly and Jerry West game winning shot put an end to a great game.
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17 Atlanta 2021
18 Detroit 1979
19 Los Angeles 2019
20 Charlotte 2019
21 Cleveland 1997
22 New York 1998
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