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1 Roger

Well I like roger but not all ways like when he tried to kill the family but there some good ones like where he chases Hayley and Jeff around the world saying mer every second it was so funny I literally fell onto the floor laughing! - Superace

I like the part when Roger gets beaten up by Stan. It's hilarious!

Roger is AWESOME. Seriously, the show would not be the same without him. I can always count on him to give me a laugh.

Roger is the best cartoon character ever! - Bizcut4life

2 Steve Smith Steve Smith

I love his singing voice because it reminds me of Michael Jackson.

His screaming and his crying turn me on - ihatetrump

Anybody who voted for roger should be put on a raft and set adrift in the pacific ocean. that is all.

Steve maybe the geek but he is the coolest and I can RELATE to him to I bet he likes NARUTO and well he's funny and better than his sister also FYI Steve vs roger steve wins

3 Stan Smith Stan Smith Stanford Leonard "Stan" Smith is the main protagonist of the adult animated sitcom American Dad!. He is voiced by the series' co-creator and executive producer, Seth MacFarlane.

Stan Smith has both very smart and strong instinct.

Not a lot of characters to choose from, but no one beats Stan.
"There's something you should know about me by now, Roger. I don't learn lessons. " - djh101

At least an is smarter than Peter, Homer, Randy Marsh, and Timmy Turner's dad.

Not a lot of characters have the quality of Stan he's like Peter From Family Guy

4 Francine Smith Francine Smith

She’s a party girl in past has done coke, e

Francine is hilarious. Her blonde moments make for some of the best jokes in the series.

She is so funny! She always makes the less funny scenes have a fun comment

Everyone can agree the roger francine episodes are the best

5 Klaus Heissler Klaus Heissler Klaus Heissler is a fictional character from the animated television series American Dad!. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Klaus is all very weird, hilarious, smart and AWESOME at the same time!

I love this dude

He's a nazi goldfish whats not to love?

6 Hayley Smith Hayley Smith

She's pretty without eyelashes

The Smith family would fall apart without Hayley.

Hot, and a voice of reason done right.

She is a very nice character, I quite like her.

7 Jeff Fischer

Jeff sucks and they need to take him off of the air, he has no use and voice is annoying you think they care about my opinion and other's like me, nope, they are thinking of their ratings

I like this man - ihatetrump

Jeff sucks


8 Avery Bullock

His surfing dance - ihatetrump

Bullock is American Dads Adam West and should Beverly #1

Bullock should be higher.

9 Principal Lewis

Can't believe Jeff is ranked higher than Lewis, Lewis would be an excellent spin off

Everything he says and does is hilarious.

End of Days, Bitches!

His eyes are red from smoking weed!

We have the cleveland Show but not a Principal Lewis Show? Damn.

10 Stelio Kontos

His theme song is so amazing.

I hate him. He's a bully!

My favorite - ihatetrump

He has his own theme song, which is always playing as he mercilessly beats people up


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11 Snot Lonstein

Funny and good at karate

Snot and Steve's friendship is very beautiful.

He is gay wit steve - ihatetrump

Snot is so funny and he a really good character and he one the best American dad characters of all time

12 Akiko Yoshida

shes hot - ihatetrump

13 Reginald Koala

I like him, he's cool.

He disappeard because nobody liked him except me - ihatetrump

Talk about cute as a button

14 Toshi Yoshida

He wanted to give a blowjob he gay - ihatetrump

I like this guy

No he is a useless bastard who has tried to kill steve

15 Jack Smith

he funny - ihatetrump

16 Santa Claus

"SMITHS YOU haven't SEEN THE LAST OF ME! " - ihatetrump

17 Barry Robinson

"i'm BARRY! - ihatetrump

Most hilarious guy on the show by far

Barry is just so funny

18 Bad Larry

he died - ihatetrump

19 Steverino (Steve's Evil Clone)

He killed innocent cats! the most evil character - ihatetrump

20 Buckle

Feel bad for him - ihatetrump

Married a bitch

21 Rogu The Alien

Rogu spanish..

I love Rogu

€Rogu going to hell, but he’s not going alone”

22 Terry Bates

Terry should appear in more episodes!

I into gay rights nor gay marriages, but Grey and Terry are one of my favorite American Dad characters.

I love him, I wish he didn't have to leave the show.

His dad hates him - ihatetrump

23 Betty Smith

Shes awful! she killed stans pet dog - ihatetrump

24 Teddy Bonkers

cute - ihatetrump

25 Jackson

I like Jackson.

He should be higher he's funny - ihatetrump

How arre srtiles and hooper and chrisie white and bob memari above jackson?! - ihatetrump

26 Rusty (Stan's Half Brother)

He is an assole - ihatetrump

He is one of my favorite characters

27 Grandpa Smith

Better that Jack Smith!

he's dead - ihatetrump

28 Greg Corbin

Roger; whats this on your back stan?
greg; it's a greg - ihatetrump

29 Zebleer

He's an alien - ihatetrump

30 Hooper

He is boring and only exists to replace sanders - ihatetrump

31 Matt Weitzman

Dr weitzman? okay he's very weak because steve overpowered him. STEVE! - ihatetrump

32 Debbie Hyman

She is evil she said she shoots the eyes off of squirrels - ihatetrump

33 Parker

he's weird - ihatetrump

34 Mrs. Lonstein

I don't like her. She's discdiscusting!

35 James A. Garfield

Orange soda - ihatetrump

36 Dick Reynolds

Names dick but has no dick - ihatetrump

37 Father Donovan

He died but it wasnt permament - ihatetrump

38 Linda Memari

I don't like her and her husband. In the end of the episode of Homeland Insecurity both of them mentioned that their don't like their neighbors just because there are black. I bet what they got from Stan is Karma because I'm pretty sure they treat their neighbors like crap. They have lame personalities.

An environmental factor that influences food choices is
she loves francine - ihatetrump

I wish we could see more of her.

39 Hiko Yoshida

Shes an asian - ihatetrump

40 Jesus

Jesus married francine - ihatetrump

Because he is amazing

41 Mama Ling

She cheated on bah bah - ihatetrump

42 Baba Ling

He is into young japanese girks - ihatetrump

43 Rusty's Son

Roger had a crush on him - ihatetrump

44 Gwen

Shes hot and dumb - ihatetrump

45 Arnie

He's a retard - ihatetrump

Season two episode 8 Gilbert and arnie the squirrel" momma momma I know your hiding from Arnie momma? "

46 Ricky Spanish

Id let hi m crap in my chest - ihatetrump

47 Bob Memari

This man is bring - ihatetrump

48 Chuck White

He always laughs like a b*tch - ihatetrump

49 Christie White
50 Lorraine

I hate Francine Smith, but she doesn't deserve to get acid thrown on her face.

She pored acid on francine face - ihatetrump

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