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81 We Fixed a Truck

The gang found and use a car for once. I thought this was gonna be great. The whole thing was good except for BANANA MAN! and the ending was GOD AWFUL! They destroyed the truck! Why? Your bringing cars back and you cancel them! Dick move!

82 Princess Monster Wife

How is this not even an option? This was a very sweet episode showing how much Ice King loved his "wife," no matter what she looked like.

83 Sons of Mars
84 Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension

Finally. An episode digging into Lady's backstory. And an awesome one at that!

85 I Am a Sword V 2 Comments
86 Gotcha
87 Mortal Recoil
88 Be More
89 Morituri Te Salutamus

This episode really invokes the spirit of Adventure Time. A kid and a dog beating up a load of people to get out of a sticky situation! It's comforting to know that Finn could re-purpose Johnny Test as a carpet and this episode is living evidence!

90 Earth and Water

One of my favorite AT episodes. - 05yusuf09

Huzzah to that, dear friend!

Hell yeah! Too old made me think frost and fire wouldn't even get any explanation of a follow-up, but this episode is great! I hope Finn and fp get back together though as Finn works out the problems with his character and fp forgives him. I also hope a solution episode would show cinnamon bun as the girlfriend-stealing ass that he is.

Whoa whoa!
PB is NOT evil
FP is evil because she burned down the forest and she deserved captivity

91 Escape from the Citadel

The worst thing about this list is that the newer episodes are not rated as high as they should be. Behind only a select few episodes, this action packed emotionally powerful drama of an adventure time episode is one of the greatest moments in television history period! The Lich is horrifying, Finn's dad is far from what the viewer expected, and Finn has the crisis of a lifetime. This episode should at the very least be in the top five.

This episode was jam-packed with adventure, action, and everything AT should be! The Lich, discovery of Finn's father, and how it all is wrapped up. This episode should be in the top ten.

I knew one day finn would lose his arm, because in the episode Puhoy and Finn the Human and Jake the Dog you can see that Finn doesn't have an arm. great episode

V 2 Comments
92 M5YTCrimson666
93 Dungeon Train

It's such a fun episode and filled to the brim with what adventuring is all about. Monsters and loot and having fun. It's like the perfect adventure, never having to rub out of new and exciting enemies and loot. It just looks so fun to me and it also has a good message and calm points with jake.

Very cool episode

94 Hot to the Touch

This episode is amazing. Flame Princess finding out what the real world is like and Finn trying to get her to like him was really adorable. Lots of good jokes and deep meanings/characterization was done here while AT was still at its peak.

One of the most heartwarming episodes in my opinion. Loved it.

I like when jake extinguished a fire and fp went like oww whhhy like a crybaby
And NEPTR was playing hide and seek for fifteen years

95 The Comet

This episode is amazing! I just love Finn's singing and his confrontation with the higher powers. This episode has a truly great script.

Nah, this was boring, I prefer the season 5 finale, this is horrible.

I can't believe this episode is so low down, it's definitely one of the top 5 best!

96 Flute Spell

I just felt like Finn was very dry in this episode, like he barely had a personality.

97 Don't Look
98 Bun Bun
99 Elemental

I love that random Ice Elemental person. She is so spunky!

100 Food Chain

Eh, this was kinda lame. 5/10. - AlphaQ

So random...

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