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1 Roger

I ducking hate roger, he is a wannabe Stewie Griffin who is always mean to Klaus even though he’s the loser. He claims he is pansexual but gay(not that there is anything wrong with that), has a droning annoying ass voice, seems to never get what he deserves from Stan who torments the rest of his family it not him for some reason, his personas are super weird and most of them are racist and offensive and weird( he is a girl most of the time) he is a pedophile and should be killed off

Well I like roger but not all ways like when he tried to kill the family but there some good ones like where he chases Hayley and Jeff around the world saying mer every second it was so funny I literally fell onto the floor laughing!

I love how he has no control over the characters he portrays. I also love how he can do whatever he wants in one character and not get punished the second he switches people

Would so date him, never turn him in and let him live in my attic. He needs to give me one of his many numbers and we need to go as many different personas!

2 Francine Smith

Francine is a way better character and mother than Lois Griffin (although that’s not saying much since Lois is annoying and probably the worst cartoon mother of all time) and that’s why I love her

Finally out of the simpsons and family guy somebody who does not look hideous like marge marge looks like a pile of garbage.

Okay but what kind mother throws they're son that's child abuse. And plus always telling Stan what's wrong but she does the samethinng.

Francine is hilarious. Her blonde moments make for some of the best jokes in the series.

3 Steve Smith Anita "Steve" Smith is a fictional character in the animated television series American Dad!, voiced by Scott Grimes.

I want this character to be killed off so bad! One of the most annoying characters to be on any cartoon!

I love his singing voice because it reminds me of Michael Jackson.

He needs to grow up and act mature he's an idiot and he's annoying

He has to be the most unstable, yet relate-able person on the show.

4 Stan Smith Stanford Leonard "Stan" Smith is the main protagonist of the adult animated sitcom American Dad!. He is voiced by the series' co-creator and executive producer, Seth MacFarlane.

Not a lot of characters to choose from, but no one beats Stan.
"There's something you should know about me by now, Roger. I don't learn lessons. "

I love stan because he just has no filter and just says things and when he's in trouble he always manages to get out ok and if he's not ok he doesn't care he's stan!

Not a lot of characters have the quality of Stan he's like Peter From Family Guy

At least an is smarter than Peter, Homer, Randy Marsh, and Timmy Turner's dad.

5 Klaus Heissler Klaus Heissler is a fictional character from the animated television series American Dad!. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

I hate that he has turned into fish Meg in recent seasons. Klaus is an awesome character!

Klaus is all very weird, hilarious, smart and AWESOME at the same time!

Ax, get out of here before you crap your pants!

He's a nazi goldfish whats not to love?

6 Hayley Smith

The voice of reason. I think any show (even one as off the wall as American Dad) needs a voice of reason.

She's the American Dad equivalent of Brian from Family Guy

The Smith family would fall apart without Hayley.

Much more likable then Brian Griffin in all honesty...

7 Avery Bullock

Bullock is American Dads Adam West and should Beverly #1

The way he talks and the way he jokes is one of a kind

Bullock should be higher.

His surfing dance

8 Jeff Fischer

I like this man

He is my favorite. He is funny, and stupid which makes him funny. Ya’ll shouldn't hate on him.

Jeff sucks and they need to take him off of the air, he has no use and voice is annoying you think they care about my opinion and other's like me, nope, they are thinking of their ratings

I don’t know why he’s hated Stan should be hated Jeff is actually likeable

9 Principal Lewis

Can't believe Jeff is ranked higher than Lewis, Lewis would be an excellent spin off

We have the cleveland Show but not a Principal Lewis Show? Damn.

Bullock and Principal Lewis are the best by a mile.

His eyes are red from smoking weed!

10 Stelio Kontos

He has his own theme song, which is always playing as he mercilessly beats people up

Stelio is so funny. I also love his theme song.

His theme song is so amazing.

I hate him. He's a bully!

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11 Snot Lonstein

Snot and Steve's friendship is very beautiful.

I like snot a lot too because he's easy to relate to

Snot so funny and a really great character

Snot is my favorite character on the show...

12 Akiko Yoshida
13 Toshi Yoshida

No he is a useless bastard who has tried to kill steve

I like this guy

14 Reginald Koala

Talk about cute as a button

He disappeard because nobody liked him except me

I like him, he's cool.

15 Jack Smith
16 Santa Claus


17 Barry Robinson

Most hilarious guy on the show by far

Barry is just so funny

18 Debbie Hyman

She is evil she said she shoots the eyes off of squirrels

19 Bad Larry
20 Steverino (Steve's Evil Clone)
21 Terry Bates

I into gay rights nor gay marriages, but Grey and Terry are one of my favorite American Dad characters.

I love him, I wish he didn't have to leave the show.

Terry should appear in more episodes!

Funny dude! Laughed my ass off in Suro-gate

22 Rogu The Alien

Rogu spanish..

€Rogu going to hell, but he’s not going alone”

23 Buckle

Feel bad for him

Married a bitch

24 Greg Corbin

Roger; whats this on your back stan?
greg; it's a greg

25 Betty Smith
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