Top Ten Beautiful-Sounding Words

Too many lovely-sounding words for me to remember. If you have any more you know of, feel free to add :).

The Top Ten

1 Serendipity

Naw. I knew you'd be here:).

2 Quintessential

A quintessential example. Ironic:).

3 Radiant

Naw. 'Sjust me in mah beaver-felt bowler an' marine-iguana ropers:).

4 Resplendent

Naw. 'Sjust me in mah green gabardees; mah bonaroo britches; some danger-high-voltage slacks;).

5 Velvet
6 Graceful

Yup. That's me, with one foot in a paint bucket an' t'other in the toilet.

7 Evanescent
8 Eloquence
9 Lullaby

Wow..."lullaby" seems to have lost that beautiful sparkly melody it once had. BUT at least I know some useful (? ) facts I can pluck out of the deepest, darkest depths of my cobweb -infested brain to bombard unsuspecting members of the public with. And for that, I am truly grateful to you. Thank you, Sir ;). - Britgirl

From the Hebrew "Lilith abi! " ("Lilith stay away"), as an admonition from Jewish parents to the infanticidal succubus to not harm their children in the night. Kinda messes up the phonetic beauty, eh? ;).

OR, it could be taken from the nearly forgotten Lullubi tribes of Iraq c.3000 because. This would also, perhaps "serendipitously":), coincide with the generally accepted location of Eden, and, therefore, with the existence (or not) of Adam's first wife, Lilith, who alternatively is assigned blame for talking Adam into eating the Forbidden Fruit. Lilith, it is said, became a demon - a succubus and baby killer - owing to her rebellion against both God and her husband, and for engaging in bestiality as well as sex with demons. Probably why modern feminists love her so dearly. On t'other hand, could all be coinkydink. Whaddu I know? :).

10 Songbird

The Contenders

11 Celestial
12 Beautiful

Such a beautiful-sounding word ;D - Swiftdawn

Woulda thunk this'd be a no-brainer right out the gate;).

13 Butterfly
14 Bloom
15 Virtuosity
16 Sparkle
17 Rhythm

Kinda sorta sounds like what it is, no? ;).

Mmm...certainty does! It's kinda sorta makes me want to slur: "Heyyy...let's get something going...! " ;). - Britgirl

"Chica-boom, chica-boom - donchya just love it?...":).

18 Voluptuous
19 Piano

P an' O are adjacent letters in the alphabet :). - Britgirl

20 Calliope

Reminds me of ice cream on a sultry Summer's eve'nin':).

21 Falcon
22 Cayenne
23 Mesa
24 Jubilation
25 Luxurious
26 Calamari
27 Indigo
28 Rhapsody

For the trogs in the gallery, NOT a beverage drunk while listening to Bow-Wow.

29 Exquisite
30 Angelic
31 Manatee

If I had a manatee, believe I'd name him Hugh:).

32 Eternity

Nice word. I did think about adding this but it went in a femtosecond after I thought it... :). - Britgirl

33 Happiness

What you're left with after a catastrophic industrial mishap (or gettin' trapped up on the second floor;).

Males are born with 'appiness! ;). - Britgirl

34 Lovely
35 Everlasting
36 Valiant
37 Rapture

Change one little vowel, an' t'ain't so purty no mo';).

38 Bodacious
39 Crystalline
40 Delicate

I love this. - Britgirl

41 Scintillate
42 Concertina

'Tinas make such loverly sounds, even if they cain't sing a note:).

43 Mandolin
44 Symphony
45 Harmonious
46 Melodious
47 Lavender
48 Pretty
49 Tenderly
50 Slender
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