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1 Roger

Roger is the type of funny guy he is amazing with all his disguises especially the ones that make me laugh even tough stans the main character roger is one of the six main characters which means he's equal with everybody

I love how he has no control over the characters he portrays. I also love how he can do whatever he wants in one character and not get punished the second he switches people

FYI. Is my favorite part of Roger speaking like that.

Roger is one of my favorite American Dad characters along with Stan and Klaus

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2 Steve Smith

Steve maybe the geek but he is the coolest and I can RELATE to him to I bet he likes NARUTO and well he's funny and better than his sister also FYI Steve vs roger steve wins

Honestly, I love the voicing and how I can relate to him the most

I want this character to be killed off so bad! One of the most annoying characters to be on any cartoon!

Hate him, wanna kill him

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3 Stan Smith Stan Smith Stanford Leonard "Stan" Smith is the main protagonist of the adult animated sitcom American Dad!. He is voiced by the series' co-creator and executive producer, Seth MacFarlane.

Not a lot of characters to choose from, but no one beats Stan.
"There's something you should know about me by now, Roger. I don't learn lessons. " - djh101

At least an is smarter than Peter, Homer, Randy Marsh, and Timmy Turner's dad.

Not a lot of characters have the quality of Stan he's like Peter From Family Guy

I love stan because he just has no filter and just says things and when he's in trouble he always manages to get out ok and if he's not ok he doesn't care he's stan!

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4 Francine Smith Francine Smith

She's just a mother and can be crazy at times but when serious shes smart

She is the hottest cartoon character ever and she is hilarious.

Francine is hilarious. Her blonde moments make for some of the best jokes in the series.

Let's get her up there with the boys. My list would be
5. Klaus
4. Roger
3. Hayley
2. Stan
1. Francine

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5 Klaus Heissler Klaus Heissler

He's a nazi goldfish whats not to love?

Ax, get out of here before you crap your pants!

I hate that he has turned into fish Meg in recent seasons. Klaus is an awesome character!

He's the true mans best friend

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6 Hayley Smith Hayley Smith

She's the American Dad equivalent of Brian from Family Guy

Much more likable then Brian Griffin in all honesty...

She is a very nice character, I quite like her.

She is almost as hot as francine - YOSHIA2121

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7 Jeff Fischer

Jeff sucks and they need to take him off of the air, he has no use and voice is annoying you think they care about my opinion and other's like me, nope, they are thinking of their ratings

Jeff sucks


8 Avery Bullock

Bullock should be higher.

Bullock is American Dads Adam West and should Beverly #1

9 Principal Lewis

Everything he says and does is hilarious.

End of Days, Bitches!

His eyes are red from smoking weed!

We have the cleveland Show but not a Principal Lewis Show? Damn.

Bullock and Principal Lewis are the best by a mile.

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10 Stelio Kontos

Stelio is so funny. I also love his theme song.

He has his own theme song, which is always playing as he mercilessly beats people up

Bad ass... Enough said

And luiz. STELIO.

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11 Snot Lonstein

Snot is so funny and he a really good character and he one the best American dad characters of all time

I like snot a lot too because he's easy to relate to

Snot so funny and a really great character

Snot is my favorite character on the show...

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12 Akiko Yoshida
13 Jack Smith
14 Reginald Koala
15 Barry Robinson

Most hilarious guy on the show by far

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16 Toshi Yoshida

No he is a useless bastard who has tried to kill steve

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17 Buckle
18 Santa Claus
19 Bad Larry
20 Terry Bates

Funny dude! Laughed my ass off in Suro-gate

He is gay

21 Father Donovan
22 Mama Ling
23 Betty Smith
24 Teddy Bonkers
25 Baba Ling
26 Greg Corbin
27 Zebleer
28 Grandpa Smith
29 Dick Reynolds
30 Steverino (Steve's Evil Clone)
31 Linda Memari

I wish we could see more of her.

32 Hiko Yoshida
33 Jesus

Because he is amazing

34 Rusty (Stan's Half Brother)

He is one of my favorite characters

35 Rusty's Son
36 Gwen
37 Arnie

Season two episode 8 Gilbert and arnie the squirrel" momma momma I know your hiding from Arnie momma? "

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