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101 Preboot V 1 Comment
102 The Hard Easy

The mud scamps are just so funny and I love the setting and the ending like Finn straight up kisses a dude right on the lips - Ladysnuggles

Haha the mega frog.

103 The Light Cloud
104 Three Buckets

AT before this episode for me: I love this show sime dark notes but nothing to give me nightmares, and the three buckets where do I begin it has identity theft, humor, and murder. How can those 2 things be funny don't ask me but somehow it was both horrifying and hilarious. (at the appropriate times)

105 BMO Noire V 1 Comment
106 Tree Trunks

This is number one hands down. Tree trunks exploding in the end nearly killed me

Tree trunks finn and jake go on a quest to get the special crystal gem apple.

The character and the episode are amazing! And also,how did she come back to life in Evicted?!

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107 Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake

The worst episode of Adventure Time? Ha, you people make me laugh. This episode spawn one of the greatest characteristics of the show's unbelievable weirdness: how many shows change all of their character's genders in order to have some major character development? The answer: only Adventure Time.

Amazing, then watch the one one with marshall lee who is voiced by childish gambino!

Fionna & Cake is one of the best episodes of adventure time

The characters look more sexy

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108 Five More Short Graybles
109 Return to the Nightosphere
110 Daddy's Little Monster
111 Finn the Human Finn the Human Finn 'the Human' Mertens is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the American animated television series Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward.

I like this episode.


112 Too Old
113 The Suitor
114 A Glitch is a Glitch


Adventure Time 666% SUCK!

So different to other Adventure Time episodes. And why does the Glitch have to barf at the end? Cause duh, there's no way I'm putting my hair into my mouth like that! Still, awesome episode.

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115 Still
116 Billy's Bucket List
117 Beautopia

Another abandoned like town in an already post apocalyptic setting of adventure time! Awesome!

118 Something Big
119 Breezy
120 Another Way
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